Wednesday, November 3, 2010

video: Danny Brown "Cyclops"

Welcome 2 Detroit

While we in NYC anxiously await the East Coast debut of Odd Future, Detroit's own freak-a-zord hybrid Danny Brown is holding down an even grimier, absolutely zoinked style of absurd futuristic hip-hop that's as hood as his hometown, while also kicking on some Parliament-esque outer space insanity. Brown's "Hybrid" plays like a coming out party for a dude who should be on everybody's lips, and his latest, "Cyclops", only reinforces that sentiment, securing Brown's place as one of the leaders of the burgeoning "WTF" rap community. (Yeah, that's what I'm calling it, WTF Rap.) Brown's not a guy I wanna catch in a dark alley, but he's definitely a dude I wanna spend an afternoon with guzzling DXM and spitting with Mad Libs and MPC beats. Even then, I'd have a finger on the 911 emergency number. Peep the "Cyclops" video to find out why.

1 comment:

mattdodge said...

"lil' niggas always crying like Caillou"

ha! more like PBS rap.