Thursday, July 30, 2009

mp3: Dolphins Into the Future "Side A"

Bubbling like a frothy ocean before a storm, or a shitty bottle of champagne after a long night with Molly, Dolphins Into The Future, aka Belgian scapist Lieven Martens, crafts music not unlike Matt Mondanile when he's performing under the Ducktails moniker. But Martens takes it one step further. On Dolphins Into The Future's ...On Sea Faring Isolation, Martens not only incorporates the found sounds of dolphins and rolling tides, but the inebriating pulse of new-ageists both past and present. Steve Hillage's Rainbow Dome Musick is an apt forebearer, and sort of acts as an Intro to Bubbly Ambient Music 101 for the likes of Martens and Mondanile. Inspired by the book Dolphins Into The Future ("story of a relationship that Joan Ocean has developed with a pod of 200 Hawaiian Spinner dolphins"), ...On Sea Faring Isolation, comprised at two side-length tracks (Side A coming in at 18:41, and Side B at 18:51), was released in a super limited batch of 375 by LA freak factory Not Not Fun and is one of the finest pieces of ambient music I've heard in a while. Some may pass this off as new-agey wanker shit, but, for me, it's the sound of a thousand undiscovered oceans, the ebb and flow of the universe and the moons affect on the tides and our hearts. A strong contender for album of the year.

Dolphins Into The Future- A (excerpt)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

album: Liam the Younger

"Tomorrow Will Be Good Too"
"One day I'll leave here never to come back."

It's something anyone whose ever read Dharma Bums or longed for a box car life has dreamt. The urge to run, escape in the dark dark night and ride the rails, the stars glistening on the steel below, shimmering on stand still creeks marked with dry brush. It's a feeling as uniquely American as huckleberry jam, and as haunting as the first time you hear the legend of Bloody Mary. Even in a world moving at a broadband pace, the idea of getting off the grid and never coming home, ever finding a home, or even trying to define "home," is not fleeting. It's ingrained in the spirit of the lonely wanderer searching for a quiet place to rest his head and an untouched piece of the world. Discover, observe, and leave behind. All of this, and so much more (a miner's cough, the warmth of bottled bourbon in your belly, smoke thick in lungs), can be found in the songs of Liam The Younger, whom you might recognize from his contributions to the Underwater Peoples compilation. Rather than sum up the sounds of summer, Liam's "Country Wide" and "This Land Pt.1" instead conjure images of Guthrie on the plain and migrant workers battling for a better life. It's desperate and lonely and makes me long to rid myself of city life, in exchange for a lean-to, a lamp and a can of beans.

Liam The Younger has two albums available for free download on Brave Men Run. Both are linked to below.

Liam The Younger's After The Grave

(“Passed through a graveyard. Fifteen songs about my mind and my surroundings.”)
Liam The Younger's Clear Skies Over Black River
(“Written alone. Recorded alone. ‘Slumber punk’”)

mp3: Universal Studios Florida "Frozen Bayou"

"Ocean Sunbirds"
While their MySpace says the group resides in Seattle, I'd like to think of Universal Studios Florida as being birthed in the swampy confines of the Everglades. The same exact place Susan Orlean and John Laroche killed Donald Kaufman, in the arms of his brother Charlie in Adaptation. It's all dank and gooey, sort of in a DJ Screw kinda way (although all that nasti-DXM sludge is present), but more appropriately, in a tribal way. It's almost as if Universal Studios Florida wasn't even an amusement park, rather ancient tribe consisting of descendants of Juan Ponce de Leon's crew, Seminoles and thousands of slaves shipped in from Africa, and subsequently, the West Indies. Primitive in its joy, and cosmic in its intention, "Frozen Bayou," which features Alaska, sounds more like a hyper-mystical, post-apocalyptic pray for good surf and a healthy harvest than anything that could be simply described as "really druggy."

