Monday, September 27, 2010

new: Lil P-Nut "You MIght Be The One"

For Me

Pre-adolescent romance has been the subject of tiger beat jams since back when the Partridge Family reigned supreme, but literally every kid rap track ever ain't got nothing on the upper-level flow of Memphis's Lil P-Nut. The seven year old (yeah, he's fucking seven!) can be heard near nightly freestyling with O.G's on Memphis's 107.9. He's already seen love in Yo Gotti videos, as well as props from other Memphis street luminaries, but something tells me, unlike other pre-pubescent rappers like Lil Romeo and Bow Wow, P-Nut's got a stunna style that is more notable for his uncharacteristically easy flow than his grade school status. Looking forward to the day when he hooks up with one of his lil homey's whose been fucking with Reason and Ableton since birth. Truly next level hip-hop could come from this elementary incubator, let's just hope the major's don't fuck shit up. (He's already been on ELLEN, so major label fuckery is probably right around the corner.) Also, major props for bringing back the jheri curl.

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