Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween: Thriller!

Outsourced to India

As you put the final touches on your costume, pour some candy in a bowl for the trick-or-treaters, and take one last hit from your meth pipe, we at the Bobka have to ask: Is this where globalization is headed? Frightening indeed.

Robert Goulet (1933-2007)

The music world lost one of it's most adored icons yesterday, Grammy Award winner Mr. Robert Goulet. Goulet died of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis while awaiting a lung transplant. Goulet rose to stardom as Sir Lancelot in the Broadway musical Camelot in 1960, co-starring Richard Burton and Julie Andrews. Before inserting a breathing tube, the ever-humorous Goulet told his doctors, "Just watch my vocal cords."

Goulet appeared in numerous stage performances, films, and recordings including Tim Burton's Beetlejuice and Scrooged starring Bill Murray. Goulet was known, like Shatner, for being open-minded when it came to entertainment jobs. He appeared on The Simpsons, Naked Gun 2 1/2, and even sang the National Anthem at Wrestlemania VI. Those unfamiliar with his professional work are likely to have seen Will Farrell's popularized impression of Goulet on Saturday Night Live (below) as well as Late Night with Conan O'Brian.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bangers & mash: Mr. Oizo

"You're invited into my house"

Mr. Oizo has added the magic Ed Banger touch to yet another track, giving Calvin Harris' "Merrymaking At My Place" an extreme makeover worthy of Oprah. Thankfully Oizo doesn't go too overboard with the signature Ed Banger glitch on this remix, instead choosing to emphasize the funkiness of the bassline by adding some warm synths, a skitter-skatter hi hat pattern, and powerful 8bit snare. Apparently all of the kids in the UK are going bonkers over it. Check it out below, and buy it HERE.

And to be honest, the real reason I wrote about Oizo's remix is so I could have an acceptable segue into one of my favorite videos of all time: the Oizo-produced-and-directed "Flat Beat", featuring everyone's favorite headbanging (Ed Bangin'?) puppet, Flat Eric.

Mr. Oizo- Flat Beat (1999)

Monday, October 29, 2007

nu musik: Róisín Murphy

sunglasses on loan from R.Kelly

Before I get too carried away with overseas music not in my native tongue, I thought I'd touch up on one of my favorite new albums: Róisín Murphy's Overpowered. Murphy, born in Ireland but raised in Manchester (where else?), began her career in the mid-90's as one half of the popular dance-pop duo Moloko. The group disbanded in 2002 and the quirky songstress went on to record her solo debut, Ruby Blue, with Bobk-approved British wunder-producer Matthew Herbert. Herbert's knack for jazzy arrangements and laid-back rhythms was a perfect match for Murphy.

On Overpowered, her sophomore release, the production is a bit more aggressive than Ruby Blue, with tantalizing electro-pop from start to finish. It's impossible to pick a favorite track, especially since mine changes literally everyday (I'm now glued to the spacey love-ballad, "Scarlet Ribbons"). Some of the many highlights include "Primitive," a sexy minimalist pop chant with background vocals rivaling R. Kelly's "The Zoo," "Know Me Better" whose chorus sounds like Arthur Russell meets La Bouche, "Footprints," "Body Language," "Movie Star" (think Goldfrapp meets St. Etienne), "Dear Miami," and the album's second single, "Let Me Know." I think I've just listed half the album. I think you get the point. If you're feeling extra saucy, check out the Overpowered EP which includes the excellent B-side? "Sweet Nothings."

Róisín Murphy's on a world tour now, at least she was until last night when she seriously injured her eye socket (concussion, blood loss) on a chair during a performance of "Primitive." She was rushed to a hospital in Russia (dear God) then sent back to England to recover. She's expected to be performing in a week.