Universal Studios Florida- Frozen Bayou (featuring Alaska)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mp3: Fluffy Lumber's "Cruisers"

"When I was Fourteen"
When I was fourteen I didn't watch the cruisers fly up and down the street. Instead, I mowed the lawn. It was my "job." That is, until my Dad decided that he didn't think our front lawn should have a mohawk. I was not a talented landscaper. Fluffy Lumber's, aka Samuel Franklin, on the other hand, certainly knows how to sculpt. While his talent may not be in the yard, it surely is in the bedroom, or basement, where I imagine many of the the Fluffy Lumber's songs were crafted, presumably over Ecto-Cooler, Fun Dip and stolen cigarettes. Another gem from the Ridgewood crew, who seem to be as prolific as Ryan Adams when he was doing a lot of junk and banging tons of second rate Hollywood starlets.

Fluffy Lumbers have a 4-song 7" which may or may not have come out already on Weird Hug. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled.

Fluffy Lumbers- Cruisers

Monday, July 27, 2009

mp3: The Fresh & Onlys "Peacock & Wing"

"Smile For A While"
If you've seen a young man schizo-dance-walking down Nassau Ave every morning for the last week or two, there is a good chance said young gentleman is been listening to the Fresh & Onlys "Peacock & Wing." Opening like a New Order track shot through 20 years of dirty needles and falling in love with every cute girl on the subway, "Peacock & Wing" is the snuff tobacco of the melodic garage revival. It's dirty and sweet, pungent and makes your face rattle like bobblehead addicted to benzedrine. "You should really be my fresh and only, you got a smile on your face that I can always see only."

The Fresh & Onlys- Peacock & Wing

"Peacock & Wing" Live at the Market Hotel shot by Bill.

Friday, July 24, 2009

mix: Friendship Bracelet Club Drop

"Baby Doo"
Friendship Bracelet has been killing it lately with lots of hazy, washed out bong jams perfect for summer camp. Not only has Jeff been crushing it on the blog, but his radio show, Auditory Audio, on WMUA, has featured hot jams from the likes of Julian Lynch, Universal Studios Florida and Sun Araw. Not exactly sure what his connection with the Underwater People's crew is but he's definitely getting a boat load of exclusives from peeps like Family Portrait, Sad City and the aforementioned Julian Lynch, whose "Waiting Music" is the acoustic cure all for hangovers, jetlag, broken hearts, broken ribs and terminal boredom. (Lynch is really developing his Mothersbaugh-esque craft and it's mega-exciting, at least to me.) This Friendship Bracelet Club Drop starts and ends with woozy head trips by Dem Hunger, and also features Bobka-favorite Norse Horse up in the middle of this ish. Trying to have fun this weekend? Between this and this, you should have enough motivation.

In addition to this mix, Friendship Bracelet also has a few stanking new Pill Wonder jawns for download here. One of the freshest blogs out there, get on it kids.

Friendship Bracelet Club Drop

1. Dem Hunger - Bathtub Birth
2. Julian Lynch - Waiting Music
3. Big Troubles - Drastic and Difficult
4. Shahs - Ben Brockway
5. Sad City - Pulsars [Bottom Layer]
6. Norse Horse - Needle Beach
7. Paralyze Humanity Sequence - Hammock
8. Family Portrait - Babyskins
9. Fluffy Lumbers - Live Ones
10. Phil and the Osophers - We Have All Summer
11. Wonder Wheel - Boston
12. Bad Autopsy - Formal Invite
13. LA - Melodie's In Her Room
14. Jeans Wilder - Something In The Way (Nirvana cover)
15. Kitchen's Floor - Kitchen's Floor
16. Dem Hunger - Holly Shit

Friendship Bracelet Club Drop

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bobkast #28: Daydreaming of Topless Sunbathers

"Smoke My Reefer In The Bathroom"
I've lived in a lot of places and all of them have had watering holes. In Connecticut, it was the sound. North Carolina, the creek. New Jersey, the lake. Upstate NY, the rope swing river. Louisiana, the gulf. Wyoming, the Snake River. Yet, despite being an island, NYC just doesn't have any swimming hole worthy waterways.

