Wednesday, November 17, 2010

mp3: D'eon "Keep the Faith" (Airbird remix)


Hippos in Tanks has been coming hard with a string of releases banging from iPhone playlists round the globe (Games, White Car, Laurel Halo, just to name a couple), but don't let that distract you from seeking out Chris D'eon's, ahum, D'eon project. The Montreal-based electronic composer, whose work falls somewhere between the minimalism of Kompakt bangers and the third-eye'd dance floor jams of his H.I.T peers. While D'eon's last release found him exploring a variety of genres, his latest, Palinopsia, is more "in-the-groove"; it's cohesive and tight, with extended cuts winding in and out of each other, yet each track manages to retain its individual identity. It's not a concept record, but the concept of Palinopsia, defined as "a visual disturbance that causes images to persist to some extent even after their corresponding stimulus has left," could not be more present, as shades of rhythms past and present stew in an enticing, often brilliant, cauldron where future philosophies boil to bewonderment. The visual accompaniment for D'eon's "Keep the Faith" comes from FCP-freakazoid Megazord, who, well, you'll see. Just watch.

In addition, the homey Airbird just took a trip through Megazord's video, and crafted an unhinged remix of the tune, complete with muted vox, glistening synthetics, and an extended downbeat breakdown, which rather than playing the obvious "build->explode" card, rides the repetitive rhythm until the beat complete unfolds on itself and sails into the darkness.

In addition to all this, you can catch D'eon this Friday at the Tortilla Factory off the Jefferson L, where he will be playing the Bobka + Newtown presented Tortilla's on the Creek show, which also features LA BIG VIC, Weird Magic DJs, and special guests. Also, it's my birthday. Come hang.

D'eon- Keep the Faith (Airbird Remix)

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