Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mp3: Dylan Ettinger "Rico's Pawn Shop"

Penguin Point

Space age drifter Dylan Ettinger is back again, this time with a re-mastered, re-released edition of New Age Outlaws, which was originally released on cassette earlier this year on Not Not Fun. Ettinger, whose "Smokin'" still gets rocked on Sunday Brunch fairly often, takes to the boards again, expanding on the slinking slime sound that he's been perpetuating for a bit now. This one's a bit of a monster, removing blissy enchantment of proto-New Age, and manipulating it with bounce slaps and Casiotone radiation. This is not a new age album, or even a record to "space out" to, rather a wonk'd exploration of the sleazy underbelly that surrounds. Sorta reminds me of that place where Splinter from TMNT dwells. But nastier.

Dylan Ettinger- Rico's Pawn Shop

Snag Dylan Ettinger's New Age Outlaws on Not Not Fun.

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