Wednesday, January 26, 2011

new: Ducktails Killing the Vibe 12" w/ Panda Bear


Ducktails is taking to Kickstarter to make put "Killin the Vibe" with Panda Bear on wax. In addition the 12" features two new tracks from the duck, as well as another rendition of "Killin the Vibe" featuring Spectrals, whom Matt has befriended along his travels. They even recently served as his backing band in the UK.

Pledge to Ducktails Killin the Vibe 12" here.
Ducktails - Killin' The Vibe (Feat. Panda Bear) by weallwantsome1

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TCC016 | Airbird/Megafortress Split


Airbird/Megafortress C30 Split - TCC016
****art by Megazord****

Old skool buds team up to populate this C30 chromatic tape in various synthetic forms.

Airbird (aka Joel Ford of Games) brings big beats and piano house over transposed vox on jams like "Part of the Game" and "King for the Night", while "Somewhere in a Field" dwells in galactic gurgles and satellite field recordings. It's all encompassing, and I didn't even mention that he also tries on the Beach Boys "Surfer Girl." Airbird going H.A.M right now. #watchout

Listen to "Part of the Game"

Side B is a mythic region inhabited solely by Bill Gillim, the lone proprietor of the Megafortress. Over four movements, Gillim zones in on the internal chaos, harvesting tones from a DX-7 in the midst of the night. "Allelujah" is a hybrid journey into a prophetic digital gospel, while "Mega Fortress IV" showcases Gillim's way with an EWI and VE-20. Pretty much just waiting for Kanye to jack a Megafortress vox samp at this point. Oh yeah, and if you haven't seen his video for Freedom From Fear, watch it now. It's not on the tape, but it's striking, and an excellent example of where Megafortress is heading...I think?


TCC015 | Flower Orgy

Red Hook

Supremely damaged hippie folk from Redhook's Flower Orgy, a fried concoction blended to distressed warmth over a few months on the southern tip of BK. The 4-some retreated to the woods of VT this past autumn and tracked this off-handed tape– a travellogue from a lost (or…found?) weekend in the woods. First release by this shambolic singers who meandered out of Bennington, VT a 'lil while back, includes an outstretched cover of Exuma's "22nd Century."

Snag here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

radio: Sunday Brunch- 1/23/2011

Download yesterday's Sunday Brunch: The Limited Capacity Edition now. Half way through this episode you will be treated to a live performance by EOLA, aka Edwyn from TONSTARTSSBANDHT's project. Really beautiful, gospel choir harmonizations. Highly rec'd checking it out. Be sure to hit up Newtown Radio every Sunday between 2-4PM for premo jams.

Sunday Brunch: Limited Capacity Edition 1/23/2011
Tesla Effect -> tape improv
Curren$y- King Kong
Lil B- God Kissed Me
Autre Ne Veut- Loveline
Survive- The Cave (33rpm)
Bruce Haack- Cherubic Hymn
Software- Julia's Dream
Double Fantasy- Food for Fantasy
Peter Mergener-Michael Weisner- Sunbeam (interlude)
Portishead- Over (live)
Bas Noir- My Love is Magic (dub)
Purple & Green- Right Here
Carly Simon- Why? (12" extended chic edit"
Chic- I Feel Your Love Comin On
INXS- I Need You Tonight (mendelsohn mix)
Soft Machine- Moon in June
KLF- 3AM Eternal


Robert Wyatt- Born Again Cretins
EOLA- new song
Harmonizer- tape excerpt
Monopold Child Star Searchers- Waterfall Intro.
Curren$y's Jet Life Block
Lil B- I'm Miley Cyrus

Download Sunday Brunch: Limited Capacity Edition 1/23/2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new: Pure X Chain Reflection 12"


In advance of their highly awaited debut, Pure X (formerly Pure Ecstasy) are back with a self-released 12" of "free form jams and protoversions of songs from" their forthcoming full-length. Initially released as a West Coast tour tape (long sold out), the session finds the Austin trio honing in on the loose framework of their early Future Nostalgia tape, expanding on its immense minimalism, while focusing on movements and haunting tones, rather than structure and form. Consider it modal music for the hazy-minded and a major precursor to their debut.

Grip the "smoke" colored Chain Reflection 12" here.

Chain Reflection 1 by PURE X

Chain Reflection 2 by PURE X

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new: Boy Friend

Christa & Sarah
New crystalline tunes from Christa & Sarah formerly of Sleep Over. The new project is Boy Friend. Barely scratched the surface so far, but heavily going in on these 4 tunes, which seem to cosmically interline with the current white washed status of the City. A gem*star of an EP on 1st listen from what I can tell.

