Tuesday, July 5, 2011

show: Boy Friend, Speculator, Future Shuttle & More!


Great show tomorrow night at the Silent Barn featuring ATXs Boy Friend, the always oozey Speculator, astral sista's Future Shuttle and gonzo glammers Punks on Marks.

Do the whole RSVP on FB thang while listening to these excerpts from the Boy Friend/Speculator tour tape

Boy Friend/Speculator TOUR TAPE by Boy Friend

Sunday, June 12, 2011

show: Ryley Walker & Daniel Bachman, Pigeons & More


A bit last minute but do not forget to head out to Shea tonight for an amazing show, featuring the acoustic stylings of Ryley Walker & Daniel Bachman (Sacred Harp), as well Veedon Fleece, MC2, and the illustrious Pigeons. Kicks off around 8.

Friday, June 10, 2011

show: 6/13 Silent Land Time Machine La Big Vic & more

Monday Jams
Monday night Austin's Silent Land Time Machine will be rolling into Brooklyn with Nick Kuepfer and Khora to play a show at the Silent Barn with local faves La Big Vic. Weird Magic will be DJing. Should be a freak family affair. Come shake yr shit and zone out at the barn.

La Big Vic, "Musica" by The FADER

avestruz from nick kuepfer on Vimeo.

Monday, May 23, 2011

live: Six Organs of Admittance 9/19/2010


Beautiful live Six Organs of Admittance recording taken from Ben Chasney's performance at the Pauluschurch in Tilburg, the Netherlands on September 19th, 2010. Thanks to the Incubate Festival, from which this performance was a part of, for sharing this crystalline collection of audio.

Six Organs of Admittance - Live at Incubate 2010 - 19/09/2010 by incubate

video: Beyonce "Who Run the World" Live

This Mother

This is the best live performance I've ever seen live on television. If you know who did the video art, please let me know!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

live: Where's Your Child? feat. Sun Araw, DJMGG


Left coast time travelers are about to set foot in the Big Apple. Sun Araw is gearing up for a big trip East and he's bringing the whole gang–- The Sun Araw Band, DJMGG, Dream Magic and more. In addition to playing shows at 285 Kent( with D'eon, Matthewdavid and M Geddes Gengras) and Maxwells, the crew will also be throwing their infamous Where's Your Child? party night at Coco66, with Psychic Reality and Sex Worker playing live, and DJ sets by Sun Araw, DJMGG, Todd Pendu and more. The whole shebang kicks off the first week of June. Gear up with these mixes.

WHERE'S YR MIX #15 - RAGGAMENTAL MIX by DJ SUN ARAW by green machines

WHERE'S YR MIX #14 - ROUND & ROUND by green machines

East Coast Dates

6/2 - MUTEK FEST, Montreal

at Coco 66, Brooklyn

at 285 Kent St, Brooklyn

at Ottobar, Baltimore

at 108 Leonard Street between Broadway and Lafayette, NYC

at Maxwell's in Hoboken

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new: FRKWYS Vol. 6: Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori


I'd heard rumblings for a bit, but super excited to see the latest edition of RVNG INTL's FRKWYS series hit the information super highway. The latest is a collaboration between the angelic Julianna Barwick and future-sound pioneer Ikue Mori. The packaging for this edition sounds fully-formed, with a Limited Edition of the release "packaged in thick black jackets with a two-color adhesive wrap. 50 subscriber copies come in leatherette jackets. All LPs come with a 24-page black & white zine; the book features creative direction by Will Work For Good and photographs from the two events by Aubrey Mayer and Jody Rogac." Mind blowing to see this series continue. Even more excited for the next round(s).

Learn more and get a copy here.

Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori - Rejoinder by RVNG Intl.

new: Forest Swords Fjree Feathers EP

Benefit EP

Forest Swords just posted a collection of demos and unreleased material pressed on wax to raise money to benefit Tsunami relief in Japan. The 6-track Fjree Feathers EP on white vinyl is exclusively available through Rough Trade Shops, however, a digital version is available here. (You may remember No Pain in Pop released this as a CD-R a while back.) Remastered exclusively for this project, "Riverbed," a tune centered around floor tom and hand drum riddims and a loop that recalls some of the darker moments in Kurosawa's Dreams, sounds massive, like it was recorded in the basement of Royal Albert Hall, or some other very big, and equally as notable, building. All info here.

Monday, May 16, 2011

live: Troller & SURVIVE

Billy Drones

"It came from Austin" seems like an applicable phrase to describe the Alan Howarth-esque sensibilities of Adam Jones, a dominant force in the current Austin scene, who happens to play in a number of groups, including SURVIVE, Troller, Thousand Foot Whale Claw and probably a few more I'm unaware of. The whole "It came from..." element may feel reminiscent of B-movie trailers and posters from VHS rental spots, and that wouldn't be far off from the reality, except grounding the music of Troller & SURVIVE in nostalgia would be dually wrong and negligent of the primitive futurism beholden in the tunes. Melancholic darkness rides high, as does a preternatural sense of melody, often degraded into the mix, yet fully aware in headspace. I once played my Mom some SURVIVE in the car over holiday and she thought it was scary, but also liked the synth movements, which is weird, as I just expected the music to fly high over her head without any thought as to what she was actually hearing. But that wasn't the case, as the depth of the tunes is so apparent, it's hard to ignore. Such is the wonder in these two live sets recently posted to Swamp Donkey's SoundCloud. Massively cloudy, wholly erotic, and Mariana's deep. Also, stay tuned for a Thousand Foot Whale Claw tape on TCC very, very soon.