BELOW: Róisín Murphy - Overpowered

Róisín Murphy - Footprints
Róisín Murphy - Body Language

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Re: I'm Not There Soundtrack

"Your Debutante Just Knows What You Need/But I Know What You Want"

Been waiting for this since the tracklisting was announced a few months back and it was definitely worth the wait. This tuesday October 30th, aka Mischief Night, the re-dick-u-lus I'm Not There soundtrack will be available for purchase from the fine folks at Sony. On MySpace (HERE) they're streaming Sufjan Steven's "Ring Them Bells", Jim James & Calexico's "Going to Acapulco" (highly rec'd), Cat Power's "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" and Jeff Tweedy's majestic "Simple Twist of Fate." No doubt this soundtrack is probably going to be one of the best compilations released this year. Below are a few more reasons, Eddie Vedder's bad ass foot stomping "All Along The Watchtower" and Stephen Malkmus' rendition of "Ballad of a Thin Man." This tuesday kids, this tuesday.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

From Brussels to the Congo: Zap Mama

It's hard to pin down world music these days: Zap Mama's official website describes their music as "urban afropean music from Brussels." Afropean huh? "Somewhere between soul, gospel, pygmy song and Afro-Cuban rhythms." Soul and pygmy song? Sign me up.

Formed in the early 90's as an all-female a capella quintet, Zap Mama has evolved into more of a one-man (woman) band centered around the group's founder, Congo-born Belgian singer Marie Daulne. Signed by David Byrne's Luaka Bop in 1991, Zap Mama's debut Adventures in Afropea became the highest selling non-compilation album in the labels history.

On their latest release, Supermoon, Zap Mama leaves behind most of their a cappella roots for a predictably higher gloss of production and arrangement. Surprisingly, it works. Drastically different from their earlier releases, Supermoon, the groups's first album on Heads Up, is a free-spirited joy from start to finish. The album's opener, "1000 Ways" works to do one thing: get the party started. The rest of the album blends dozens of sounds and genres (and guests) while never losing it's edge. "Affection" and "Moonray" help juxtapose the album's afro-beats with a softer touch but are equally as enthralling. In the end, Supermoon is a step in a new direction for Zap Mama, and a good step indeed.

Zap Mama - 1000 Ways

Thursday, October 25, 2007

NOT at CMJ: Moonbabies

If there's one thing we Bobkats love, it's Scandinavian music. More specifically, Swedish indie-pop. Nothing makes our hair stand like the sweet coos of Hello Saferide or the rhythmic jangles of The Ark. I don't even have to mention Jens (who's on a first-name basis now) or Peter Bjorn and John for that matter. So who's next on our Nordic love tour? How about co-ed indie-pop duo Moonbabies, whose 2007 release, Moonbabies at the Ballroom, is a fun mix of synthesizers and acoustic guitars (the combination never gets boring).

Aside from their 2005 so-called 'mini album,' Moonbabies at the Ballroom is the duo's first album since their outstanding 2004 release, The Orange Billboard. Slightly more dense, At the Ballroom makes great use of dreamy harmonies and at times even sounds epic. The strength of the album comes from the duo's ability to blend genres (think of it as a mix between Creeper Lagoon and Architecture in Helsinki).

Moonbabies - War On Sound [from 2005's War On Sound mini-album and 2007's Moonbabies at the Ballroom]

Moonbabies - Take Me To The Ballroom [from Moonbabies at the Ballroom

The Bobkast #5: A Cosmic Sing-A-Long

"Move Your Funky Feet"

After a week of nonstop ass-shaking, headbanging and fist pumping, the collective limbs of thy Bobkats are indeed sore. Luckily we've been fed some space-age medicine and are able to keep the party going long after the party has died (at least we like to think so). This mix of space candy throws together some of our much loved CMJ week with a bunch of other goodies we've been listening to. Enjoy.

