Tuesday, November 30, 2010

old: 1 Mile North "In 1983 He Loved to Fly"

Minor Shadows

Been traversing backwards in the musical spectrum lately, delving into the depths of ambient, sound design and so-called "new age" music for the past few months, and while I've been listening to a lot of German music from the late 70s, one of the more modern acts that has hit me is 1 Mile North. I was not aware of the soundscape duo until recently (thx), however, the groups minimal output (just two records, the last of which was released in 2003 on Ba Da Bing!) has been extremely affecting. Much like Stars of the Lid's Music for Nitrous Oxide, 1 Mile North craft shades akin to Vangelis' soundtrack for Blade Runner, an ever (un)conscious mix of digital scapes and acoustic voices. Perfect for the ensuing Winter.