And so, instead, we head to the roof. Kiddie pools can be purchased at the Polish grocery store near the park. Coolers are hauled up ladders, extension cords thrown like grappling hooks from fire escapes in order to power up the boom box. Unfortunately, we don't have a hose, so we have to fill the kiddie pool with Dixie Cups. Hopefully it won't take more than three hours. Our beach chairs set up, lemonade in hand and feet soaking in the lukewarm kiddie pool water, we doze off into a sea of daydreams...

... The crisp sparkle of the Mediterranean glistening like fresh glaze on a sour cream doughnut. North Africans kicking the football in the sand. A few french girls playing kadima. Thousands of beautiful topless women soaking up the sun. Its just enough to make you forget that you are on a roof in North Greenpoint across the street from a stone importer-exporter and down the block from the glowing blue phosphoressence of the Newtown Creek Water Treatment Facility.

It's not much, but it's all we got.

Bobkast #28: Daydreaming of Topless Sunbathers
1. Marconi Notaro- Oh, Greedy Life
2. Atlas Sound- Walkabout (featuring Noah Lennox)
3. Javelin- Tell Me What It Will Be? (Take Two)
4. WAVVES- Mickey Mouse (demo)
5. Erawan Band- Khan Muangkhan
6. St. Augustin & his Rovers Dance Band- Onwu Ana Dike
7. Os Brazoes- Gotham City
8. Surfs- Ti Ser S Mi Baby
9. Cass McCombs- Dreams Come True Girl (featuring Karen Black)
10. Magic Kids- Hey Boy
11. Fool's Gold- Surprise Hotel
12. Derrick Laro & Trinity- Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
13. DJ Kaod- Love The Night Away (TieDye remix)
14. Major Lazer- Can't Stop Me Now (featuring Mr. Vegas & Jovi Rockwell)
15. Madlib- The Sky (Beyond Sight)
16. Alex Bleeker & the Freaks- Summer Song->Epilogue (Live)
17. Box Elders- Death of Me
18. Beach Fossils- Lazy Day
19. Real Estate- Green River->Suburban Beverage
20. Fresh & Onlys- Peacock & Wing
21. Ganglians- Cryin' Smoke

Download Bobkast #28: Daydreaming of Topless Sunbathers(PC: Right Click + Save As; Mac; option + click)

Presents...Holiday Shores|Beach Fossils|Sore Eros|FP

"Lazy Today, Lazy Tonight"
If I knew any better I'd think I dreamt this show up after sleeping in a sandy bed. [Ed note: I think I may have. My bed is quite sandy.] It's all beach pales, Capri Sun and Super Soakers, which, if you've been paying attention, is sort of the sound of the summer. That said, I'm proud to be presenting a superb lineup that'd be as perfect in Rockaway Beach as it will be at Cameo Gallery on N 6th.
Chocolate Bobka Presents...
Beach Fossils...warbled, sunburnt slacker pop that may have been birthed in the backseat of a convertible with the top down on the way to Fort Tilden.

Holiday Shores...vibrant Floridian pop straight from the pan handle. Set to release their blissful Columbus'd the Whim on two syllable records on August 4th (pre-order here)

Sore Eros...lysergic folk from the lush meadows of Connecticut ripe enough to score a psychedelic Tony Soprano dream sequence or your next robo-trip.

Family Portrait...Underwater People's 'house band', featuring UP's head dude Sawyer. "Mega Secrets" is the reason dudes say "that's the tits."
If you've been following the beach pop, dream folk, stoner indie stylings of late, then there is a good chance you're already familiar with these artists. However, if your not, get acquainted below. Before long you'll be loading up the bong and scrapping together change to get a Choco Taco from the Kool Man. Bascially, get your ass to Cameo on Saturday the 29th of August. Sharpie that shit in. Big thanks to MJM for poster and Cameo Gallery for hosting the event.