The Bobkast #5: We're All In A Cosmic Sing-A-Long
1. Cryptacize- Cosmic Sing-a-long
2. Miracle Fortress- Maybe Lately
3. The Octopus Project- I Saw The Bright Shinies
4. The Hood Internet- Bros before Whoas
5. Glass Candy- Rolling Down the Hills
6. Vijay Benedict- I Am A Disco Dancer
7. Junior Brown- Dance to the Music (dub) {song of the week}
8. A Mountain of One- Can't Be Serious
9. Fujiya & Miyagi- Collarbone
10. Thom Yorke- The Eraser (XXXchange remix)
11. Grizzly Bear v. The Knife- Knife/Heartbeats
12. Hot Chip- So Glad To See You

Download HERE

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Glass Candy

Watch Out for Arpegiatting Synths

Glass Candy has been releasing Italo-Disco instant classics via MySpace all year and I'm not sure why we haven't been posting about them. The Portland night people make scary good sex'd up disco and I haven't heard a soul complain about them yet (Not even at CMJ!). If you haven't yet checked out the Italians Do It Better After Dark compilation, I highly recommend doing so. "Rolling Down the Hills" is down below for download, as is the sex'd up night stalker-esque video for "Digital Versicolor." You can download "Digital Versicolor" and others for free HERE.

Glass Candy- Rolling Down the Hills

CMJ recap: The Shaky Hands

"Maker, Make a Light to Shine on Those Who Need Light"

One of the most pleasant surprises of CMJ came on the first night. After checking out the Indaba lounge located in a third story walk up loft on the Bowery, I headed to the Bowery Ballroom for the Brooklyn Vegan showcase. I knew next to nothing about Bon Iver nor The Shaky Hands, but had a least listened to a few tracks from Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago. Bon Iver dosed the crowd at the Bowery Ballroom in haunting falsetto and lonesome atmospherics that set a luscious mood for the evening. Needless to say I bought a handmade copy of For Emma, Forever Ago after the set. More on him later, this post is about The Shaky Hands.

They came on after Bon Iver and raged the Ballroom for 45 minutes. Two Les Pauls, steady-as-she-goes bass, rhythmically entrancing hand percusion and some big hair thrown in for good measure. The Portland band blazed through selections from their self-titeld debut. A heavy dose of jangly heartfelt American rock and roll. A week later I still can't quite put my finger on what I really like about this band, mainly because I think it's all right where it should be. I bought the record from bassist Mayhaw Hoons after the show who told me they were on their last week of a three week tour cross country. If they were tired from driving from Cleveland the day before it sure didn't show, as their performance was as genuine as a pair of Levi's Original 501's. Their record hasn't left my CD player yet.

The Shaky Hands- The Sleepless

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CMJ recap: The Octopus Project

Thursday night was wild. The Kork Agency showcase at Highline packed Thunderheist, Yo Majesty, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Enon, The Octopus Project and Islands onto the same bill. And while the nudey shenanigans of YO Majesty were indeed outrageous, and the Trail of Dead thunderstorm was totally thunderous, the band that really blew my face off was The Octopus Project. Austin's best 'indie-tronica' band twists sampled drums around live drums, and wraps them around the ear-bleeding distortion of guitars and gentle, melodic synthesizers. Sound like something you might like? Caution, it's not for the faint of heart. But if you already dig Animal Collective, Broken Social Scene, Annuals and Black Moth Super Rainbow (friends/collaborators of TOP), then you will be smiling all the way to the record store.

The Octopus Project- I Saw The Bright Shinies

Monday, October 22, 2007

CMJ recap: Celebration

"Hands Off My Gold"

Wednesday afternoon was when it started to get hectic. After spending Tuesday evening at the Bowery Ballroom with Bon Iver, The Shaky Hands (more about them later) and The Rosebuds (among others), we hit up Hiro latenight for a ridiculous set of obscure disco by James Murphy.
Sore from shooting lasers and head banging, we spent our wednesday afternoon bar hopping on the lower east side, popping in and out of showcases. One of the best shows we happened to catch was from B-More psych-art rockers Celebration. With an ever changing schdule dominating the Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Piano's, we were lucky to stick around for Annie Mac's DJ set and catch the melodic noise of Celebration's set of blowing Baritone's, super reverberated organs and at times 4 different percussionists, all while Katrina Ford wailed, and I mean wailed, on the mic. Still haven't heard Modern Tribe yet, released 2 weeks ago on 4AD, but I highly recommend checking them out live. This Simian Mobile Disco remix of the band's "Hands Off My Gold" might not be exactly what Celebration's about but it's a damn good intro to a band we are to sure hear alot about over the coming years. For fans of the YYY's and TVOTR.

