Tuesday, December 21, 2010

mix: YouTube -> Maxell XL II PT. III


Part III of the End of the Year YouTube->Maxell XL II mix series.


Johannes Schmoelling- Contemplative Clouds
Robert Wyatt- O Caroline
Kendra Smith- Iridescence
Lau Nau- Lue kartalta
Roger Rodier- The Key
Elis e Antonio Carlos & Jocafi- "Lucia Esparadrapo" , "Mudei de Idéia" Medley
Harold Budd & Clive Wright- Pensive Aphrodite
Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd- Sea Swallow Me
Mark Fry- Song for Wild
Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard - Farscape
Enya- Watermark
Monica & Brandy- The Boy Is Mine

Monday, December 20, 2010

mix: YouTube -> XLII PT. I & II

Maxell XLII

Lately it seems my listening habits revolve around YouTube, which is basically a treasure chest for mix makers. Problem is, recording YouTube DJ sets isn't all that easy. So I took a traditional route, plugged my Sony VOR recorder into my Headphone out, and recorded whatever I had cued up straight to tape. Will be uploading more of these daily. Stay tuned.

YouTube -> XLII by McG

Pt. I
Robert Schroeder- Rotary Motion
Nike7Up- In Bloom Until I Die Mix
Creatures- Digital Rebel
Carly Simon- Why? 12” edit
The KLF- Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul, 3A.M.
Double Fantasy- Universal Ave.

Pt. II
Larry Norman- UFO
Bongwater- Psychedelic Sewing Room
Cleaners from Venus- Ilya Konichiwa Looked At Me
Wreckless Eric- Whole Wide World
Neil Young- Mr. Soul 12” Extended Remix
Rainbow Serpent- Distant Ambience
Delia Derbyshire- Love Without Sound
Japanese Commercial

video: d'Eon "Kill A Man With A Joystick In His Hand"

Call of Duty

d'Eon "Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand" from OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE on Vimeo.

Repurposing found media hit its threshold this year, with just about every chillwave riding/witch house fucking bedroom act turning to Archive.org (or Mom & Dad's old home movies) to find source material for videos. It can be nice, and nostalgic, but, in reality, it is weak, with video artists choosing to focus on the dreamy qualities of degrading media in hopes of tapping into the collective baby book consciousness. It's a nice dream, but it's far from reality.

This clip for d'Eon's "Kill A Man With A Joystick In His Hands" is the proto-opposite of this 16mm/VHS dream nonsense. It's a stunning, and at times….wait for it…wait for it…shocking! exploration of where we are as a society at the end of 2010. Single person shooters reign supreme, with millions, perhaps even billions, of youths stuck in front of a flat screen monitor virtually killing friends and foes without thought-- blowing up sanctuaries and humvee's and screaming "fuck yeah!" into an XBox 360 headset, while Mathieu in Finland gets pissed, and in return, blows your fucking head off. The Halo/Call of Duty consciousness has all but embedded itself in our collective realm. It's not just the figment of right-wing Mom's in Kansas worried about their son playing Call of Duty for 19 straight hours without taking a piss break. And, as WikiLeaks pointed out, the brutal violence of video games isn't just from video games. It's a reality, one oft sugarcoated by local news rooms, who shock audiences with lurid tales of violence, before awing them into submission with stories of first graders singing Christmas Carols at old folks homes.

With that in mind, this ain't another Jamie Harley video. This is some real shit. If you think it's brutal, well, it is. If you think it's horrid, it is. If you think this isn't an accurate social-commentary on how our virtual lives effect our reality, well, I'd like to read your dissertation. This one's not for the faint of heart, but, rather, the strong of mind.

This video will make you think, which is a lot more than I can say for half the shit I've watched this year. Big ups to d'Eon and Todd Ledford for their hard work on this one. Hats off.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

remix: Mane Mane "Skin Fox (Dem Hunger 1974 Remix)"


Dem fanboys rejoice! The mythic Shelley Duvall (aka Dem Hunger) is back, this time with a crystalline remix of Mane Mane's "Skinfox", soon to be issued on Ian Nelson's emerging Triple You Tapes imprint. In typical Dem Hunger fashion, the 1974 remix breaks down all known elements, shuffles them in a cocktail shaker, cuts it with glistening synthetic bleeps and letting it all air out like some sweaty balls on a hot day. Bask in its fucked dimension below.

Mane Mane- Skin Fox (Dem Hunger 1974 remix)
Mane Mane- Skin Fox (original)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new: James Ferraro "iAsia 2 Raver"

Muscle Works Inc.

Fresh off the release of Night Dolls with Hairspray, alien vessel James Ferraro is back with more transmissions from some twisted place far, far away. Labeled "iAsia 2 Raver" on his digital_skin soundcloud, the extended 30 minute piece is similar to the "Casino Neptune" style jams on the iAsia CD-R, which were described as "New sounds from 107.7 Hyppereal Radio XM Mars." The theme continues here, with shards of warped digitalism bouncing back-and-forth like cosmic pinballs, zooming in zones often only probed by molecular beings...whatever the fuck that means. Anyway, new Ferraro. Jam it. Digest it. Jam it again. Then call the Toddfather and snag Night Dolls with Hairspray.

IAsia 2 RAVER by digital_skin

Monday, December 13, 2010

tonight: Nonhorse, Toothache, Toby Aronson, Megafortress

Flyer by Eugenia Ballve

Last minute show tonight at the Silent Barn featuring a slew of phenomenal experimental solo acts; Nonhorse, Toothache, Toby Aronson and Megafortress. I'll be mixing in tracks in between bands. Expect a mellow exploration of future sounds. Come hang at the Silent Barn tonight from 8 to infinity.

Friday, December 10, 2010

live: James Ferraro 8/28/2010

Hater Talk Never Made Me Mad

Yesterday I made fun of Stereogum and a bunch of people got mad. (Who knew people were passionate about Stereogum?! Shocking.) Anyway, it got me thinking. About real shit. No Toro Y Moi side projects, no Salem remixes. No shitty pics from a Joanna Newsome concert. Just real, good music that you want to turn people on to. That is what this forum is all about, after all. With that in mind, cut the bullshit and relish in inter-dimensional live set by the enigmatic, un-pigeonholeable James Ferraro, a dude who would never let hater talk harsh his vibe. Maybe that's because he's an alien. Or, because he just doesn't give a fuck and is going to produce the sounds he hears in his head, regardless of what any PR interns or Vice writers think about it.

Happy wknd.