Beach Fossils- Daydream

Holiday Shores- Phones Don't Feud
Sore Eros- Whisper Me
Family Portrait- Mega Secrets

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mp3: Taken by Trees remixed by Air France


Since GvB and Marc Hogan have been going back and forth about the new Taken By Trees record, I've found myself increasingly longing for a mid-afternoon nap at the beach with Victoria Bergsman. That is, until I found out that her new album, recorded in Iran, was produced by one-half of Swedish baelric disco duo Studio! Luckily there are a few pristine seaside jams to be had, including The Tough Alliance's still banging two-year-later "Taken Too Young" and "The Sweetness of Air France," a remix by, you guessed it, Air France, which appeared as the b-side on Victoria's "Sweetness" 7-inch single. If, like me, you really can't wait to see what Victoria conjured up for Taken By Trees sophomore release, hopefully this will hold you over.

Also, anybody got a copy of this they'd like to share?

Taken By Trees- Sweetness
Taken By Trees- The Sweetness of Air France

mp3: Javelin "Tell Me What It Will Be?(Take Two)"


After weeks of sticky, stanky July weather in Brooklyn, it seems like Mother Nature has reverted to the bygone days of June; cold and wet. That said, no surprise that this morning's music selections included the new Cass McCombs, a few Girls ballads and some Marissa Nadler for extra weariness. Then I dragged and dropped a bunch of freshly downloaded tracks into my iTunes and Javelin's "Tell Me What Will It Be? (Take Two)" came on. I lost my shit.

All of the sudden, it's hot again! Some friends just came over with three five-pound bags of ice, a blender and a bottle of the most vial looking tequila I've ever laid eyes on. We start hauling beach chairs up to the roof. Extension cords are thrown like grappling hooks from balconies, securing power for beats as we get wasted and let the sun drown out hopeless existence. After all, it's fucking summer and this is a fucking jam, so why bother thinking about anything else? Big ups to Matt from Flux Blog for flipping my shit this afternoon.

Javelin- Tell Me What Will It Be? (Take Two)

Monday, July 20, 2009

mp3: Candy Claws "Snow Bear River Fire"

"Snowflake Eel Wish"
Brian from two syllable records recently turned me on to Candy Claws brand of kaleidoscopic, jack-in-the-box tunes and I gotta say, as weird as they are, their pretty damn inebriating. "Snow Bear River Fire," in particular, gets under your skin like a leach, but rather than sucking your blood, Candy Claws inject the listener with tie-dyed sugar water, making your bloodstream look and feeel as if it was copped from the set of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Candy Claws have released a bunch of handmade cassettes and CD-R's, and like any band with really good tunes and really good art, each release seems to be beyond sold out. Hopefully something new will pop soon.

Candy Claws- Snow Bear River Fire

Friday, July 17, 2009

live: Real Estate/Woods at Cameo Gallery

"What Can I Do?"
(photo: ryan muir, via real estate's myspace)

A couple of notes and observations on last evening's Mexican Summer/InSound showcase at Cameo Gallery, featuring Golden Triangle, Real Estate and Woods.
  1. Golden Triangle slay. I am dissappointed in myself for neglecting them due to the inclusion of 'Golden' in their name. I apologize.
  2. I've said this before, but Real Estate keep getting better. I think the NJ comrades may have played everything in their repertoire, including a new instrumental (new to me, at least). Real Estate ended with Grateful Dead-esque segue from "Green River" into "Suburban Beverage." I'm going to name this pairing the "Green Beverage."
  3. Matt Mondanile's playing is getting a bit out of hand. His licks are so languid its as if his axe cuts songs out of lazy days. Like he's a widdler shaping a stump into a Mickey Mouse mailbox.
  4. Woods are harnessing some otherwordly power and channeling it through god knows what, just as solar panels harness the strength of the sun. Spacial jams, Mississippi auto-mechanic freakouts, whispered relics. I have strange feeling Woods may be aliens.
  5. Said Aliens have also released a live bootleg LP dubbed Acoustic Family Creeps, a collection of acoustic tracks recorded in the woods in France. The one-sided affair includes "Rain On," "Twisted Tongue," "To Clean," and "The Hold." After one spin, I can highly rec'd getting your hands on one of these gems.
Both Real Estate and Woods have new releases out on Britain's Half Machine Records. Real Estate's UK version of the "Fake Blues" 7" includes the rocking suburban trip "Green River," while the b-side Woods "To Clean" 7" is an acoustic version of "Rain On" recorded live on the radio. Peep both b-sides below. Buy 'em here.