Troller by swamp donkey
SURVIVE by swamp donkey

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

new: Forma


@FormaSounds is an appropriate Twitter name for the synth-obsessed Brooklyn trio. While their sound is reminiscent of grüvier side of Kosmiche, their contemporary styling isn't as much a nod, as it is a reinterpretation of the effervescent modular sounds produced in Deutschland in the 70s. I recently had the pleasure of seeing Forma score a few experimental films at PS1, and one score in particular, their audio contribution to a Maya Deren's film At Land, left me in mental shambles. The film found Deren meandering on a vacant beach, waves rolling in reverse. Forma played from behind the audience but sounded like they were rising from an oceanic abyss. Their textures were so organic it was hard to think of them as modular creations, as they sounded so much like field recordings. Anyway, I just jammed their debut on Spectrum Spools and it is a subterranean portal into a lost future. Take the pill. Jump down the wormhole. Go in below. (Buy the LP here.)

FORMA: FORMA by alteredzones

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mp3: Hits Incorporated "Stranger"

I Know That Yr Man...

Saccharine pop of the highest fidelity seems to be the agenda of Hits Incorporated, a silky smooth ensemble birthed from the infamous Cats Purring collective's Dude Ranch in the heart of Mississippi. Soft pads gel with lite FM drum machines while Dent May harmonizes, so, if you were wondering, it's ill.

"Stranger/ Do you want to/ Take my Number/ And call me, call me, call me, call me"

Hits INC remind me of that band The Future Sound of London, in name only. Ya know, like, not to jump to conclusions, but this might be The Future Sound of America. Bold statement, but willing to take that bet.

Hits Incorporated - "Stranger" by Cats Purring

Also, be sure to jam the screwed version of Dent Sweat's "More than a Friend, Less Than A Lover." Penultimate slo-jam of the moment for moi.


Monday, May 2, 2011

mp3: Sleep Over "Bathsalts"


Stef from Sleep Over dropped this smokey screw in my inbox last week. Fittingly, it's a cassette screw created by running sound through two different speed controlled tape decks and, one could presume, a few other efx modules. It.is.100%.concussed.

BathSalts by Sleep ∞ Over

Friday, April 29, 2011

video: Physics "Modernist Portal"

Physics Lab

Some kid named Physics just dropped this in my inbox. Instantly I was transported back to days of filing medical documents in my Grandpa's office while highly stylized NJ Moms came in wreeking of sample perfumes from Macy's at the Garden State Plaza Mall across the street. Sultry nostalgia evolves into manipulated memories of thinking, "What if these women are PCP peddling aliens in disguise on a mission to disengage us from our brains and, subsequently, eat our ear lobes?" Fudge.

videos: La Big Vic, Outer Space, Dolphins into the Future

Sik .MOVs

A few of my favorite videos of the moment. The (above) La Big Vic session at Newtown Radio is really something special. Hi-fi to the max, this is them peaking on a song I've been hearing them jam locally for a long while now. Couldn't be more excited for the LP to drop (Ed note: there is a song called "Bobka Jam" on the Actually Shout out Russ & Daughters!). Also, sick video for "Mr. Broken Bird" by Mr. Luke Wyatt below. Watch out.

Outer Space recently ripped arpeggios throughout the Schoolhouse and Market Hotel. The latter encounter left me with mild brain damage for 26 hours. I woke up the next day with mind ooze all over my pillow, kinda flabbergasted as to how I got home. Shout out Dunkin Donut's Egg & Cheese on Croissants.

Dophins Into The Future from Records: Experimental Sydney on Vimeo.

Tequilla Rambo homie Lieven Martins brought his Dolphins into the Future enterprise to NYC for the first time in a few years. The result was a cosmo-coral submergence, not unlike the time I went diving in Thailand and this Dutch dude named Remi put a sea urchin in my hand and it stung me and I had to squeeze purple poison out of my hand for, like, 10 minutes while breathing underwater. This video from Sydney is sublte, and awesome.



UFOria666 dropped this mix of Mexican Soap Opera tunes by Ñaka Ñaka in my DM the other day. It's a twisted trip through paradoxal Telemundo zones, with everything from romantic encounters music to blood curdling "I'm gonna stab you bitch for taking my baby mama's baby's mama away from me" score sounds. This one runs the gamut -- both in era, and style.


1. Cadenas de Amargura - Incidental 1 (1991)
2. Valeria y Maximiliano- Entrada (1991)
3. Victoria- Entrada (1987)
4. En Carne Propia- Entrada (1991)
5. Teresa- Entrada (1989)
6. Cadenas de Amargura- Entrada (1991)
7. Al Filo de la Muerte- Entrada (1991)
8. Herencia Maldita- Entrada (1986)
9. La Madrastra- Incidental 1 (2005)
10. La Sonrisa del Diablo- Entrada (1992)
11. Yesenia- Entrada (1986)
12. Seducción- Entrada (1986)
13. Días sin Luna- Incidental 1 (1990)


Monday, April 11, 2011

mix: RxRy's RxB Mix


Chopped up, not slopped up is the name of the game in this RxRy did for Stadiums & Shrines. A heavily twisted collection that dives into the heart of the (seemingly) omni-present R&B atmospheres being tapped into across an array of styles and sounds. Some classics and a handful of now age thrillers to get you through a hazy Monday morning.