In other Austin news, Sleep Over have a bunch of new stuff in the works, including some gem stars on TCC. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 10, 2011

new: Sun Araw "Thrasher" (Neil Young cover)

The Woods

Director Matthew Lessner's The Woods (which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and will premier at Sundance this year) is the story of a group of young revelers seeking to disconnect from modern society and sojourn in a new sylvan homestead. At the heart of the film are bourgeois values and technology, how they interplay and what happens when young people try to subvert them. Fitting then that Los Angeleno and dark dub warrior Sun Araw contributes this cyborg-morphic cover of Neil Young's "Thrasher." (Originally, Sun Araw was supposed to score the entire film, though in the end the soundtrack features tunes by Dirty Projectors, Lucky Dragons and more.) Dense grooves from the west coast. Indulge below.

Sun Araw- Thrasher (Neil Young cover)

radio: Sunday Brunch 2k!! V.I

Extremely happy to post the first edition of Sunday Brunch 2k!!. This volume is heavy on cosmic theatrics, as you'll see below, and contains a short live set by Red Hook's finest damaged folkies Flower Orgy. Download away!

Download Sunday Brunch 2k!! V.I
The Sweethearts- Burning Through the Night (slop screw)
Klaus Schulze- Shadow of Ignorance (excerpt)
Robert Fripp- Water Music I -> Here Comes the Flood
R. Kelly- I Believe I Can Fly (instrumental)
Alice Coltrane- Journey in Satchidananda
JRR Tolkien- excerpt from The Hobbit
James Ferraro- Dollhouse Frotteur
Silver Apples- I Have Known Love
Outer Limits Recordings- Julie (-8)
Moyra Dewey- 50 Minutes
John Fahey- Field Recordings at the AVA
Dolphins into the Future ->Outer Space (blend)
Harol Budd- Bismillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim
--Flower Orgy Live Set--
Sacred Harp- Brother Green
Bruce Springsteen- Nebraska
John Fahey- Steamboat Gwinde Round and Round
Lau Nau- Painovoimaa, valoa
Brian Jones presents Joujouka Music (excerpt side 1)
Monopoly Child Star Searchers- Waterfall Introduction
Fugees- Fu-gee-la (sly & robbie remix)
Tina Turner- Whats Love Got to do With it
Little Kirk- Whats Love Got to do With it

Download Sunday Brunch 2k!! V.I

Thursday, January 6, 2011

mix: YouTube->FireFox->AudioHiJack

Nobody Here

End of the day mix I made while doing work the other morning. Enjoy while running on latte-fumes, or whatever you kids down these days to keep you awake at your internships.

Download YouTube->FireFox->AudioHiJack

J Dilla- La La La
Nike7UP- In Bloom Until I Die
Kanye West- Good Morning (chopped & screwed)
Chuck Persons- Nobody Here
Tears for Fears- Sowing the Seeds of Love
Lindsay Buckingham- Trouble
The Vels- Private World
Scotch- Mirage
Prefab Sprout- Appetite
Steely Dan- Midnight Cruiser

video: Edie Sedgwick "Robert Downey Jr."

Fuck Warhol

No, not that Edie Sedgwick - this Edie Sedgwick.

You see, this Edie Sedgwick "is the transgendered reincarnation of a vacuous Andy Warhol Superstar who died of a barbiturate overdose in 1971."

The dysmorphic brainchild of one Justin Moyer, this li’l Edie pens cheap electroclash odes to celebrities both list-A and D, both dead or alive: Britney, Paris; Rob Lowe, Christian Slater; John Candy, O.D.B. And when ze succeeds, hir 8-bit paens inevitably end up saying something profound about that cult of personality to which our society so desperately flings. But even when sie fails, hir panegyrics are just so goddamn catchy that it doesn't right matter.

Who knows? It could all be one hilarious inside joke, with Moyer's tongue planted as firmly in his whisker-rouged cheek as his cock's duct-taped to his ass. After all, Moyer lives in Washington, D.C. and most of his records are put out by the notoriously harDCore institutions there like Dischord and DeSoto.

At any rate, it's hard indeed to imagine Ian MacKaye or J. Robbins releasing anything not sopping with integrity and earnestness. And Moyer's been playing this type of zombie dress-up since his 2001 long player First Reflections.

Post by Logan K. Young

Monday, January 3, 2011

mix: Hot 97 1/1/11 12AM-3AM

You Know What It Is...Black & Yellow
All about happy accidents, and a major thanks to DJ rupture for this one. The globe traveling producer and audio-scholar just happened to tape the first three hours of 2k11 on NYC's most infamous hip-hop sanctuary, Hot 97. An absolutely fascinating, enlightening and banging look at where hip-hop stands as we start a new year. An essential field recording from the crux of the digital world.

Hot 97 1/1/11 12AM-3AM