Woods- Rain on Radio
Real Estate-Green River

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mp3: The Meanest Boys "Slow Hand" "Nowhere To Go"

"Something's Have Changed"

I imagine The Meanest Boy's Will Marquis recording in a very old, very haunted cottage perched on a cove in northern California. When it rains, legend has it that Wilma Cotton, for whom the home was built for, roams the premises hoping to catch a glimpse of her wayfaring husband hiking over the ridge. It rains a lot.

In some respects, I hear glimpses of the overdiven, otherwordly melodies Liz Harris perfected as Grouper. At the same time, the handwoven vocal harmonies of the United Church of Brian Wilson (or, more appropriately, Van Dyke Parks). Like "I Don't," a Meanest Boys track on the last Bobkast, the ethereal folk of "Slow Hand" plays like an angelic float down your favorite creek. All forest sprayed sun and salamanders. "Nowhere to Go" is similar, although finds Marquis channeling like-minded experimental bedroom artist Luke Temple, whose Here We Go Magic is most certainly a touch stone, especially for those less than familiar with bedroom folk. While atmospherics play a heavy hand, its really all about the interplay of voice and guitar. That said, If I knew any better I'd think Marquis were cut from the same woolen clock as artists featured on Numero Group's (unsurprisingly) incredible Wayfaring Stranger: Guitar Soli compilation. Smooth, haunting and affecting like a strange breeze swaying curtains in the wind, The Meanest Boys are channeling something. It may be a confederate soldier. It may be a lonely postman. I'm really not sure.

The Meanest Boys- Slow Hand

The Meanest Boys- Nowhere to Go

mp3: Sore Eros "Whisper Me"

"Whisper Me The Moon"

Sore Eros Second Chants has been a favorite summer mellow spin since Tom peeped them a few months back. Admittedly, it was the Kurt Vile, Gary War and Ariel Pink connections that drew me in, however it'd be criminal to simply compare Sore Eros to their D-I-Y brethren. Rather than crafting sludgy, decomposed punk, overdriven blues psych or post-ABBA AM Gold, Sore Eros dwell in a cave often inhabited by folks who've chosen to leave the grid in search of the floating mysticism often found in the Mojave Sky. Sore Eros seem to have channeled such energy in the rolling meadows of Connecticut, a state with a well-chronicled penchant for the occult. While much of Second Chants finds Sore Eros whispering in and out of lulls, its gripping highlight, the lilting "Whisper Me," is the culmination of all the soul searching; easy, everlasting in both tone and manta, and effortless, "Whisper Me" may have been the lullaby accused witches at Farmington hummed at night to keep the evil puritans away.

Sore Eros- Whisper Me

Monday, July 13, 2009

mp3: White Antelope "Two Headed Boy"

"We Will Take Off Our Clothes"Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes covered Neutral Milk Hotel's sweeping "Two Headed Boy" at the Vera Project fundraiser in Seattle. Robin flubs a line, but no worries, as its a much more sweeping rendition than Colin Meloy's. Download entire show here.