Celebration- Hands Off My Gold (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

nu musik: Little Brother

"I had to sit and assess / why all my favorite groups is a mess / then I'm like 'they probably split for the best' / they had to make room for the rest / now we on the brink of success / ni****s gettin' praised in the press"

Most up-and-coming artists' strive to work with well known producers and sign major label deals. Apparently Durham, NC based Little Brother believes otherwise, and their risk-taking has paid off big time.

In 2003 Little Brother released The Listening to critical praise. Jay-Z recruited 9th Wonder to be the group's DJ/producer. In 2004 Little Brother signed a major label deal with Atlantic records.

Here's where things might seem to move backwards:

In 2006 Little Brother and 9th Wonder split amicably (a move P4K writer Peter Macia suggested months earlier). In 2007 Little Brother announced that they would be leaving Atlantic records due to differences in philosohpy.

So after all the hoopla, the record deals, the publicity, Little Brother is essentially back where they started, and they're stronger for it.


Little Brother's new album, Get Back, is a tight combination of soulful beats and poignant lyrics. Phonte and Big Pooh achieve a perfect balance between fun hip-hop and social politics (something they were over-concerned with on their 2005 album The Minstral Show). The duo frequently inserts interludes at the end of tracks that carefully avoid becoming skits and are in fact very humorous: "Prada jeans...$300. Gucci slippers...$500. Spending all your money to make these white folks rich...priceless."

Frequent collaborator Carlitta Durrand appears on two tracks: the album's catchy opener "Sirens" and "After the Party." The album's single, "Good Clothes," a commentary on urban fashion, has been available for a few months and is streaming on Little Brother's myspace page. "Two Step Blues" uses the same sample as Snoop Dogg's dexterious "Think About It" from last year's fantastic Blue Carpet Treatment.

"Breakin My Heart" feat Lil' Wayne, from Get Back available tuesday:

"Life of the Party" with Carlitta Durand, single from 2005:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Death to Ringtone Rap

"Undercover/Fuck ya Mother"

Last night Mort and I decided that we hate Soulja Boy. Yep, "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" has gotta be one of the worst rap songs ever. And while you may like to get down to the over-and-done with minimalist beat (perhaps you even know the dance), truth be told the guy just can't rhyme. Maybe it's because he's 17. The above is what a real rapper looks like at 17. Death to ringtone rap.

"Get Up/Get Out"

CMJ starts today and we'll be at the Brooklyn Vegan showcase at the Bowery Ballroom tonight. Really looking forward to seeing The Rosebuds, Miracle Fortress and Bon Iver. For those without tickets, don't worry, late night with Annie Mac and DFA king bee James Murphy at the Hiro Ballroom for FREE!

Monday, October 15, 2007


"Everynight My Dreams the Same"

Best summed up by the uber-excited Canadian in the front row: "Yeah!Oh My God! Holy Fuck!! YEAHHH!!! OH YEAH!! WOO HOO." He follows that up at the end of the tune with "Yeah! Holy Shit!" As articulate as this young reveler was last night, we totally agree with him. Big time goosebumps.

Oh yeah, it's Arcade Fire playing with the Boss. ENJOY!