PS- Go pick up Ferraro's latest on OESB. You will not regret it. Unless, you shouted "judas" at Dylan when he went electric, in which case, you should stop listening to music all together.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

video: Linda Hagood "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs"

Smack Dab

When Alice Cohen showed me the video for Linda Hagood's "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs", i was instantly struck by its effortless and effervescent joy– both of the song, it's clip and their union. It's uncanny. So genuine and playful and far out (wayyy out). Hagood's vox swirl not to, but with Alice Cohen's hypnotizing paper collage animations, making for one helluva two-minute trip through a warped childhood tale. Ya know how everyone always remarks how tripp'd out kids shows are, well, Linda Hagood and Alice Cohen would make the most beautifully imaginative and wondrous children's show. Though, it'd solely exist in a conjured state...?

The video for "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs" is the first off Hagood's Pink Love Red Love, which was released on Chris Johanson's Awesome Vistas label, whose released are available at Fusetron. Hagood was also on 90s band Smack Dab, who were on Homestead Records, which is also pretty badass.

Monday, December 6, 2010

video: Nike7Up "In Bloom" (Until I Die Mix)

She's A Star

Nice transition out of Bodytronix, Nike7Up is back with more warped digi-foolery. First up is a new video, this one entitled "In Bloom (Until I Die Mix)"

In addition, the high pop minded Nike7Up is releasing his first piece of wax on Austin's ever growing/glowing Light Lodge. This ones a jam I've been mixing into DJ and radio sets for months via YouTube rip, so it'll be real nice to have it in full mastered quality. If you haven't heard LUCKY! NIKE7UP THIEF IN THE NIGHT MIX, well, just watch the video below and think about how absorbed in celebrity/pop culture we really are. It's rather touching.

mix: Bodytronix Night of the Arawans

Drone Commander

Austin's Bodytronix have been mixing it up for a minute without any one outside of their fair city really knowing what these dudes were up to. Well, if their live mix Night of the Arawans is any indication, the duo might be at the forefront of a wildly maligned 31st century exploration of deep house and its acid tinged offshoots. Straight hookers and X vibe, but somehow its not seedy, rather twisted in a Lynchian way, with droning synths weaving about navigational beats, as propelling as their are hypnotizing. Efx are in full effect -- phasers, flanger, vocoder, samples, distortion, delay, and whatever else these electronic wizards have in their arsenal. (And it is, by all means, an aresenal.) From the band: "Bodytronix performed at Night of the Arawans, a memorable event sponsored by arawa.fm on 10-15-10 in Austin. Here’s the uncut 48-minute set, recorded from the board onto Maxell XL-2 cassette."

Dig in.

Friday, December 3, 2010

tonight: Laurel Halo Record Release Show + OPN + More

King Felix


:: late show –> -=10PM=-
:: Laurel Halo
:::: Oneohtrix Point Never
:::::: Hubble

:: early show –> -=7PM=-
:: musicians perform original scores to short films
:: dj Dog Dick
:::: C. Specer Yeh
:::::: Dustin Wong ———- of Ponytail and Ecstatic Sunshine
:::::::: the Gamut

:: dj Physical Therapy
:: dj Jan Woo
:: dj McGregor ——— aka Chocolate Bobka

128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford, JM-Marcy, G-Metropolitan | 7pm/10pm | $8 p/ show, $12 both shows

| curated by JJ RAMBO, Laurel Halo, & Todd P, organised by Todd P |

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mp3: Megazord "Output 1-2"

Arp lock

Post-.jpg provocateur Megazord is known mostly for crafting drop-shadow digital tomfoolery on the web and album covers (see GAMES, White Rainbow/Stag Hare split) and warped to the heavens videos for the likes of Rene Hell, Stellar Om Source, Zach Hill, Dolphins into the Future, OPN, and many more. While the 'Zord has been known to screw some rando pop and R&B jams (see his remix of Khira's "My Neck My Back"), the digital fetishist also crafts long form synthesizer jams, ala "Output 1-2", which is an unedited lmprov with the arpeggiator locked in for safety. The 5 minute wavelength bender is hypnotizing, and, in a very good way, begging for house producers to freak a heavy groove on the Zord's maximalist take on minimal synth-scapes.

MP3: Megazord: "Output 1-2"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

old: 1 Mile North "In 1983 He Loved to Fly"

Minor Shadows

Been traversing backwards in the musical spectrum lately, delving into the depths of ambient, sound design and so-called "new age" music for the past few months, and while I've been listening to a lot of German music from the late 70s, one of the more modern acts that has hit me is 1 Mile North. I was not aware of the soundscape duo until recently (thx), however, the groups minimal output (just two records, the last of which was released in 2003 on Ba Da Bing!) has been extremely affecting. Much like Stars of the Lid's Music for Nitrous Oxide, 1 Mile North craft shades akin to Vangelis' soundtrack for Blade Runner, an ever (un)conscious mix of digital scapes and acoustic voices. Perfect for the ensuing Winter.

Monday, November 22, 2010

mp3: Sacred Harp "Rappahannock (JR)"


Daniel Bachman first came to my attention when Mirror Universe released his tape Feast of the Green Corn earlier this year. Noticeably out of line with the proto-chillwave the South Carolina label had released prior, Sacred Harp culled Apalachian ragas reminiscent of Robbie Basho, John Fahey, and most recently, Jack Rose (R.I.P.), and while the comparisons are apt, they are not defining. Sacred Harp is not simply channeling these axeman, but rather joining the tradition from a different standpoint, one with as much clear focus on dirging drones, as high-mountain balladry. Sacred Harp's debut full-length Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation, if anything, proves that Bachman can sit side-by-side on Grandfather Mountain playing with his elders, and that each will most likely look at him, slyly, and nod, in recognition, which is pretty much the best compliment you could get from an elder statesman. One of the most striking debuts of the year, and one that sits mighty well next to Julian Lynch's Mare, and Rose's swan song, Luck In the Valley.

Sacred Harp's Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation is currently available as a free digital dowload, as well as a limited, self-released edition of 300 from the artist himself. Highest recommendation!

MP3: Sacred Harp: "Rappahannock (JR)"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

mp3: D'eon "Keep the Faith" (Airbird remix)


Hippos in Tanks has been coming hard with a string of releases banging from iPhone playlists round the globe (Games, White Car, Laurel Halo, just to name a couple), but don't let that distract you from seeking out Chris D'eon's, ahum, D'eon project. The Montreal-based electronic composer, whose work falls somewhere between the minimalism of Kompakt bangers and the third-eye'd dance floor jams of his H.I.T peers. While D'eon's last release found him exploring a variety of genres, his latest, Palinopsia, is more "in-the-groove"; it's cohesive and tight, with extended cuts winding in and out of each other, yet each track manages to retain its individual identity. It's not a concept record, but the concept of Palinopsia, defined as "a visual disturbance that causes images to persist to some extent even after their corresponding stimulus has left," could not be more present, as shades of rhythms past and present stew in an enticing, often brilliant, cauldron where future philosophies boil to bewonderment. The visual accompaniment for D'eon's "Keep the Faith" comes from FCP-freakazoid Megazord, who, well, you'll see. Just watch.