Setlist & mp3 via Sound on the Sound
Katie Cruel (trad)
False Knight on the Road (trad)
Silver Dagger (trad)
He Doesn’t Know Why
Oliver James
Two Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Albatross (Fleetwood Mac)
Oh Sister (Bob Dylan)
Early In the Morning (B.B. King)
The Book of Love (the Magnetic Fields)
Icicle Tusk
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Blue Spotted Tail

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)

Robin Pecknold- Two Headed Boy (NMH cover)

Friday, July 10, 2009

video: Holiday Shores on FADER

"Searching For My Native Tongue"

Shot on a day when Holiday Shores played three gigs, a night after playing one, after a day of driving 24 hours North from Tallahassee, this FADER Open Bar feels sorta like your friends band playing a "kegs and eggs" set where all in attendance are equally foggy with last night's dreams and dilemmas and the only thing that can get one through the day is a cold pint. I've made it known that Holiday Shores Columbus'd The Whim seem to have been crafted in a sort of FUBU way; for day drinkers, by day drinkers. Fortunately, unlike most of us who tend to pass out around 7 after too much sun and too much gin, Holiday Shores just keep going. They must be immune to UV rays, or have a prescription to 5 Hour Energy. Whatever it is, it's enough to keep me going the rest of the summer.

Columbus'd The Whim comes out August 4th on two syllable records. Holiday Shores should be back in NYC at the end of August for a summer blow out.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Presents...Forest Fire at Union Hall

"With Gattling Gun Social Skills"
It is with extreme pleasure and honor that I would like to announce the first Chocolate Bobka Presents... show: Forest Fire's CD release party at Union Hall on Monday August 10th. The show, which will mark the re-release of Forest Fire's ramshackle wonder Survival, which LA BLOGOTHEQUE named "Best Album of 2008." (Not bad, eh?) It should also be noted that the records first "proper" release will come on the brand spanking new Infinite Best label, run by our good friend and former-Bobka contributor Hunter Giles. The show will mark Forest Fire's first time in New York since last winter, and will also feature Shilpa Ray, amongst a bevy of special guests.

More details in the near future, but for now, mark your calendars, as August 10th is going to be a really fun night.

PS- There will be cookies. (I am not joking.)

Forest Fire- Fortune Teller

"Fortune Teller" live at The Apartment

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

new: Ducktails/Julian Lynch 7"


As I sit at my kitchen table in my boxers eating a burnt egg sandwich, recovering from a brutal night of ingesting Maryland style crabs and Sailor Jerry, I could not be more relieved that Sawyer from Underwater Peoples sent over the new Julian Lynch/Ducktails split 7". No surprise here, just like bubble hash, it's all the gooey hydroponic joy you'd expect from the UP crew, who've put out some of the best releases of the year so far. The new 7", which features Ducktails "Parasailing" along with Julian Lynch's "Garden 2" and "Topi", goes on sale Monday, but you can pre-order over at UP. Go ahead and do that so that the rest of your Summer hangovers aren't as bad as the one I'm working off.

Ducktails- Parasailing

mp3: Abner Jay "I Wanna Job"

"I Can't Get No Job Cause They Say I'm No Good"
"I don't wanna fuss nor fight, all I want is a job, I'll work day and night...Lord knows all I want is a J-O-B, a dog gone, good cotton picking job!" Abner Jay howls on this unrelenting, unapologetic plea to employers.

Abner Jay, a Georgia-bred one-man band, sums up the frustrations, pain and discouraging nature of trying to find work on "I Wanna Job," which kicks off Yeti 7's phenomenal companion disc. (Highly, highly recommended. Buy it now. Seriously. Do it.) Jay's tune is the ultimate unemployment ballad, as affecting and appropriate now as it was during the Civil Rights era.

In line with the song, anybody got any work for me? Ha. But, seriously.