Download RxRy's RxB mix

Saturday, April 9, 2011

show: Harald Grosskopf, Outer Space, Steve Hauschildt

Memory Bomb
Pleasant surprise/cap off to an excellent Friday night, VIBES will be hosting a second Harald Grosskopf show tonight at "959 Broadway." Acts include Mr. Grosskopf, who will be playing solo tonight (except electro-percussive righteousness), along with Emeralds John Elliott breaking out his Outer Space unit for the evening, and Steve Hauschildt playing solo, alongside Driphouse. In between, and presumably after, DJs Mark McGuire, Jeremy Campbell, Jan Woo & Etienne. Analog synths abound. Join the fun.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

show: Harald Grosskopf, Emeralds, Alan Howarth & MORE!

Cosmic Joker

Along time ago Harald Grosskopf made a record called Synthesist. It was released on the legendary Sky Record label, purveyor of the finest in experimental, ambient and electronic music. But that was a long time ago.

Decades removed and the works of the hypnotic Grosskopf have seeped up from below, influencing countless sound chemists, mixologists and knob-tweakers, and in turn, helping usher in a new wave of post-Internet kosmiche, one as unwaveringly hallucinogenic as the first. In light of this bubbling, RVNG INTL re-issued Synthesist, alongside a collection of remixes and covers by Grosskopf's 21st century offspring. (The appropriately titled Re-Synthesist features the likes of OPN, James Ferraro, Stellar Om Source and many, many more.) This Friday Grosskopf will make a very rare appearance in NYC, where he will be performing the monumental Synthesist with help from a bevy of now-age cohorts, including Blondes, Laurel Halo, Julianna Barwick, ARP and Pink Skull.

This in-and-of itself makes this show mandatory, so the fact that Emeralds are also on the bill, playing both a solo set, AND a set with the legendary Alan Howarth makes it a pre-req for anyone who considers themselves into "experimental music." Consider this a graduate level course in arpeggiated bliss. Grip your tickets here, while you still can. Then peep a minimalist redux of Grosskopf's Trascendental Overdrive by Meadowlands below, as well as a phenomenal live set from Emeralds recorded during their show at the European incarnation of the Unsound Festival.

Meadowlands - Overdrive (Transcended) by RVNG Intl.

Emeralds - live at Unsound 2010, Krakow by factmag

Monday, April 4, 2011

video: Tonstartssbandht & Run DMT present INSTANT WIN


Soul brothers Tonstartssbandht & Run DMT went on tour last year. The vibe was strong– noted in a few really great videos from that tour (specifically Silent Barn and a show in TX). Before they set out on that tour, the guys concocted a VHS of infinitely warped visuals to aid in the ceremonies. For the first time that video is available in a digital format, for your viewing pleasure, right above. Enjoy the Blondie appropriation.
Tonstartssbandht & Run DMT


a Culture Dealer production
in conj. with Does Are Digitaler Springtimes

Andy Boay
High Rise 2

1. Hey I'd Like To Show You - Eola
2. blindi - Run DMT
3. maher shalal hash baz live in baltimore one day
4. Metal Dog Night - Run DMT
5. Somersette - Tonstartssbandht
6. Run DMT score
7. Maihama - Tonstartssbandht
8. Anty - Run DMT
9. Softline - High Rise 2

compiled July 2010 by mike, andy, edwin
original edtion of 15 VHS

Friday, April 1, 2011

comp: Should Have Been Dead On A Sunday Morning

Arms Wide Open

OESB is back after a break stint of vacay with a new comp paying tribute to one of the greatest, most mind-bendingly peculiar acts in recent memory– Creed. The new six song comp features masterful reworkings, covers, reduxes from the likes of Autre Ne Veut, Alice Cohen, Pretty Lightning, Sleep Creep, Hurricane Ike and Green Gerry. The deliverable is a slice of post-modern classicism, with each artist focusing a morsel of a Stapp's catalog, breaking it down into pieces, and re-assessing it as fresh material in their own vein. Take Alice Cohen's cover of "Higher." I'm pretty sure Alice is not a Creed fan, but she breaks down the #1 Mod-Rock Worship track into an unsettling tweaker ballad– hairspray huffing vox and all. (At first I thought Jimmy Ferraro was spitting pitch vox, but I stand corrected.)

ANV does his thing all over "What's this Life For?"– squealing and shifting directions like vocal shuttle runs over blown out bass-snare hits and distorto guitar-synths(?) akin to his wavering vox. All sorts of alter boy sins cumming to in the confession room on this one. Meantime, Green Gerry turns "With Arms Wide Open" into a cathedral reverb, neck clapper. A fresh new beginning for OESB, who reportedly maybe turning this into an infinite mixtape.

