Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mp3: Family Portrait "Glide Pt.2 (demo)"


Rose Quartz highlighted Family Portrait's "Glide Pt.1 (demo)" the other day, and here's it's companion, the appropriately titled "Glide Pt.2 (demo)". Like its predecessor, this one relies heavily on acoustic jangle, Evan Brody's inimitable wah-fected riffs, and a steady beat that keeps the whole machine chugging along. At times it recalls The Feelies, with hints of tambourine pop and Orbisonian harmonies for flavor, which, at this point, you should expect from Family Portrait. Of course, this familiarity quickly swirls into curiosity when the Frippertronic tones squiggle in, and you begin to wonder what the future holds for Family Portrait. I think we'll find out soon when Underwater Peoples releases Family Portrait's full-length sometime in the not-so distant future.

MP3: Family Portrait: "Glide Pt. 2 (demo)"

Come see Family Portrait (OG lineup) this afternoon at Pianos. Free show. Chillers only. You know the drill.


Anonymous said...

MP3 Link seems to be broken

Mort said...

sweet 404 error. but perhaps this broken link is meant to be an artistic statement on the nature of 21st century digital living in which case P4k just gave it a BNM