Abner Jay- I Wanna Job

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mp3: The Skygreen Leopard

"Disciples of California"
While the Skygreen Leopards are set to release a new album on JagJaguwar, I'm currently digging on their 2006 release Disciples of California thanks to those bitches over at Butter Face, who dubbed the ode to the Sunshine State one of "8 albums to help keep you cool this summer." If anything can be said about the Skygreen Leopards its that they have done their homework in the paisley department, so much so that it can be hard to find anything but nostalgic glee and worry in their sedated, sun burnt voices. "Disciples of California," in name alone, eerily sums up the Skygreen Leopards aesthetic, as if the band miraculously used their vintage VW convertible to transport themselves back to the Laurel Canyon scene. While that might sound a little biting (and rather cliche), as an East Coaster whose spent very little time in California, I tend to believe that the mythology and ethos of the free willing Southern California seventies lives on, albeit in patches and nooks, in the state's native spirit. The Skygreen Leopard's MySpace describes them as "California's family band" and in that apt description their sound is summed up.

If you find yourself in (or going to) San Francisco on July 11th, the Skygreen Leopard will play a record release party at Amnesia. Their new album, Gorgeous Johnny, hits shelves July 21st.

The Skygreen Leopards- Disciples of California
The Skygreen Leopards- Dixie Cups in the Dead Grass

Monday, July 6, 2009

mp3: Best Coast "Up All Night"

"Here I Am"
You don't have a job. You wake up at noon daily and watch re-runs of Chappelle's Show your girlfriend DVR'd before leaving her apartment. The next logical move is to get coffee. But you hate coffee...unless your stoned. So you head to the bathroom, pack a bowl, puff and exhale into the exhaust fan, in fear that your girlfriend's ninety-year old neighbor, and her beloved dog Foxy, may catch a whiff of your ganj. You ash the bowl in the toilet, think about brushing your teeth and leave....

...Then, just as the door closes, you realize you left your keys and your phone in her bedroom. Stoned and without 21st century communications tools, you wander until Best Coast's "Up All Night" creeps into your psyche and your girlfriend gets home from work.

Buy Best Coast's Where The Boys Are cassette here.

Best Coast- Up All Night (Mediafire link) (via No Conclussion)

video: new Girls "Ghostmouth"

"And Get To Heaven"

In my excitement that Bill captured Girls covering Vivian Girls "Wild Eyes" at Cake Shop the night after they played it at Monster Island, I failed to notice that he also shot video of Girls performing "Ghostmouth," a new personal fav in the Girls repertoire. "Ghostmouth" is a woozy, narcotic ballad similar to "Solitude," but slightly more hopeful, as Christopher Owens pines over a chance to pick up all the pieces and head toward salvation. I should also note that Girls 10" should be available for purchase today, although I've yet to see where. (True Panther? Matador? Bueller?)

BTW, if you don't follow SoundBites on YouTube, now may be the time to rectify that situation, as Bill has been consistently posting video of the some pretty fresh acts.

Girls "Ghostmouth" at Cake Shop

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

video: Girls live at Monster Island Basement

"I Really Wanna Be Your Friend Forever"

Looks like those dudes shooting with DV cams at the Beach Fossils, Real Estate, Girls, Kurt Vile show last Friday night were from The Fader. And, well, those dudes did a pretty good job of capturing the hot-as-fuck vibe at Monster Island. So great, in fact, that I jumped in my roommates Jeep after the show and drove down the shore only to enter a friend's bay-side bungalow in the middle of a Strat-Congo rendition of "Jesus Left Chicago," during which no one addressed my presence until twenty minutes after my arrival. Yeah, it was that kind of night.

video: Holiday Shores "Phones Don't Feud"

"I Will Haunt You, If You Haunt Me Too"

Debut video by Florida's finest purveyors of sandy-trip pop, Holiday Shores, whose debut full-length, Columbus’d The Whim will be available via our friends at two syllable on August 4th. After a successful week's run in New York earlier this Summer, rumor has it the band will be back in the City in late August. Keep your fingers crossed for sun showers, rainbows and a trip to Rock-Rock-Rockaway Beach.