Monday, December 6, 2010

mix: Bodytronix Night of the Arawans

Drone Commander

Austin's Bodytronix have been mixing it up for a minute without any one outside of their fair city really knowing what these dudes were up to. Well, if their live mix Night of the Arawans is any indication, the duo might be at the forefront of a wildly maligned 31st century exploration of deep house and its acid tinged offshoots. Straight hookers and X vibe, but somehow its not seedy, rather twisted in a Lynchian way, with droning synths weaving about navigational beats, as propelling as their are hypnotizing. Efx are in full effect -- phasers, flanger, vocoder, samples, distortion, delay, and whatever else these electronic wizards have in their arsenal. (And it is, by all means, an aresenal.) From the band: "Bodytronix performed at Night of the Arawans, a memorable event sponsored by on 10-15-10 in Austin. Here’s the uncut 48-minute set, recorded from the board onto Maxell XL-2 cassette."

Dig in.

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live footage from that night