Tuesday, December 7, 2010

video: Linda Hagood "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs"

Smack Dab

When Alice Cohen showed me the video for Linda Hagood's "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs", i was instantly struck by its effortless and effervescent joy– both of the song, it's clip and their union. It's uncanny. So genuine and playful and far out (wayyy out). Hagood's vox swirl not to, but with Alice Cohen's hypnotizing paper collage animations, making for one helluva two-minute trip through a warped childhood tale. Ya know how everyone always remarks how tripp'd out kids shows are, well, Linda Hagood and Alice Cohen would make the most beautifully imaginative and wondrous children's show. Though, it'd solely exist in a conjured state...?

The video for "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs" is the first off Hagood's Pink Love Red Love, which was released on Chris Johanson's Awesome Vistas label, whose released are available at Fusetron. Hagood was also on 90s band Smack Dab, who were on Homestead Records, which is also pretty badass.

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