Friday, October 12, 2007

done did it again: Hot Chip/Spank Rock

"Leave Me This Way"

It wasn't even 24 hours ago that Mr. Mortenson enlightened us by upping Hot Chip's remix of Matthew Dear's "Don and Sherri." Luckily, the boys from Manchester don't sleep and when they aren't sleeping they're up late hunched over computers and analog synths crafting full throttle remixes by some of our favorites. This time it's Ladytron's "Destroy Everything You Touch." This was a big ass car rattling anthem for me a couple years back and while this slightly string-fueled subdued, almost eery, remix is the antithesis of the electro punk original, its a what of what a remix should be; a reinterpretation of the original, seen through the fresh eyes of some flourescent Brits. This ones more of a sex jam than a dancefloor ass rattler (not that there is anything wrong with that).

While Spank Rock's Naheem is busy making hoodrat hoodrat hoochie mama's get busy in the club, fellow Spank Rock'r XXXChange decided to throw the mp3 swallowing public a bone by sending the bass loving Swedes at Discobelle his phenomenal remix Thom Yorke's "the Eraser." A nice time of the year for Radiohead fans. This ones right up their with SR's "Earth Intruders" remix. Hot shit.

Ladytron- Destroy Everything You Touch (Hot Chip Remix)
Thom Yorke- The Eraser (XXXchange Remix)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


"Do the Dance"

Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Rick James (back from the dead) help Justice do the D.A.N.C.E on Jimmy Kimmel. Must see.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

live: Matthew Dear

"Your life will only be just what you want it for"

Matthew Dear's Bobk-approved Asa Breed is one of our favorite electronic releases of the past year. His wizardry at crafting computer-based music is apparent, which is why we were skeptical when he announced that his tour in support of the album would feature a live band.

Dubbed "Matthew Dear's Big Hands," the group showcases Matthew on vocals/computer, John Gaviglio on bass/vocals, and Mark Maynard on drums. They recently stopped by Public Radio International's "Fair Game" where they played three tracks (see below) and laid our fears to rest. Check HERE for more info and tourdates (including a Ghostly/DFA joint Halloween party at Studio B in Brooklyn!)

Matthew Dear's Big Hands- Deserter
Matthew Dear's Big Hands- Death to Feelers
Matthew Dear's Big Hands- Fleece on Brain
(All tracks recorded October 3, 2007, live on "Fair Game")

As an added bonus, listen to a streaming version of Hot Chip's "jaw-dropping" remix of the Asa Breed track "Don and Sherri." Look for the full single in stores October 16, courtesy of Ghostly.

Friday, October 5, 2007

CMJ: The Schedule: Day One

Hot Damn!

October 16th is just around the corner and after weeks of random shows popping up here and there, and conflicting times and dates taking up every sticky on my desktop, CMJ has finally released the official schedule. Over the next couple of days we will go into details about each day, highlighting acts that we can't wait to see and others we think you might dig. Peep some of our favorites that are playing the 16th below.

Complete CMJ Schedule for 10/16

Bowery Ballroom
Brooklyn Vegan Showcase
6:00pm Bon Iver
8:00pm Miracle Fortress
9:00pm The Most Serene Republic
10:00pm Dean & Britta
11:00pm The Rosebuds

We've got tix to this one and couldn't be happier spending our first night of CMJ with the dreamy haze-scapes of Miracle Fortress and the groovy dance rock of the Rosebuds. Late night we plan on catching James Murphy's DJ set at Hiro (not CMJ). Very, very excited.

Day Stage- Puck Building
12:00pm 1090 Club
1:00pm Takka Takka
2:00pm The Section Quartet
3:00pm Saturday Looks Good to Me
3:00pm Jennifer O'Connor

Jennife O'Connor's Over the Mountain, Across the Valley and Back to the Stars was one of my favorite records of '06. Her potent folkie blues could be categorized as something between Cat Power and Liz Phair. Yeah, she's bad ass. No wonder Matador signed her. She also plays that night at The Living Room. I've also heard alot of good things about Takka Takka and Saturday Looks Good To Me. Could be a lovely afternoon.

