Monday, October 18, 2010

mp3: Dent Sweat "I Don't Mind"

With An Ass Like That

While his latest 7-inch veers away from the Ukulele crooners of his debut LP, Dent May has a new alter ego, Dent Sweat, which finds the Mississippi based artist moving even further away from the instrument which defined Magnificent Ukulele. "I Don't Mind" is a jammer. Now that we got that out of the way, I'd like to note that it is a sexy jammer, more in line with Next's "Too Close" than indie, or the ever-burgeoning slo-R&B movement that's due for its backlash right…about…now. "I Don't Mind" finds Dent exploring seemingly infinite production styles, with nods to booty bass and flourishing synth house, while continuing to mine the ever fruitful, tongue in cheek poetics he's been perfecting for a few years. Like I said before, this is a jammer, and most certainly worthy of the Dent Sweat moniker. You will sweat.

"I Don't Mind" is featured on The Report V.II companion compilation. You can find Dent all over NYC this week, including a stop at the Bobka-curated This is Not a CMJ show Wednesday afternoon at Pianos.

Dent Sweat- I Don't Mind

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