In addition, the homey Airbird just took a trip through Megazord's video, and crafted an unhinged remix of the tune, complete with muted vox, glistening synthetics, and an extended downbeat breakdown, which rather than playing the obvious "build->explode" card, rides the repetitive rhythm until the beat complete unfolds on itself and sails into the darkness.

In addition to all this, you can catch D'eon this Friday at the Tortilla Factory off the Jefferson L, where he will be playing the Bobka + Newtown presented Tortilla's on the Creek show, which also features LA BIG VIC, Weird Magic DJs, and special guests. Also, it's my birthday. Come hang.

D'eon- Keep the Faith (Airbird Remix)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

video: Tooth Ache "Skin"


Synth-pop's roots coincided with the rise of the VHS format, along with the pre-auto tracking analog glitches suffered by many an overplayed tape. This subtly warped video meshes perfectly with tooth ache's "Skin", their mutually detuned quality elevating the degradation of William Basinski's Disintegration Loops to modern pop practices (video, mp3, 7"). Maybe it's the drum machine, or the decay'd glam of a hypothetical video shoot at the Church Street Marketplace, but "Skin" is a sci-pop joyride.

Skin 7 inch is out now on clear vinyl via Father Daughter Records

Sunday, November 14, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 11/14/2010


Celestial feedback from a cosmonaut satellite flutters in after the spacial frequencies delivered by the Tesla Effect. A two-hour mix as heavily influenced by the title of the Flaming Lips record Transmissions from the Satellite Heart, as it is by the daydreams and mental images the title conjures up.

Sunday Brunch 11/14/2010
Flying Saucer Attack + Roy Montgomery- and, goodbye
Arthur Clarke- fractals- the colors of infinity
Magic Lantern- Friendship
Duncan Cameron- Glyphs
Ocarina of Time Ending
Carl Sagan "100 Billion Galaxies each w/ 100 Billion stars"
Dolphins into the Future- Ho'okena Halawai
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Spermwhales- hissssssy fits
Ram Dass on "Awareness"
Sacred Harp- Make For Me A Way
John Fahey- Fare Forward Voyagers
Herbcraft- Dark Deities
Acid Folk- Fields of Gold Pt. I
Pigeons- Crucifix & Chain
Kendra Smith- Iridescence 31
Grouper- Stuck
Blankets- Ghost Interlude
Tjutjuna- Collider
Four Tet/Burial Moths (forest swords)
Baby Birds Dont Drink Milk- Jeremy irons Couple skate
Kendra Smith- Turning the Wheels of the Law
Velvet Davenport- Lily Girl
Zonotope- Inserting the Galactic Disc
Beach Boys- Wouldn't It Be Nice (slow)
Mountain Stream Field Recording
David Attenborough in Birds of Paradise
Rangers Street Smell excerpt
Taj Mahal Travelers- 6:20-6:46 (excerpt)
Super Mario Galaxy
Scott La Rock Mega Mix

Download Sunday Brunch 11/14/2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch w/ GAMES

Mad Buddah Abusers
This past Sunday I headed into the Newtown lab with GAMES to DJ up a WaySlower couple of hours for the kids. The result is a mix of Nyquil R&B, digi-whackness and straight slow-jams. The set flows pretty nicely, from Da Brat to Yeezy to Toni Braxton to Luther Vandros to Depeche Mode to Airbird. Wanna leave a few surprises in there for ya, but be sure to check out GAMES set, about half way through the show.

Download Sunday Brunch 11/7/2010 w/ GAMES

GAMES Wayslower DJ set
Nicholas Makelberge - Dying in Africa
Depeche Mode - Everything Counts
Alexander O'neil - A Broken Heart Can Mend
ELO - Secret Messages
Angela Bofil - Can't Slow Down
Luther Vandross - Come Back

Thursday, November 11, 2010

show: Velvet Davenport, Big Troubles + More! 11/13

Warmy Girls
Flyer by Parker Sprout

Parker Sprout's psych-pop troupe Velvet Davenport are back in town for the first time since May. Seems like a while ago, especially since VD dropped both the White Blue tape and Warmy Girls LP since their last visit to the Big Apple. Needless to say, super excited for this show, especially since the Minneapolis act will be a full band. With that in mind, it might be the band's last show in the US for a while, as Parker Sprout is headed to Berlin for a few months, which, if David Bowie's exile (or anyone, for that matter) in Berlin says anything, could spur a darker, more minimalist sound from VD, an aspect of the band's ultra-hallucinated pop I've been waiting for them to explore. Be sure to get their early to peep the damaged roots folk of Flower Orgy, Appalachian ragas and finger-picking ala Sacred Harp, Silent Diane's sweeping synthetic pop, and Big Troubles... well you already know what Big Troubles sound like. Myself and DJ Toly Sopralo will be spinning tunes between sets. Shea Stadium, Saturday Night. Do it.

Giving away a Guest List spot for the Show. Leave your most psychedelic moment in the comments to win.

Velvet Davenport- Never Ending Days

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

new: Silent Diane "Spell" | NYC debut


Vintage drum machines and swelling synths may spell witch-house, or chillwave, depending on what set you roll in, however, in the case of Silent Diane those micro-genres couldn't be more inappropriate. Rather, the Austin duo of Christine Apprille and Eli Welbourne craft notably hi-fi (for their peers) dark-pop, with elements of Ketamin house and dark wave for good measure. The result is marveling mix of its components, as woozy and romantic, as it is spellbinding. The groups debut single on Answering Machine Recordings (also home to Austin compadre How I Quit Crack, who works in similar realms.) If "Juliet the Painting" and "Riverside" showed us what Silent Diane are capable of, "Spell" and "Aegion" hint at what the future may hold for the synth-duo.

Silent Diane are making their NYC debut this week and will be playing the Chocolate Bobka show at Shea Stadium Saturday 11/13 with Big Troubles, Velvet Davenport, Sacred Harp and Flower Orgy.