Download Should Have Been Dead On A Sunday Morning (an OESB Tribute to Creed)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

new: Sun Ark Cassette Editions


News from the Sun Ark is always good news, and this time it comes in a bundle of goodies. In addition to new 7" on Monofonus, which includes a cover of Teenage Fanclub's "December," which I can happily say I never saw coming. In addition, Stallones is also teaming up with friend Barrett Avner for Hold The Phone:
HOLD THE PHONE is mustard and ketchup on a deviled egg.
HOLD THE PHONE is your dad whistling at a 16-year-old girl.
HOLD THE PHONE is yin all dressed up in yang clothes.
HOLD THE PHONE is Woodstock yelling at Snoopy.
HOLD THE PHONE is Cameron Stallones and Barret Avner.
HOLD THE PHONE is two boy's talkin'.
Hold The Phone- Yellow & Blue (excerpt)

On the other hand, Sadistic Candle (Barrett Avner) is some demonic sourcing, kick-out-the-fuzz-and-beam-into-the-internal/eternal-zone jams. As Sun Ark notes, it is "a statement of purpose."

Sadistic Candles- Dead Ones Cry No More
Sadistic Candle- A1

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

new: Dana Jewell Wants 7-inch

Make My Heart Burn

Friends are fun. What's even more fun?! When friends put out other friends tunes. Friends!

All kidding aside, friends, this one has been a long time in the making and it's really great to finally have it on the turntable. Olympia, Washington's Dana Jewel is no stranger to Underwater Peoples. The head of Wild Animal Kingdom Records used to play in the live version of surf/jungle band Pill Wonder, and has also been featured on the always enjoyable UP seasonal comps...Hey guys, no pressure, but it's been a few too many seasons without a new one…Just sayin' :)(

Now comes Wants, a collection of heart-felt tunes from a man who might as well be considered the product of a one night stand Jonathan Richman had in the PacNW some twenty years ago. (Imagine if Richman sang about Seattle like he did New England….Oh, New England.) "Wants" the song is the perfect duality of yearning for love, and the subsequent rejection of it. Pain is pleasure, and vice versa? If that fits your fancy, be sure to grip Wants over at the UP web zone.

Friday, March 25, 2011

show: MIST, Driphouse, Forma + more

Twin Lanes
Just came across this, but it's hard to resist. Tomorrow night at the Schoolhouse in Bushwick, MIST (Sam Goldberg [Radio People] + John Elliott [Emeralds, Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods]), Darren Ho's always stunning Driphouse, and Forma, who are about to drop a record on John's Spectrum Spool imprint. Coincidentally, MIST are also about to unleash an LP on Spectrum Spool, which is operating under the inimitable Editions MEGO. Show will also feature DJ sets by Dan L (Chuck Person, OPN, Celtics fan) and Vibes.

"TWIN LANES" by MIST from upcoming 2xlp "House by spectrumspools

NNA011: Driphouse "50/50" [sample] by nnatapes

FORMA - FORMA237B by spectrumspools

Thursday, March 24, 2011

comp: Rose Quartz Christchurch EQ Relief


The fine young gentlemen at Rose Quartz have compiled a collection of tunes to benefit the city of Christchurch, which some of the RQ team call home. If you recall, the Kiwi City was devastated by a recent earthquake, which rattled the city's bones and left it a fragment of its former self. The Rose Quartz team reached out to some of their favorite artists (Thurston Moore, Sun Araw, Grouper, Dolphins into the Future, Monopoly Child Star Searchers, amongst others), many of whom have played in the city, at venues that are now not much more than rubble. The compilation is full of heavy hitters who loved the city. That said, everyone involved would greatly appreciate if listeners could support the relief effort by giving a few bucks to the Red Cross.

1. Spelunks - "ba-DUNK"
2. Shocking Pinks - "Black Envelope"
3. Thurston Moore - "Circulation (1st Demo)"
4. Coasting - "Discovery"
5. Canterbury Rams - "Simple Mind"
6. Dolphins Into The Future - "Armona"
7. Wet Wings - "Feeeel It"
8. Golden Axe - "Catmaster"
9. Secrets - "RMBR U"
10. Monopoly Child Star Searchers - "Winds Emotive Inner Key"
11. Mount Pleasant - "Florida"
12. Sun Araw - "Thrasher"
13. Grouper - "He Knows (Live at St. Lukes Cathedral, Christchurch)"
14. With Moths - "We All Sleep"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

mp3: Twerps "Self Assured"

Black Eyes

Over a year ago I posted a few stunningly melancholic pop tracks from Australia's Twerps. A year later and the group is in the US playing shows. Nice to see these things come together. Anyway, they've got a few 7-inches on the forefront– one on Underwater Peoples, one on OESB, and another on Group Tightener. All of this seems fitting, as last year I remember getting all "I'm obsessed with this. You too?!?!" with all those guys. Something to be said for camaraderie. Anyway, the Twerps are playing their first NYC area show tonight at Glasslands with Family Portrait (Wet Dream lineup), La Big Vic and Chapter Music head Guy Blackman. Peep "Self Assured", which originally appeared on The Report V.II comp and is now featured, in mastered glory, on the UP 7-inch. Word.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new: Troller