7:00pm The Unsacred Hearts
7:45pm LOOKER
8:30pm The Two Man Gentlemen Band
9:00pm Benji Cossa
9:45pm Rocketship Park
10:30pm The Octagon
11:15pm Sam Champion

Gotta love Sam Champion, and not just because they're named after everyone's favorite NYC meteorologist. They've got that jangly, early REM/Pavement groove down pat and they rock. Not to they have a Bobka favorite in their ranks, drummer Ryan Thornton of RANA. We like RANA, alot.

Sam Champion- Like A Secret
Jennifer O'Connor- Exeter, Rhode Island
The Rosebuds- Blue Bird

Thursday, October 4, 2007

legundary: Haymaker Festival

"Always Knew My Home Was In Paradise"

Back in 1999, a venue promoter derided the Disco Biscuits and their fanbase as nothing more than a "traveling ecstasy circus." Rising to prominence during the twilight of Phish, the Disco Biscuits play what they describe as trance-fusion: a progressive blend of rock, jam, and trance music; the perfect soundtrack to jumping up and down with the rest of your spun kidzz while schwillin' Sammy Smiths and trying to keep your LRG fitted tilted at a crisp 45 degree angle.

However you describe their sound (or their fans), the Biscuits are best known for their energetic live performances. And arguably the best live performance of their career took place five years ago at a small music festival that was held on a family farm in the backwoods of Spotsylvania, Virginia. The inaugural edition of the Haymaker Festival featured two nights of Biscuits performing on a secluded "nature stage" from 2am-6am.

The Disco Biscuits' music was the perfect soundtrack to the latenight festivities at Haymaker. Not only does the music have the "untz" necessary for any good dance party, but it also expertly uses the "tension and release" technique that Phish perfected to whip the crowd into a frenzy. The Biscuits' music is heavily layered; each band member will play a repetitive line or progression that intertwines with one another to create something much greater than the sum of the parts. Listen to some excerpts from the weekend below, and download both shows in all of their serotonin-soaked goodness here.

The Disco Biscuits- Ladies Jam > Voices Insane
The Disco Biscuits- Hot Air Balloon Jam
The Disco Biscuits- Helicopters Jam > The Very Moon

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

CMJ preview: Miracle Fortress

"And Maybe When Its Colder You Can Come To Stay"

As CMJ gets closer (and more chaotic) I'm getting excited to know that I've secured a spot to see Montreal's Miracle Fortress at least once. The psychedelic rainbow harmonies of Five Roses have been on my mind since KEXP enlightened me last spring. Miracle Fortress should bring to mind fellow hazy Montreal rockers The Besnard Lakes and the equally Canadian, Caribou(formerly Manitoba). The harmonies on "Maybe Lately" are so fucking Beach Boys and while yes we say that alot, and yes its 2k7's indie rock key word (Wilson-esque), there's no need to deny its looping, whirling seaside goodness. Come check them out with us 10/16 at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC with the Rosebuds, The Most Serene Republic and a slew of others.

Miracle Fortress- Maybe Lately
Miracle Fortress-This Thing About You

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Not for Parents: Spank Rock


If you aren't one of the professional geeks who spends hours a day scouring the internet looking for new ass-shaking bangers, then no doubt you've been missing out on the f'ing ridiculous (I can't stress ridiculous enough) Spank Rock tribute to original bad-ass sex machine rappers 2 Live Crew. Yeah, you know the early 90's rap group that made such nursery school classics like "Pussy Popper" and "Me So Horny." Well now, the new milleniums nasty ass crunk king Spank Rock and his partner in perversion, Benny Blanco, sample some 2LC and released these four tracks FREE through the internet. They'd been giving them away each thursday, just in time to offend any cute church going girl you may meet at a friday night house party, but hey, what else can you expect from a guy whose known to spit verses on tracks about Lohan's "baby rat." Not safe for work, not safe for anywhere.
All four tracks below.

