Thursday, November 11, 2010

show: Velvet Davenport, Big Troubles + More! 11/13

Warmy Girls
Flyer by Parker Sprout

Parker Sprout's psych-pop troupe Velvet Davenport are back in town for the first time since May. Seems like a while ago, especially since VD dropped both the White Blue tape and Warmy Girls LP since their last visit to the Big Apple. Needless to say, super excited for this show, especially since the Minneapolis act will be a full band. With that in mind, it might be the band's last show in the US for a while, as Parker Sprout is headed to Berlin for a few months, which, if David Bowie's exile (or anyone, for that matter) in Berlin says anything, could spur a darker, more minimalist sound from VD, an aspect of the band's ultra-hallucinated pop I've been waiting for them to explore. Be sure to get their early to peep the damaged roots folk of Flower Orgy, Appalachian ragas and finger-picking ala Sacred Harp, Silent Diane's sweeping synthetic pop, and Big Troubles... well you already know what Big Troubles sound like. Myself and DJ Toly Sopralo will be spinning tunes between sets. Shea Stadium, Saturday Night. Do it.

Giving away a Guest List spot for the Show. Leave your most psychedelic moment in the comments to win.

Velvet Davenport- Never Ending Days



I <3 YOU?

Will said...

there was the time I did 10,000,000 micrograms of LSD at IT.

You were there....

JeffGoldblumLife said...

most psychedelic moment = first time i took acid a few years ago walking around umass amherst campus. happened upon the campus pond with my buddy and walked across the bridge. there were a bunch of ducks kind of far away on the pond and it was overcast ALL day. all of a sudden, the bell tolled on the chapel clocktower AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as ALL of the ducks started swimming towards us AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as the sun broke through the clouds. duck movement + bells + light = truly psychedelic