Adam from SURVIVE has been a busy man lately. I wasn't in Austin last week, but rumor has it that, in addition to hosting two shows, the dude played 12 shows(!) as part of SURVIVE, Thousand Foot Whaleclaw, and his latest act, Troller, which is a collaboration with fellow Austinite Amber Ormand. Reports from ATX have been intriguing, so was stoked to find Troller had uploaded four tunes to their Soundcloud. What's inside? Synthetic cave recordings accompanied by droning vocals that sound like they were recorded by Paulive Oliveros for the Deep Listening Band. Darkness reigns supreme here, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Peace Dream by Troller ATX

Tiger by Troller ATX

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

video: Rene Hell "{e.s. des Grauens in fifths}"


WARNING: Megazord notes, "this may cause seizures." You've been warned.

Zord's latest video work comes in the form of another phenomenal Rene Hell cut. The video seems to take Hell's rambling arpeggiations to heart, remixing (and rehashing) arps as video filters. That is not a technical statement, rather a symbiotic one, more in tune to how Oldham warps visuals around Hell's free-flowing synthesis. It's a non-stop barrage of rippling images that pour through digital streets like faucet that can't seem to stop flowing.

Monday, March 7, 2011

mix: Free Spirit's *I Wish*I Am Love*I Will Miss You* Mix

Good Bye

The .gif says it all. A compassionate mix of longing R&B samples, synthetic swells and submerged re-edits ripe for flooding your basement. Zone out, but prepare to snap back to when the filtered echo of Frank Ocean's "Strawberry Swing" starts to roll in.

Free Spirit's *I Wish*I Am Love*I Will Miss You* Mix

Friday, March 4, 2011

tour: Janka Nabay Goes to SXSW, Sabanoh tape

Bubu King!

If you search Bubu Music in Google, the first eight links are all about Janka Nabay. The ninth is the Wikipedia article on the traditional music of the Temne people from Sierra Leone, made with “old keyboards and by blowing on carburetor pipes and bamboo shoots,” and of which Janka Nabah is universally considered the King. Not only that, Janka was also the first to record Bubu music in Sierra Leone, and his music proved to unite war torn Sierra Leone over ebullient dance music, whose goal was to use the music to promote “peace, good governance and the empowerment of women.”

Janka has been in New York City, regularly playing all over the Manhattan and Brooklyn with a tour de force known as the Bubu Gang, which features members of Highlife, Skeletons, and a plethora of other Brooklyn based musicians helping to re-create Janka’s vision of Bubu with live instruments. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Janka play on more than a few occasions in Brooklyn and each time I leave with my feet sore, but my mind strong. (Bubu proves to be both cathartic and healthy workout.)

Yesterday I posted the A Side to a tape Janka recorded in Sierra Leonne on the Kickstarter blog. To follow up, here's the B-side to Sabanoh. Pledge to Janka's project on Kickstarter.

Download Janka Nabay- Sabanoh B-Side

Download the A-Side to Sabanoh here.

Monday, February 28, 2011

radio: Oscar Sunday Brunch

We'd Like to Thank Our Choreographer

Last night we all sat through a brutal edition of the Oscar's, however, Hollywoods rewarded us this morning with a host of priceless Charlie Sheen comments. With that in mind, here is a string of well-loved and sequenced music from and inspired by films. Basically everything you could ever want from Hollywood, sans the TMZ upskirt pics, or whatever they are doing. #charliesheen

Oscar Sunday Brunch Radio 2.0
36 Mafia- Acceptance Speech -> Hard Out Here For A Pimp
Puff Daddy- Come With Me (feat Jimmy Page)
Jay-Z Blue Magic (from American Gangsta)
Booker T & the MGs - Tanks Lament
Richard Prior- Dialogue (from Car Wash)
Marvin Gaye- Main Theme from Troubleman
Ennio Morricone- Titoli: Giu la testa
John Barry- The Lesbian Tango (from Night Games)
Harry Nilson- Everybodys Talking
Henry Mancini- Experiment in Terror
John Williams- Follow That Kid! (Instrumental)
John Williams- Making the Plane (Instrumental)
Ennio Moricone- Molina (live)
Richard Band- What Death Looks Like (the Troll soundtrack)
Hakuna Matata (Lion King)
Prince- Kiss (from Under the Cherry Moon)
Little Mermaid main Titles
Spinal Tap- Flower People (from Spinal Tap)
Sandlot barf scene w. James Brown- I Feel Good
Rehma- Combine Man
Billy Passed the Third Grade from Billy Madison
John Barry- Wisdom of the Ages (from the Golden Child)
Jerry Goldsmith- Arrival on Earth/Flying Ballet (from Supergirl)
The Keep Intro- Music By Tangerine Dream
Trent Reznor- Pieces from the Hole (from Social Network)
Clint Mansell- A Swan Song (for Nina) (from Black Swan)
Vangelis- Chariots of Fire
Mark Mothersbaugh- King Island Lightning strike rescue opp
Scene from Suspiria
Leperchaun 4 In Space Trailer
Madonna- Hanky Panky (live) (music inspired by the film Dick Tracy)
Madonna- This Used to Be My Playground (from A League of their Own)
Jeff Bridges- Fallin & Flyin' (from Crazyheart)
R Kelly- Gotham City (from Batman & Robin)
Seal- Kiss from a Rose (from Batman Forever)
8 Mile Last Scene
Eninem- Lose Yourself (from 8 Mile)
Limaho- Never Ending Story
Wyld Stallones- Go Gave Rock N Roll To You (from Bill & Ted's....)