Aegion by Silent Diane

Spell by Silent Diane

Monday, November 8, 2010

new: THE REPORT V.II / Dolphins into the Future video

Ke Ala Ke Kua

One of the hopes for The Report V.II was to get Christian "Megazord" Oldham to work with Dolphins Into the Future (aka Lieven Martens). Both 'Zord and Lieven have been experimenting in similar dimensions, which, though very different, seem to coalesce in some bizarre, 4th level venn diagram. The result of their collaboration is the video for "Ke Ala Ke Kua," a seemingly simplistic rendering of the ideas that may come when you think about Dolphins into the Future or Megazord; new age bliss, oceanic field recordings, digital tomfoolery. It's all here. In fact, it's the aesthetic motivation for The Report V.II.

The Report V.II is now completely finalized, yet I'm unable to figure out how many copies to order. With that in mind, I started a Kickstarter project to get readers/viewers to choose how large the pressing of The Report V.II is. Find out about the compilation, DVD, and book here.

Back the project through Kickstarter!

Friday, November 5, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 10/3 edition

Hellllllllllo Pitch Bend

Catching up on my mismanaged radio archive, here is a Sunday Brunch from about a month ago. If I recall correctly, it was a dark afternoon and I was chilling in the studio with Mr. Zonotope™, whom you will be hearing A LOT about very shortly. Trust me. Vibe fluttered between insect calls and noir-ish psych (Pigeons, Kria Brekkan, James Ferraro), before cross-fading into warped African & dark waves, with the pitch bent all the way down and the mid's frolicking back and forth like restless kids. And that's just the first 25 minutes. Expect the unexpected. Then ride it 'til dawn.

Sunday Brunch 10/3/2010

news: RIP The Old Big Troubles, Hail The New Big Troubles

Back to (Pre-)School


Seeing Big Trouble's first ever show in the summer of 2009, it was clear the shoegaze revivalists were on to something very heavy. However, in the midst of releasing their debut record on OESB, the group seems to have experienced a bit of a shake up, with founding member Ian Drennan, as well as drummer Sam Franklin, leaving the band, seemingly, for good. (Bassist Luka Usmiani hasn't officially quit, though won't be playing with the new incarnation nightly.) Sam Franklin's official statement:

"Sam's out, Ian said he'll do it when it "feels right"/"when I fucking give a shit again, OK?" and Luka plays whenever the bus is running on time. All who remains dedicated to Big Troubles is Alex. Alex and the children he has collected, recruited, kidnapped and outright stolen. Music enthusiasts: meet The New Big Troubles."

That said, it's nice to hear Big Troubles moving away from the cliche shoegaze realm into proto-rock riffing territory reminiscent of late 90's/early 2000's PRS-guitar rock. The dueling drummers here are definitely not Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzman, and thank god!, cause these animals are murdering floor toms. Rumor has it The New Big Troubles will be touring with SwimJams in 2011. Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

video: AMASA GANA "Dolven"

Switched On

Been getting heavily into AMASA GANA since Austin friends started recommending the droner group to me a few months back. These guys are fearless explorers of the minimalist realm, unafraid of merging illustrious beauty with darkened textures. Sort of like if SOTL were as concerned with bleak mental states as they are with minimal wonder. Directed by Wiley Wiggins (yes, that Wiley Wiggins), "Dolven" delves into the heart of AMASA GANA's aesthetic, a mix of digital abstractions and analog relics, each harrowing back to dark ages of civilization, while still marching forward into the unknown. Keep an ear on these guys.

radio: Spooky Sunday Brunch 10/31

Here's the latest edition of Sunday Brunch. The Spooky edition. Lots of weird clips for horror/humor flicks, etc. Don't have much to say about this one except I was all alone in the Newtown Studio and there was a hertz outside in the hallway. It was fucking frightening.

DL 10/31/2010 Spooky Sunday Brunch (and be sure to scope the archives)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

video: Danny Brown "Cyclops"

Welcome 2 Detroit

While we in NYC anxiously await the East Coast debut of Odd Future, Detroit's own freak-a-zord hybrid Danny Brown is holding down an even grimier, absolutely zoinked style of absurd futuristic hip-hop that's as hood as his hometown, while also kicking on some Parliament-esque outer space insanity. Brown's "Hybrid" plays like a coming out party for a dude who should be on everybody's lips, and his latest, "Cyclops", only reinforces that sentiment, securing Brown's place as one of the leaders of the burgeoning "WTF" rap community. (Yeah, that's what I'm calling it, WTF Rap.) Brown's not a guy I wanna catch in a dark alley, but he's definitely a dude I wanna spend an afternoon with guzzling DXM and spitting with Mad Libs and MPC beats. Even then, I'd have a finger on the 911 emergency number. Peep the "Cyclops" video to find out why.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

show: Sore Eros/Mountainhood Record Release Party

Jonathan at Blackburn & I are throwing a big show this weekend to celebrate the latest releases by Sore Eros's (Know Touching out on SHDWPLY), as well as Mountainhood's The Boat-Makers Daughter, the latest full-length from Blackburn. The show also features the mystical guitar ventures of Sultan (grip her TCC tape here), Luka Usmiani's revelatory No Demons Here and Animal Hospital, whom I caught at Coop 87 during CMJ and sounded pretty good. Come hang this Saturday at Shea Stadium. Rumor has it artist Molly Smith will have some silk screened versions of the above poster. Rad. Watch Sore Eros brand new video for "Giraffe's Kiss."

mp3: Pigeons Liasons LP & Vison of the Valley EP

Fresh off the release of the heavenly psychic Si Faustine, Bronx-based Pigeons are back with a pair of new releases on Soft Abuse. The duo includes the remarkable Liasons full-length, a record which finds Clark & Wednesday exploring the paisley side of their nouvelle-psych. The exploration is fitting for the duo, who've been carving a niche for themselves by crafting songs as equally romantic as they are narcotic. Personally, the only thing I can liken their sound to is a good film noir...informed by flower child sensibilities. Hints of Opal, as well as Kendra Smith's solo work, looms, as does the effected wonder of wah'd out bedroom compositions...with a bosaa-drum machine beat, and a lil' flute for flavor. And that's just the opener, "Smoke," a track which appeared on Pigeons TCC tape. The second track, "Race," wanders down all the rain soaked alleys you'd want to walk down at 4am in Paris drunk on good wine and too many rollies.

Pigeons- Race

In addition to the beautiful Liasons, Pigeons are also releasing a new 7-inch, Visions of the Valley, which contains two brand new tracks from the band. Released in an edition of 200 with hand-printed sleeves. Be sure to snag one of those on their tour with Fabulous Diamonds. Listen to the whole thing below.

Pigeons - The Postcard
Pigeons- Sunset Park

Monday, November 1, 2010

epic: 1000th Post Mega Giveaway

Oh, Shit!