Spank Rock & Benny Blanco- Shake That
Spank Rock & Benny Blanco- B.O.O.T.A.Y
Spank Rock & Benny Blanco- Loose
Spank Rock & Benny Blanco- Bitch!

classik: The Layla Sessions

"Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?"

Eric Clapton had a lot on his mind when he entered a Miami recording studio in late August 1970 with Derek & The Dominos. Not only was he struggling with the fame and inherent excesses brought on by his time with Cream and Blind Faith, he was also nursing a broken heart - a reliable recipe for the blues. Were it not for the bizarre love triangle consuming Clapton, his best friend George Harrison, and George's wife (the psychedelic vixen Pattie Boyd), it is likely that the definitive track of Clapton's career never would have been recorded, nor would he have played with the amount of passion and soul that is overwhelmingly obvious when listening to the tapes.

Prior to any official recording, the Dominos played marathon jam sessions to get warmed up, often times inviting their new friend Duane Allman to sit in as well. Producer Tom Dowd (who initially introduced Eric and Duane) recalls these early jam sessions lasting anywhere from 15-18 hrs at a time, using a multitude of studio engineers. Luckily, the engineers had the foresight to press "Record" during these legendary jams, which would eventually surface as its own disc included with the 20th Anniversary edition of the album.

Check out Jam I below. Although Skydog is not featured on this particular go-round, Clapton is able to pick up the slack, transforming a simple two chord progression into a fiery, cathartic beast, filled with the pain of his addictions and his longing for his (temporarily) unrequited love. And for the record, I think Clapton is a scumbag for stealing his best-friend's wife, although he is a scumbag who knows how to play a mean guitar, which somehow makes it less deplorable.

{ED. Sidenote: Pati Boyd is set to release an autobiography titled "Wonderful Tonight,", which Clapton also wrote about her}

Derek & The Dominos- Jam I

Derek & The Dominos- It's Too Late (Live on the Johnny Cash Show)

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Bobkast: V.4- I DIG YOUR MIND

"I'm Dead and I'm Perfectly Content"

Inspired by my longing for autumn in New York this mix is concentrated in nostalgic, timeless rock and roll deeply indebted to '60's pop and rock. While much is culled from 2007 releases (Band of Horses, Buffalo Killers, Stars) I tried to blur chronological lines with this podcast by incorporating classick old skoolers like Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and ferocious '60s garage rockers The Nervous Breakdown (Thanks to Aquarium Drunkard for introducing me to "I DIG YOUR MIND"). At the same time, where would we be without progress. That's why we've got modern retro outfits like The Raveonettes, Buffalo Killers and Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings ripping it up.

The concept for this podcast came after relentlessly listening to The Black Lips. Unfortunatly for better or worse, I decided to leave the Lips off this podcast. But please, please check them out. If you haven't heard them yet they sound like the early Beach Boys raping Iggy Pop with Jan & Dean's guitars, followed by Iggy slicing each one of their peppy So-Cal necks with a broken bottle of Beam, turning the bottle on himself and cutting his chest, consequently using the blood ,and the bottle, to produce a super reverberated slide guitar tone. Yeah, they sounds like that.

PS- Yes the B.O.H song is named after everyones favorite European three-point shooter.

The Bobkast #4: I DIG YOUR MIND
1. Spoon- The Way We Get By
2. The Nervous Breakdown- I DIG YOUR MIND
3. The Rosebuds- Waiting for the Carnival
4. Buffalo Killers- Don't You Ever Think I Cry
5. Band of Horses- Detlef Schrimpf
6. The Kinks- Get Back in Line
7. The Zombies- I Want Her She Wants Me
8. The Kinks- Along Way From Home
9. Tom Waits- (Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night
10. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong- Gee, Baby Ain't I Good To You
11. Sharon Jones & the Dap-kings- 100 Days, 100 Nights
12. Candy Payne- By Tommorrow
13. The Raveonettes- Ode to L.A.
14. Charlotte Gainsbourg- The Songs We Sing
15. Stars- Celebrated Gun

Download the fourth BOBKAST here