Download Oscar Sunday Brunch Radio 2.0

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tonight: How I Quit Crack

In Realm

Been a long time coming but TX's How I Quit Crack, the nom de plume of Ernestina Forbis, is playing tonight at the Pendu thing at Secret Project Robot. Despite the fact that Brooklyn Vegan is throwing the Witch Haus signifier into play, there is no excuse for missing this show...even if you despise Witch Haus, one of the opening acts, Pendu, etc. Srsly, no excuses, as HIQC performances (and I use the word performance on purpose) are not a dime a dozen in the Northeast, and word about her shows travels long and far.

For over a year, Forbis has been crafting sublime inroads to a very dark places. Between screwing the shit out of Nirvana, turning Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game" into a 9-minute extended rumination of love/lose and issuing one of the best singles in recent memory ("In Realm" b/w "Gone Away" on Answering Machine Records), HIQC has quickly become one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the TX Triangle, despite only releasing a few songs on her Soundcloud page (follow here).


wanting you album vers- preview by how i quit crack

hiqc- wicked game by how i quit crack

new: Arches Wide Awake LP

Comin' Back Again

No stranger to these pages, Arches have been making some of the most thoroughly enjoyable subtle guitar pop for a bit now, and now the Philly-based group is readying their debut record, Wide Awake. They've been upping songs to their Bandcamp at a steady stream and are now, um, streaming(!) the entire record. While digi is all-well and good, the boys have taken to Kickstarter to fund the vinyl release of the record. Nearly half way there after just a few days. Some great incentives, too! Be sure to catch them this coming weekend at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, then chip in to fund their vinyl release. Download (or stream) two new tracks below

Monday, February 14, 2011

new: Introducing Brain Club

Next Wave

Extremely happy to introduce a new endeavour undertaken by Austin, Texas's Jesse Jenkins & Kyle Dixon. Brain Club is a limited edition 12" series that will highlight boatloads of "outtakes, side projects, collaborations, rarities, live shows, b-sides, etc.," from friends in Austin and beyond. The inaugural 12" is a duality, one which seems to define Brain Club – the first side a deep spelunker in a stalagmite city; side two a more visceral, melodic experience amped by drum machines. While the sides contrast, the forces are working in conjunction to form a unilateral experience. I could spend a good deal of time going through the liner notes, but I recommend taking the time to do that yourself, as you'll want to become heavily acquainted with these two sides.

Grip here. Listen below.

Tracklist for Brain Club 001
smokey emery / be calm & still
vc childkraft / magnetik rose
thousand foot whale claw / lost in those dunes
heathen earth / untitled

bodytronix / live @ night of the ARAWANS
jake schrock / reverie
phantastes / flight of stares

by brainclub

•• by brainclub

Thursday, February 10, 2011

TCC017 | Gem Trails Timeshares


Gem Trails is Trevor (Woodsman/Firetalk Records) nom de plume. A solo excursion into the nuanced underbelly of psychic reality. Timeshares is a visceral journey into the nether world where subtle fragments of life are rendered in slow-motion, only to be dissected, observed, and preserved for future citizens.

Gem Trails - Timeshares - C30

Side 1: 1993, Timeshares, Mega Fortress, Wahter, Old Kid
Side 2: See Colors, Dyno Comp

Stream Timeshares in its entirety


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

mix: DJMGG "Special Post-Jamaica"

ChaliceMastah creators Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras recently returned from a fruitful trip to Jah-make-ya with, a hum, a lot of fruit. While we're gonna have to wait a bit for the motherload, DJ MGG just posted this righteous mix of finds from the island. As he puts it:


Raise up

WHERE'S YR MIX #7 JAMAICA REPLAY by green machines

Monday, February 7, 2011

label: NNA Tapes Has A Lot Going On


NNA Tapes has been going HAM for a while, but their last two batches have been, to be blunt, undeniable. The Burlington,VT label is taking things to the next level with a string of releases that seems to embody the current exp-fuck-synth-diy-whatever-the-kids-want-to-call-it scene. From Dem Hunger alter-ego's to Driphouse to Ponytail's Ken Seeno to the solo debut from Zs psych-SHREDDDDDDDDDDDER Ben Greenberg, aka Hubble, it's hard to not be all like, "Shit, NNA is killing it." Why? Cuz, they are.

And so, here's a little run down of their last few releases. Warning: this is by no means comprehensive, nor representative of the vast NNA catalog, which is growing like black snow in NYC.

Head Boggle- "Unsounds and Domo Live" c35

Toby told me to make sure I listen to this on headphones. I'm going to reiterate that statement right now. Completely fucked, channel phazing. Void of anything that could possible resemble popular song structure, Unsounds is a gurgling beast souped up on prescription ludes. Wonk below.

