Tuesday, November 9, 2010

new: Silent Diane "Spell" | NYC debut


Vintage drum machines and swelling synths may spell witch-house, or chillwave, depending on what set you roll in, however, in the case of Silent Diane those micro-genres couldn't be more inappropriate. Rather, the Austin duo of Christine Apprille and Eli Welbourne craft notably hi-fi (for their peers) dark-pop, with elements of Ketamin house and dark wave for good measure. The result is marveling mix of its components, as woozy and romantic, as it is spellbinding. The groups debut single on Answering Machine Recordings (also home to Austin compadre How I Quit Crack, who works in similar realms.) If "Juliet the Painting" and "Riverside" showed us what Silent Diane are capable of, "Spell" and "Aegion" hint at what the future may hold for the synth-duo.

Silent Diane are making their NYC debut this week and will be playing the Chocolate Bobka show at Shea Stadium Saturday 11/13 with Big Troubles, Velvet Davenport, Sacred Harp and Flower Orgy.

Aegion by Silent Diane

Spell by Silent Diane

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