It's taken three and a half years but somehow we made it to 1,000 posts without getting insanely sick of this. In fact, it's sort of baffling that this site is still around, especially since we've seen a lot of sites we loved vanish into a sea of 0's-and-1's. In all honesty, I never would've thought things would come this far, let alone expand into the physical realm with The Report, The Curatorial Club, the Sunday Brunch radio show, and the seemingly infinite Chocolate Bobka Presents concert series. It's a real honor y'all have stuck around this long. That said, let's get to the good shit.

We've been making a ton of stuff over the past couple of years, and now here's your chance to own it all in a single bundle. Think of it as the only collection of the Bobka archives. Leave your favorite Bobka-related moment in the comments for a chance to win. Only 1 will be chosen.

This includes:

All 32 Bobkasts on a DVD data disc. (Hours of custom mixes with Special Art)
All Episodes of Sunday Brunch on DVD Data disc
All Chocolate Boboka videos & videos for Tunnelvision
A copy of The Report V.I DVD
A copy of The Report V.1 cassette
A copy of every single TCC release (including all sold out tapes. Note some will be bootleg versions-- ie. Spend the Night with Games.)
Complimentary entrance (+1) to the next 3 Bobka shoes (11/6 (peep below) , 11/13 (peep below), 11/19)
A copy of the Report V.II (including tape & DVD)

A copy of Pure Ecstasy's Easy 7"
A copy of Real Estate's self-tlted debut LP
A copy of Fluffy Lumber's Group Tightener 7"
A copy of Coasting's Group Tightener 7"
A copy of Alex Bleeker's Group Tightener 7"
A copy of Andrew Cedermark's Moon Deluxe LP
A copy of Pill Wonder's Surf/Jungle 12"
A copy of Big Troubles Worry LP
A copy of Mountain Man's Sun Dog 10" EP
A copy of the sold-out Tennis Marathon 7" (Yellow vinyl)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new: Outer Limits Recordings "Sugar Pie"

Burning Through The Night

More saccarine confection from Outer Limits Recordings, whose first two 7-inches are set to drop on OESB in two weeks. "Sugar Pie" appropriate sways with prom-song abandon – heads jerk, knees jerk, kids get lit up on spiked punch. Repetition is key here, as the melody really unfolds over time, the instinctual groove birthed from cognitive dissonance. Kinda reminds me of this scene in Tuff Turf, but with a focus on reinterpreting the boogie woogie.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

movie: Nothing Yet


A few months back I posted the trailer for Nothing Yet, the directorial debut of James Benson of the infamous Frat Dad. (R.I.P?) The film follows the life of a mythical suburban punk band who go on a 3 day tour. Lots of stuff happens/Nothing happens. It's as indebted to the bored freedom ingrained in suburban life, as it is travelogues, tour diaries and mumble-core films. All in all, a pretty good student film, which happens to feature music from Julian Lynch, Liam the Younger and a host of other NJ/Underwater Peoples associated acts. Currently airing for One Week Only on Pitchfork.

mp3: Dylan Ettinger "Rico's Pawn Shop"

Penguin Point

Space age drifter Dylan Ettinger is back again, this time with a re-mastered, re-released edition of New Age Outlaws, which was originally released on cassette earlier this year on Not Not Fun. Ettinger, whose "Smokin'" still gets rocked on Sunday Brunch fairly often, takes to the boards again, expanding on the slinking slime sound that he's been perpetuating for a bit now. This one's a bit of a monster, removing blissy enchantment of proto-New Age, and manipulating it with bounce slaps and Casiotone radiation. This is not a new age album, or even a record to "space out" to, rather a wonk'd exploration of the sleazy underbelly that surrounds. Sorta reminds me of that place where Splinter from TMNT dwells. But nastier.

Dylan Ettinger- Rico's Pawn Shop

Snag Dylan Ettinger's New Age Outlaws on Not Not Fun.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mp3: Family Portrait "Glide Pt.2 (demo)"


Rose Quartz highlighted Family Portrait's "Glide Pt.1 (demo)" the other day, and here's it's companion, the appropriately titled "Glide Pt.2 (demo)". Like its predecessor, this one relies heavily on acoustic jangle, Evan Brody's inimitable wah-fected riffs, and a steady beat that keeps the whole machine chugging along. At times it recalls The Feelies, with hints of tambourine pop and Orbisonian harmonies for flavor, which, at this point, you should expect from Family Portrait. Of course, this familiarity quickly swirls into curiosity when the Frippertronic tones squiggle in, and you begin to wonder what the future holds for Family Portrait. I think we'll find out soon when Underwater Peoples releases Family Portrait's full-length sometime in the not-so distant future.

MP3: Family Portrait: "Glide Pt. 2 (demo)"

Come see Family Portrait (OG lineup) this afternoon at Pianos. Free show. Chillers only. You know the drill.

Monday, October 18, 2010

video: Rene Hell "Slightly Eleven"

In My White Tea

Royal robotics groove in reformatted pixels, flickering on the Trintron, as melting Japanese commercials expose themselves to digital delay and FX magic. All the while, Rene Hell seems to be out of the picture, controlling the whole thing with a joystick, or midi-controller. Fluttering synthphonics gleam brightly, even brighter when paired with visuals by the freakishly poignant .mov fucker Megazord, whose probably chilling somewhere in his white tea.

mp3: Dent Sweat "I Don't Mind"

With An Ass Like That

While his latest 7-inch veers away from the Ukulele crooners of his debut LP, Dent May has a new alter ego, Dent Sweat, which finds the Mississippi based artist moving even further away from the instrument which defined Magnificent Ukulele. "I Don't Mind" is a jammer. Now that we got that out of the way, I'd like to note that it is a sexy jammer, more in line with Next's "Too Close" than indie, or the ever-burgeoning slo-R&B movement that's due for its backlash right…about…now. "I Don't Mind" finds Dent exploring seemingly infinite production styles, with nods to booty bass and flourishing synth house, while continuing to mine the ever fruitful, tongue in cheek poetics he's been perfecting for a few years. Like I said before, this is a jammer, and most certainly worthy of the Dent Sweat moniker. You will sweat.

"I Don't Mind" is featured on The Report V.II companion compilation. You can find Dent all over NYC this week, including a stop at the Bobka-curated This is Not a CMJ show Wednesday afternoon at Pianos.

Dent Sweat- I Don't Mind

Thursday, October 14, 2010

show: This is not a CMJ Show 10/20 Pianos

This Is How We Do It

Free Day Party. Come hang.

