Tuesday, August 31, 2010

mix: The Report Vol.1


"Our inaugural companion compilation was structured around the idea that each and every one of these songs has a perfect place in the universe. It's a pretty cheesy, new age-y claim, but, in all honesty, I think its especially true with the songs compiled for The Report. Many of them are one-off exclusives, live jams intended to be nothing but live jams, demos, or outtakes once deemed unworthy for release. The entire genus of this publication was to give a home to specific works that didn't necessarily have a place to dwell. Hopefully this tape effectively gives these songs shelter, and a place to rest their weary heads."

- M. McGregor from The Report Vol.1

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The book features interviews with Iasos, Greg Davis, Velvet Davenport, Candy Claws. Texts by Dan Lopatin, Cameron Stallones, Daniel Bachman (Sacred Harp), Nate Grace (Pure Ecstasy). An art feature of original works curated by Megazord, featuring artists like Christelle Gualdi (Stella Om Source), Jon Rafman and the 'Zord himself, amongst a slew of other nxt lvl digi-extractors.

This volume's tape compilation has selections from Dolphins into the Future, Ducktails, Buffalo Moon, Dent May's alter ego Dent Sweat, Big Troubles, The Twerps, Airbird, La Big Vic and more.

The DVD showcases features videos by the likes of Megazord, Laurel Halo, and an excerpt from Amy Ruhl's How Mata Hari Lost Her Head & Found Her Body, which features a score by Julian Lynch. Plus lots of other off the wall video work.


The Report V.1 Tape by The Report|TCC

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