Head Boggle-crunch saddle MXI by nnatapes

Driphouse "50/50" c24

The ever-prolific Daren Ho slows down again as Driphouse on 50/50– a subtle collection that seems to focus as much on the organic, as it does the synthetic. A deep and brooding collection of light night oscillators and dark cloud forms.

Driphouse-Heavy White by nnatapes

Wanda Group "Bass Urine" c20
Another piece of twisted logic from the Dem Hunger camp, which seemingly only sleeps while falling prey to coma visions in a corporate drug coma. Emphasis on corporate drugs, as the chemical imbalance in this piece is as slimy and uncontrollable as a ride on some Merck & Co., Inc. pills. Alien dub gunk.

Wanda Group-Wetsuit Women by nnatapes

Ken Seeno "Invisible Surfer On An Invisible Wave" c31

Ken Seeno-Driving into Light/Blustery Day by nnatapes

Hubble "Hubble Linger" c61

Mind control from Zs psychic shredder Ben Greenberg, whose Hubble project is a massive fret-burning collecting of meteor-cruisers. Do not miss Hubble live. Srsly. Do not miss him live.

NNA024: Hubble "Hubble Linger" [sample] by nnatapes

video: Laurel Halo "Diazeugma"


Laurel Halo's excursions into various digital formats has been exciting to watch unfold. While her debut EP on Hippos in Tanks is a highly focused work of "synth-pop," for lack of a better word, her meanderings in other mediums, and her live shows, showcase an artist unafraid to improv, no matter what the format. I recently caught her at Pianos and it was a pleasure to hear her go to the midi-house castle– ditching any predilection for "pop", and going straight for the back alley clubs of her native Michigan.

While "Diazeugma" isn't an ode to Carl Craig, it does find Laurel messing with digital editing tools and in doing so, creating a wash of rhythmic interplay suitable for fucking with first time DXM experimentalists.

The video for "Diazeugma" can be found on The Report V.II. In addition, the tune will appear on a forthcoming NNA tapes release. More on those cats in a bit.

Grip The Report V.II here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

radio: Sunday Brunch: Ambient Drift

Residing in the rear of an infinite cave, this two-hour episode of Sunday Brunch dives into the trenches, broadcasting from the depths of the Earth's core (or, the outer-reaches of the atmosphere.) Whichever one you prefer. Take a nap.

Download Sunday Brunch: Ambient Drift
Klaus Schultz- Mirage (excerpt)
Cetacean Nation- the Kealakua Bay
MM- FM Static
Gas- Pop 5
Ten Thousand Foot Whaleclaw- Slobos
Roberto Detree- Architectura Celestis
Harold Budd- Madrigals of Rose/Crystal
Roberto Detree-Die Frau
Dolphins Into the Future (excerpt)
Peter Mergener- Michael Wiesser- Rainbow
Stars of the Lid- Dont Bother Theyre Here
Stellar Om Source (random excerpt)
Keith Fullerton Whitman- Lisbon (excerpt)
Tangerine Dream- Rubycon Pt. 1 excerpt
Imaginary Softwoods (excerpt)
Outer Space (excerpt)
Emeralds- Access Granted
Free Spirit- Researching the Bermuda Triangle
Lil B- Letter to Family
MM- Muted Wave
OPN- Pelham Island Road
Software- Self Similarity Life
High Wolf- Boneless
Software- Pyschomellow Planet
Harmonia & Eno- Weird Dream
Double Fantasy- Endless Running
Free Spirit- Hov Lane

Download Sunday Brunch: Ambient Drift

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

new: Ducktails Killing the Vibe 12" w/ Panda Bear


Ducktails is taking to Kickstarter to make put "Killin the Vibe" with Panda Bear on wax. In addition the 12" features two new tracks from the duck, as well as another rendition of "Killin the Vibe" featuring Spectrals, whom Matt has befriended along his travels. They even recently served as his backing band in the UK.

Pledge to Ducktails Killin the Vibe 12" here.
Ducktails - Killin' The Vibe (Feat. Panda Bear) by weallwantsome1

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TCC016 | Airbird/Megafortress Split


Airbird/Megafortress C30 Split - TCC016
****art by Megazord****

Old skool buds team up to populate this C30 chromatic tape in various synthetic forms.

Airbird (aka Joel Ford of Games) brings big beats and piano house over transposed vox on jams like "Part of the Game" and "King for the Night", while "Somewhere in a Field" dwells in galactic gurgles and satellite field recordings. It's all encompassing, and I didn't even mention that he also tries on the Beach Boys "Surfer Girl." Airbird going H.A.M right now. #watchout

Listen to "Part of the Game"

Side B is a mythic region inhabited solely by Bill Gillim, the lone proprietor of the Megafortress. Over four movements, Gillim zones in on the internal chaos, harvesting tones from a DX-7 in the midst of the night. "Allelujah" is a hybrid journey into a prophetic digital gospel, while "Mega Fortress IV" showcases Gillim's way with an EWI and VE-20. Pretty much just waiting for Kanye to jack a Megafortress vox samp at this point. Oh yeah, and if you haven't seen his video for Freedom From Fear, watch it now. It's not on the tape, but it's striking, and an excellent example of where Megafortress is heading...I think?