Flyer by Alan H.

tonight: Run DMT, Woodsman, La Big Vic & More

Cash 4 Gold

Fun show tonight at Shea Stadium featuring a slew of Bobka favorites, including Woodsman, Run DMT, La Big Vic, Night Manager and Birthdays. Starts at 8, costs $7. Go. It'll be fun.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

old: Armand Schaubroeck "Ratfucker"

Short Shorts

It's late. Trevor from Woodsman, Jonah, and Friendship Bracelet are sitting on my couch. Trevor puts on a song called "Ratfucker." That's right, "Ratfucker." Hard to describe but safe to say the track, by Armand Schaubroeck, is a fucking shotgun blast to the face. That makes sense when you find out that Schaubroeck, according to legend, was a hitman for the mob, who parlayed his murder loot into studio time, paying studio musicians to riff, before ranting hysterically over the whole shebang. He then moved upstate and opened House of Guitars in Rochester, where once a year he would stack amps on the roof of the building and let kids wail. Fuck yeah...I think??

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tape: Sultan The Moon

The Overture

Subtle tones creeping through the sentient Autumnal air, this reissue of Sultan's The Moon materializes from the invisible mist hanging in the air. Recorded in March of 2010, the tape fittingly begins with "Overture", a sweeping and grandiose opening statement, as faded and hushed as "There Goes My Girl", Sultan's wondrous tune that closed Blackburn Recordings Various Deficiancies V.1 compilation. Kayla gave The Moon, a collection of five extended cuts, to a handful of friends, but this is the first time it will be available in larger quantities. Highly recommended for fans of haunting acid-folk, damaged tape excursions and restrained beauty.

Listen to The Moon in its entirety at Sultan's Bandcamp.

Order from The Curatorial Club.

Monday, October 11, 2010

mp3: Sohni Chambers "2:47 PM"


As the title Yaw-Mah-Ha suggests, Sohni Chambers are churning deep roots, those previously only movable via supreme force. No surprise that the nu-organ/drum duo consists of Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones, and fellow light traveler Nick Malkin. Sohni Chamber's first offering was delivered via Goaty and succeeds in its restrictions; their are no overdubs on Yaw-Mah-Ha, giving it an immensely loose and heavy quality, which, unlike many similar warts and all recordings, never trails off into self-righteous noodling. Rather, Sohni Chambers rides the electrical energy of innate to their namesake(s). If only Triniton's and P-70's pianos were this far out.

Sohni Chambers- 2:47 PM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

video: Autre Ne Veut "Emotional"

Feelings In My Heart

Another video from Autre Ne Veut's self-titled debut on OESB/Upstairs, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite pop records of the year. This one is for "Emotional", which squirms in Paisley Park zones. At times it feels like an aching, heartfelt ballad, but it isn't a romantic tune, rather a self-doubting, strung-out-in-the-corner ballad, more in tune with being broke and not able to afford your habit than losing your soul mate. It's the sort of emotionally overboard, yet completely pragmatic pop that Adley has a knack for producing. Neck-and-neck with "Demon Eyes" for my favorite track on this outstanding debut.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

video: Tjutjuna "Mosquito Hawk"

Aquarium Frenzy

The ferocious Tjutjuna released their debut LP on Firetalk, Trevor from Woodsman's imprint, and to say that its massive is an understatement. A testament to the 180 gram vinyl it's issued on, the self-titled debut from Tjutjuna is a heavy dose for intense space rock. At times Tjutjuna feels more like an act you'd hear about on a site like Dr. Schluss' Garage of Psychedelic Obscurities with a rating of 5 on the trip-o-meter scale rather than on post-chillwave aware sites like this. A compliment to the Denver quartet, who've been shredding the Rocky Mountains in various incarnations since their teens. It's a testament to Mark Demolar of Woodsman who captured the pulverizing kraut-influenced space rock of "Mosquito Hawk" in this explosive anemone fried clip.

Friday, October 1, 2010

mp3: D'eon "Palinopsia Intro + Almost Out of Time"

Recession Proof
Photo by Erez Avissar
Subtle textures stroke the mind, before a straightforward floor beat directs "Almost Out of Time" to its place in our sphere. Much like his (stellar) performance earlier this year at Glasslands, D'eon doesn't waste any time getting to the place you want to go. He doesn't rush you either. Rather, he rides slow, creeping up from beneath, until, all of a sudden, you've arrived. "There" being the place where IDM started. Yes, it's intelligent dance music. And while that may be one of the worst sound defining genre names in existence, it makes a lot of sense in the context of the Montreal producer, who covered the Urinals "Surfing with the Shah" on his last record, which also featured expressive minimalist house tunes ripe for the Berlin K-house crowd. "Almost Out of Time" strikes a similar chord, balancing itself between the sort of tune that's better imbibed on headphones, and the Kompakt club hits that require 500 speaker quadrophonics. If D'eon is coming to a town near you, your not going to want to miss it. That said, Palinopsia is proof D'eon is out to return some integrity to the dance floor, as he's clearly already sailing higher than anyone else working in similar realms. Grip it shortly via Hippos in Tanks.

D'eon- Palinopsia Intro + Almost Out of Time

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 9/26 | Weird Magic Mix

Burial Ceremony

Hit the studio hard last weekend with a whole gang of hooligans. Comp was in the shop, so kicked it old school with an, almost, all vinyl set, before Weird Magic came in and dropped their brand new mix on us, which you can listen to below, as part of Sunday Brunch, and separately on Soundcloud. Also peep the extended dance edit of Ducktails "Dancing With the One You Love," which originally appeared on Bobkast #32: So I Can Fly. (Love how it's titled Weird Magic Burial Ceremony.) Gnarly dance jammers for the future psych set. Cop it before the kids co-opt it and Rezzie Dude is a fixture on HRO.

Sunday Brunch 9/26/2k10
OPN- Format & Journey North
High Wolf- Side B #2
Laurie Anderson- Kokoku
Pigeons- Crucific & Crosses
Marissa Nadler- Mistress
Silver Pines- Maypearl
Herbcraft- Road to Agartha
Pink Floyd- Interstellar Overdrive
Shits & Giggles- Junkanooga Booga
Panda Bear- Bonfire of the Vanities
Sun Araw- Heavy Deeds
**Weird Magic Mix**
Willow Smith- Whip My Hair (Clit Talk screw)
How I Quit Crack- Gone Away (screw)
Autre Ne Veut- Demon Eyes
Lil B- My Window Sill
SURVIVE- Lunar Eclipse (33 1/3 rpm)
Stellar Om Source- Island Best
Zonotope ™- On My Planet

Download Sunday Brunch 9/26/2010

Weird Magic #1 by weirdmagic

Ducktails - Dancing With The One You Love (Weird Magic Burial Ceremony) by weirdmagic

Monday, September 27, 2010

show: Alex Bleeker, La Big Vic, Sweet Bulbs

The fine folks behind T&T and UP coughed up some serious loot for me to unleash alter-ego DJ Everything Bagel Toasted with Schmeer, and an Ice Coffee...Keep the Change! on the public. And this is exactly what is going to happen tomorrow night at Bruar Falls. Alex Bleeker, La Big Vic and Sweet Bulbs will also be there.

la big vic - heyo (nihiti pulsing morning mix) by nihiti

*what should I play?

stream: Tjutjuna's s/t LP

The Swish
The ferocious Tjutjuna just posted their debut LP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Firetalk head honcho Trevor from Woodsman, who have a bunch of shows coming up in NYC (including a big Chocolate Bobka CMJ rager, more on that soon) will be releasing the massive record shortly on appropriately heavy 180 gram vinyl. These guys are onto some pulverizing kraut-influenced space rock that's been bulldozing just about everything else I've heard over the past couple months. Needless to say, I'm really jonesing to see Tjutjuna live.

Tjutjuna S/T LP by firetalk

new: Lil P-Nut "You MIght Be The One"

For Me

Pre-adolescent romance has been the subject of tiger beat jams since back when the Partridge Family reigned supreme, but literally every kid rap track ever ain't got nothing on the upper-level flow of Memphis's Lil P-Nut. The seven year old (yeah, he's fucking seven!) can be heard near nightly freestyling with O.G's on Memphis's 107.9. He's already seen love in Yo Gotti videos, as well as props from other Memphis street luminaries, but something tells me, unlike other pre-pubescent rappers like Lil Romeo and Bow Wow, P-Nut's got a stunna style that is more notable for his uncharacteristically easy flow than his grade school status. Looking forward to the day when he hooks up with one of his lil homey's whose been fucking with Reason and Ableton since birth. Truly next level hip-hop could come from this elementary incubator, let's just hope the major's don't fuck shit up. (He's already been on ELLEN, so major label fuckery is probably right around the corner.) Also, major props for bringing back the jheri curl.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mp3: Dem Hunger "WANDA HENA EL HAWA"

Shelley Duvall

Dem Hunger's gonzo Caveman Smack cassette is getting a RARE (shout out BASEDGOD) repress from the fine folks at Leaving Records, aka Mr. Matthew David. Dem's been going strong for a while, compiling all sorts of white drug magick into completely bonzo electronic calisthenics, the sort of shit your Mom did in the Kitchen before school, only this is music, not breakfast. Exciting stuff, indeed. Not only that, Dem's been cooking (Shout out BASEDGOD) up some ambient fire, including this wonker from the forthcoming, previously titled, though currently untitled TCC ambient tape comp, which will also feature selections from Cascaders, MD+Speculator, La Big Vic and a bunch of other special zoners I'm not currently at will to divulge. Shit's gonna make you pass the fuck out. Keep your eyes peeled for that one any day now. Also, new tapes coming very soon from Sultan, Zonotope TM, and a couple heavy bangers. Yep, bangers. Nope, electro-classh.

Dem Hunger- Wanda Hena El Hawa

Monday, September 20, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 9/19/2010


Heavy sun and positive light set the tone for yesterday's Sunday Brunch broadcast, though the true inspiration was the Based God's preposterous, and unfettered, natural wonder, which pretty much set the tone for the afternoon. Grab the 2 hour set below, which features lots of new and fucked wonkery, including an unheard Megazord screw (the bonus track from Throw Myself into the Mediafire) and a bunch of other weird stuff, like Clit Talk's screw of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair."

Sunday Brunch 9/19/2010
Terry Riley- 4/18/72 Los Angeles pt.1 (live)
Lil B- We Are the World
Dent May- Eastover Wives (Screwed)
Cascaders- Time Test
Candy Claws- Snow White in the Forest
Lil B & Andy Milonakis- Goin Iberico Ham (YouTube)
Airbird- Nothing Compares
Larry Young- Hellow Your Quietness (Islands)
Cluster & Eno- The Belldog
La Big Vic- Bobka Jam
Laurel Halo- Something I Never Had
Pimp C- I'sa Playa
Big Moe- Purple Stuff Remix
R. Kelly- Bump N Grind
Danny Brown- The Hybrid
Rick Ross- Super High Remix (w/ Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y)
Tjutjuna- Mosquito Hawk
Zonotope ™- inserting the Galactic Disc
Slowdive- Stars that Shine Demo
Gem Trails- Old Kid
Megazord Dont Cry Tonight (Screw)
d'eon- Waiting room
Radio People- Exhale
Willow Smith- Whip My Hair (Clit Talk screw)
SFranchiotti- Heart of Glass (fuck)
Chuck Persons- Night Saxophone
Rodd Keith- Do the Turkey

Download Sunday Brunch 9/19/2010

In other Newtown Radio news, the homeys are presenting a dope concert series at the Tortilla Factory on Starr St, aka one of the best spots in all of Brooklyn. The series, which kicks off this Friday with Blank Dogs, includes our friends in Eternal Summers, as well as a special Bobka curated birthday show for yours truly. Be sure to contribute to the series (and be rewarded with some ill swag) at Kickstarter. Going to be a great series, do not miss this!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

mp3: Dent May "Eastover Wives" (Screwed)


Dent posted this up on Twitter last night. Not sure who the screwer is (Dent himself??), but, it's bar'd out. Just go with it. The original, in complete hi-fi, is about to be released via Forest Family on a new single, which should be considered a Double A-Side. Dent's also got some other haute shite popping in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Dent May- Eastover Wives

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 9.12.10

Rainy afternoon DJ set alone in the Newtown Radio studio called for one thing; Ableton tomfoolery. Lots of phazed out, unrefined auto-filters and inconsiderate delay fill this quasi-sleazy set, recorded live on God's day.

1. earth wind & fire - fantasy
2. brandy - come as you are
3. the cure - pictures of you
4. happy mondays - hallelujah (club mix)
5. dj spoko - mzansi
6. laurel halo - supersymetry
7. jan hammer - candy
8. gary war - born of light
9. appietus - ghana lady
10. appietus - miss doct
11. bbc - ngunyuta
12. rainy day - alle morgans parties
13. slim thug - welcome to houston
14. nelly - let me see your girl
15. jibbs - chain hang low
16. aaliyah - try again
17. ti - what you know about that
18. swv - can i get freaky tonight
19. megazord screw - my neck my back
20. usher - you make me wanna
Download Sunday Brunch 9.12.10

Monday, September 13, 2010

mix: Megazord Screws


Visual WTF wunderkind Megazord has compiled a few massive collections of screwed top 40 pop, R&B, and hip-hop from the last decade. His latest, Throw Myself into the Mediafire, is "a memorial mix to the fake meme of Mediafire dying." Just like his visual work, Zord's re-edits are "sometimes [a bit] overboard" and that's why they hit so hard. Preposterous to the bone, it's clear Zord (and most everyone slowing tracks these days) ain't doing shit, and that's just why these tunes reign supreme; no pretense, no "talent", no expensive gear, just a desire to make eyes roll and heads bang.