TCC015 | Flower Orgy

Red Hook

Supremely damaged hippie folk from Redhook's Flower Orgy, a fried concoction blended to distressed warmth over a few months on the southern tip of BK. The 4-some retreated to the woods of VT this past autumn and tracked this off-handed tape– a travellogue from a lost (or…found?) weekend in the woods. First release by this shambolic singers who meandered out of Bennington, VT a 'lil while back, includes an outstretched cover of Exuma's "22nd Century."

Snag here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

radio: Sunday Brunch- 1/23/2011

Download yesterday's Sunday Brunch: The Limited Capacity Edition now. Half way through this episode you will be treated to a live performance by EOLA, aka Edwyn from TONSTARTSSBANDHT's project. Really beautiful, gospel choir harmonizations. Highly rec'd checking it out. Be sure to hit up Newtown Radio every Sunday between 2-4PM for premo jams.

Sunday Brunch: Limited Capacity Edition 1/23/2011
Tesla Effect -> tape improv
Curren$y- King Kong
Lil B- God Kissed Me
Autre Ne Veut- Loveline
Survive- The Cave (33rpm)
Bruce Haack- Cherubic Hymn
Software- Julia's Dream
Double Fantasy- Food for Fantasy
Peter Mergener-Michael Weisner- Sunbeam (interlude)
Portishead- Over (live)
Bas Noir- My Love is Magic (dub)
Purple & Green- Right Here
Carly Simon- Why? (12" extended chic edit"
Chic- I Feel Your Love Comin On
INXS- I Need You Tonight (mendelsohn mix)
Soft Machine- Moon in June
KLF- 3AM Eternal


Robert Wyatt- Born Again Cretins
EOLA- new song
Harmonizer- tape excerpt
Monopold Child Star Searchers- Waterfall Intro.
Curren$y's Jet Life Block
Lil B- I'm Miley Cyrus

Download Sunday Brunch: Limited Capacity Edition 1/23/2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new: Pure X Chain Reflection 12"


In advance of their highly awaited debut, Pure X (formerly Pure Ecstasy) are back with a self-released 12" of "free form jams and protoversions of songs from" their forthcoming full-length. Initially released as a West Coast tour tape (long sold out), the session finds the Austin trio honing in on the loose framework of their early Future Nostalgia tape, expanding on its immense minimalism, while focusing on movements and haunting tones, rather than structure and form. Consider it modal music for the hazy-minded and a major precursor to their debut.

Grip the "smoke" colored Chain Reflection 12" here.

Chain Reflection 1 by PURE X

Chain Reflection 2 by PURE X

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new: Boy Friend

Christa & Sarah
New crystalline tunes from Christa & Sarah formerly of Sleep Over. The new project is Boy Friend. Barely scratched the surface so far, but heavily going in on these 4 tunes, which seem to cosmically interline with the current white washed status of the City. A gem*star of an EP on 1st listen from what I can tell.

In other Austin news, Sleep Over have a bunch of new stuff in the works, including some gem stars on TCC. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 10, 2011

new: Sun Araw "Thrasher" (Neil Young cover)

The Woods

Director Matthew Lessner's The Woods (which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and will premier at Sundance this year) is the story of a group of young revelers seeking to disconnect from modern society and sojourn in a new sylvan homestead. At the heart of the film are bourgeois values and technology, how they interplay and what happens when young people try to subvert them. Fitting then that Los Angeleno and dark dub warrior Sun Araw contributes this cyborg-morphic cover of Neil Young's "Thrasher." (Originally, Sun Araw was supposed to score the entire film, though in the end the soundtrack features tunes by Dirty Projectors, Lucky Dragons and more.) Dense grooves from the west coast. Indulge below.

Sun Araw- Thrasher (Neil Young cover)

radio: Sunday Brunch 2k!! V.I

Extremely happy to post the first edition of Sunday Brunch 2k!!. This volume is heavy on cosmic theatrics, as you'll see below, and contains a short live set by Red Hook's finest damaged folkies Flower Orgy. Download away!

Download Sunday Brunch 2k!! V.I
The Sweethearts- Burning Through the Night (slop screw)
Klaus Schulze- Shadow of Ignorance (excerpt)
Robert Fripp- Water Music I -> Here Comes the Flood
R. Kelly- I Believe I Can Fly (instrumental)
Alice Coltrane- Journey in Satchidananda
JRR Tolkien- excerpt from The Hobbit
James Ferraro- Dollhouse Frotteur
Silver Apples- I Have Known Love
Outer Limits Recordings- Julie (-8)
Moyra Dewey- 50 Minutes
John Fahey- Field Recordings at the AVA
Dolphins into the Future ->Outer Space (blend)
Harol Budd- Bismillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim
--Flower Orgy Live Set--
Sacred Harp- Brother Green
Bruce Springsteen- Nebraska
John Fahey- Steamboat Gwinde Round and Round
Lau Nau- Painovoimaa, valoa
Brian Jones presents Joujouka Music (excerpt side 1)
Monopoly Child Star Searchers- Waterfall Introduction
Fugees- Fu-gee-la (sly & robbie remix)
Tina Turner- Whats Love Got to do With it
Little Kirk- Whats Love Got to do With it

Download Sunday Brunch 2k!! V.I