MP3: Khia: My Neck, My Back (Lick It) [Megazord Screw remix]

Collect 'em all:

Throw Myself into the Mediafire

Dominatrix Sunset

I Survived 2009

iTunes Untitled Playlist Summer 2012

Friday, September 10, 2010

show: Alex Bleeker & Flower Orgy


Saturday night the homey Alex Bleeker will be playing a set at Red Hook Bait & Tackle with damaged folkies Flower Orgy. Vibes will certainly be high at this free phamily-esque show, which will probably end up feeling more like a communal gathering at a tackle shop than, well, some hipster gathering in an anonymous warehouse in North Brooklyn. (No hating, just sayin'.) Cruise the B62-to-B61 tomorrow night and take in the show, while saluting Lady Liberty and snacking on one of those dope ass Swindles from Steve's Key Lime Pie Store. Snack on Flower Orgy's "Boneyard" below.

Flower Orgy- Boneyard

new: Guided By Guided By Voices/ WAKR MM-TC II

The long awaited Guided By Guided By Voices compilation courtesy of the ever wonderful Wild Animal Kingdom is now available for auditory delight. A collection of sixteen tracks from the GBV canon by a bakers dozen+ of artists that, if you are reading this, you might enjoy. Enjoy a taste with Martin Courtney's take on "Kicker of Elves" and "As We Go Up We Go Down." Also, grip Alex Bleeker & Evan Brody's take on "Motor Away."

In addtion, remeber to sign up for the phenomenal WAKR Monthly Mix-Tape Club, set to roll into its second year. The first twelve months were phenomenal. Everyone should be a member. Sign up here and receive a new mixtape every month from some passionate young folks.

Martin Courtney- Kicker of Elves/ As We Go Up We Go Down
Bleeker & Brody- Motor Away (via FADER)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

show: Autre Ne Veut, Gatekeeper, Laurel Halo, Airbird


Big show tonight at Zebulon for the release of Autre Ne Veut's debut on OESB/Upstairs. (Peep the new ANV video below.) Joining ANV will be the pulverizing dark wave of Gatekeeper (who were fucking amazing at the recent Games show), as well as futuristic femme fatale Laurel Halo, whose King Felix EP has been in high headphone rotation, as well as the live debut of Airbird, aka Joel Ford of Games, whose "Part of the Game" has been one of my favorite jams this summer, as has his cover of the Beach Boys "Surfer Girl," which is slated to appear on The Report Vol.2 compilation. (Grip here.)

Free show, don't miss it!

Airbird- Part of the Game

new: LA BIG VIC "Heyo" (Nihiti Pulsing Morning Mix)

79 Lorimer

New light voyagers La Big Vic just sent over this remix Nihiti crafted for "Heyo." LBV noted that this ones is prime for the "post-rave cool down room" and it'd be hard to argue against that, as Nihiti's remix feels like a screwed acid house track with vocals by Trish Kennan's long lost cousin. Slow and melodic, with just enough sci-fi efx to keep heads spinning, this remix is going to be in high rotation on nights that turn into days.

la big vic - heyo (nihiti pulsing morning mix) by nihiti

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mp3: Velvet Davenport "Mystery Michael"

Warmy Girls

Psych pop classicists Velvet Davenport are making good on the promise of their early cassette releases, the stream-of-consciousness Lemon Drop Square Box and the equally ephemeral (and even more psychedelic) White Blue. No auditory hallucinations on "Mystery Michael", a selection from their forthcoming LP Warmy Girls, rather, more Quixotic explorations through the dazzling world of prophetic paisley pop. Compared to the stoned monotone often extolled on Lemon Drop Square Box, Parker Sprout sounds spritely on "Mystery Michael," proclaiming "I feel great about my day/ Wouldn't have spent it any other way." A warm affair from Sprout's psilo-pop extravaganza, whose Warmy Girls is set to slather the rest of 2010 in a distinctly lysergic cream. Highest recommendation.

MP3: Velvet Davenport: "Mystery Michael"

Warmy Girls will be available shortly from Moon Glyph.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tape: Various Deficiencies Vol.1


A few months ago we posted the exceptional debut compilation from Blackburn Recordings. Originally the mix, which featured the likes of Big Troubles, Coasting, Sultan, Sore Eros, Campfires, Cursillistas, Sleep Over, Cloud Nothings and Lame Drivers, amongst a ton of others, was only available as a MediaFire download. Well, now our homeboy Jonathan at Blackburn has taken the mix to its rightful home; the cassette tape. This limited edition of 130 features the art of Molly Smith, who hand-colored each tape. (Nice job Molly!) Blackburn was nice enough to hook Bobka up with a couple copies for giveaway. Name your favorite spaghetti western in the comments for a chance to win.

Download Various Deficiencies Vol.1
Purchase the Various Deficiencies Vol.1 tape

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

mix: The Report Vol.1


"Our inaugural companion compilation was structured around the idea that each and every one of these songs has a perfect place in the universe. It's a pretty cheesy, new age-y claim, but, in all honesty, I think its especially true with the songs compiled for The Report. Many of them are one-off exclusives, live jams intended to be nothing but live jams, demos, or outtakes once deemed unworthy for release. The entire genus of this publication was to give a home to specific works that didn't necessarily have a place to dwell. Hopefully this tape effectively gives these songs shelter, and a place to rest their weary heads."

- M. McGregor from The Report Vol.1

Pre-order The Report Vol.2

The book features interviews with Iasos, Greg Davis, Velvet Davenport, Candy Claws. Texts by Dan Lopatin, Cameron Stallones, Daniel Bachman (Sacred Harp), Nate Grace (Pure Ecstasy). An art feature of original works curated by Megazord, featuring artists like Christelle Gualdi (Stella Om Source), Jon Rafman and the 'Zord himself, amongst a slew of other nxt lvl digi-extractors.

This volume's tape compilation has selections from Dolphins into the Future, Ducktails, Buffalo Moon, Dent May's alter ego Dent Sweat, Big Troubles, The Twerps, Airbird, La Big Vic and more.

The DVD showcases features videos by the likes of Megazord, Laurel Halo, and an excerpt from Amy Ruhl's How Mata Hari Lost Her Head & Found Her Body, which features a score by Julian Lynch. Plus lots of other off the wall video work.


The Report V.1 Tape by The Report|TCC