Friday, April 29, 2011

video: Physics "Modernist Portal"

Physics Lab

Some kid named Physics just dropped this in my inbox. Instantly I was transported back to days of filing medical documents in my Grandpa's office while highly stylized NJ Moms came in wreeking of sample perfumes from Macy's at the Garden State Plaza Mall across the street. Sultry nostalgia evolves into manipulated memories of thinking, "What if these women are PCP peddling aliens in disguise on a mission to disengage us from our brains and, subsequently, eat our ear lobes?" Fudge.

videos: La Big Vic, Outer Space, Dolphins into the Future

Sik .MOVs

A few of my favorite videos of the moment. The (above) La Big Vic session at Newtown Radio is really something special. Hi-fi to the max, this is them peaking on a song I've been hearing them jam locally for a long while now. Couldn't be more excited for the LP to drop (Ed note: there is a song called "Bobka Jam" on the Actually Shout out Russ & Daughters!). Also, sick video for "Mr. Broken Bird" by Mr. Luke Wyatt below. Watch out.

Outer Space recently ripped arpeggios throughout the Schoolhouse and Market Hotel. The latter encounter left me with mild brain damage for 26 hours. I woke up the next day with mind ooze all over my pillow, kinda flabbergasted as to how I got home. Shout out Dunkin Donut's Egg & Cheese on Croissants.

Dophins Into The Future from Records: Experimental Sydney on Vimeo.

Tequilla Rambo homie Lieven Martins brought his Dolphins into the Future enterprise to NYC for the first time in a few years. The result was a cosmo-coral submergence, not unlike the time I went diving in Thailand and this Dutch dude named Remi put a sea urchin in my hand and it stung me and I had to squeeze purple poison out of my hand for, like, 10 minutes while breathing underwater. This video from Sydney is sublte, and awesome.



UFOria666 dropped this mix of Mexican Soap Opera tunes by Ñaka Ñaka in my DM the other day. It's a twisted trip through paradoxal Telemundo zones, with everything from romantic encounters music to blood curdling "I'm gonna stab you bitch for taking my baby mama's baby's mama away from me" score sounds. This one runs the gamut -- both in era, and style.


1. Cadenas de Amargura - Incidental 1 (1991)
2. Valeria y Maximiliano- Entrada (1991)
3. Victoria- Entrada (1987)
4. En Carne Propia- Entrada (1991)
5. Teresa- Entrada (1989)
6. Cadenas de Amargura- Entrada (1991)
7. Al Filo de la Muerte- Entrada (1991)
8. Herencia Maldita- Entrada (1986)
9. La Madrastra- Incidental 1 (2005)
10. La Sonrisa del Diablo- Entrada (1992)
11. Yesenia- Entrada (1986)
12. Seducción- Entrada (1986)
13. Días sin Luna- Incidental 1 (1990)


Monday, April 11, 2011

mix: RxRy's RxB Mix


Chopped up, not slopped up is the name of the game in this RxRy did for Stadiums & Shrines. A heavily twisted collection that dives into the heart of the (seemingly) omni-present R&B atmospheres being tapped into across an array of styles and sounds. Some classics and a handful of now age thrillers to get you through a hazy Monday morning.

Download RxRy's RxB mix

Saturday, April 9, 2011

show: Harald Grosskopf, Outer Space, Steve Hauschildt

Memory Bomb
Pleasant surprise/cap off to an excellent Friday night, VIBES will be hosting a second Harald Grosskopf show tonight at "959 Broadway." Acts include Mr. Grosskopf, who will be playing solo tonight (except electro-percussive righteousness), along with Emeralds John Elliott breaking out his Outer Space unit for the evening, and Steve Hauschildt playing solo, alongside Driphouse. In between, and presumably after, DJs Mark McGuire, Jeremy Campbell, Jan Woo & Etienne. Analog synths abound. Join the fun.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

show: Harald Grosskopf, Emeralds, Alan Howarth & MORE!

Cosmic Joker

Along time ago Harald Grosskopf made a record called Synthesist. It was released on the legendary Sky Record label, purveyor of the finest in experimental, ambient and electronic music. But that was a long time ago.

Decades removed and the works of the hypnotic Grosskopf have seeped up from below, influencing countless sound chemists, mixologists and knob-tweakers, and in turn, helping usher in a new wave of post-Internet kosmiche, one as unwaveringly hallucinogenic as the first. In light of this bubbling, RVNG INTL re-issued Synthesist, alongside a collection of remixes and covers by Grosskopf's 21st century offspring. (The appropriately titled Re-Synthesist features the likes of OPN, James Ferraro, Stellar Om Source and many, many more.) This Friday Grosskopf will make a very rare appearance in NYC, where he will be performing the monumental Synthesist with help from a bevy of now-age cohorts, including Blondes, Laurel Halo, Julianna Barwick, ARP and Pink Skull.

This in-and-of itself makes this show mandatory, so the fact that Emeralds are also on the bill, playing both a solo set, AND a set with the legendary Alan Howarth makes it a pre-req for anyone who considers themselves into "experimental music." Consider this a graduate level course in arpeggiated bliss. Grip your tickets here, while you still can. Then peep a minimalist redux of Grosskopf's Trascendental Overdrive by Meadowlands below, as well as a phenomenal live set from Emeralds recorded during their show at the European incarnation of the Unsound Festival.

Meadowlands - Overdrive (Transcended) by RVNG Intl.

Emeralds - live at Unsound 2010, Krakow by factmag

Monday, April 4, 2011

video: Tonstartssbandht & Run DMT present INSTANT WIN


Soul brothers Tonstartssbandht & Run DMT went on tour last year. The vibe was strong– noted in a few really great videos from that tour (specifically Silent Barn and a show in TX). Before they set out on that tour, the guys concocted a VHS of infinitely warped visuals to aid in the ceremonies. For the first time that video is available in a digital format, for your viewing pleasure, right above. Enjoy the Blondie appropriation.
Tonstartssbandht & Run DMT


a Culture Dealer production
in conj. with Does Are Digitaler Springtimes

Andy Boay
High Rise 2

1. Hey I'd Like To Show You - Eola
2. blindi - Run DMT
3. maher shalal hash baz live in baltimore one day
4. Metal Dog Night - Run DMT
5. Somersette - Tonstartssbandht
6. Run DMT score
7. Maihama - Tonstartssbandht
8. Anty - Run DMT
9. Softline - High Rise 2

compiled July 2010 by mike, andy, edwin
original edtion of 15 VHS

Friday, April 1, 2011

comp: Should Have Been Dead On A Sunday Morning

Arms Wide Open

OESB is back after a break stint of vacay with a new comp paying tribute to one of the greatest, most mind-bendingly peculiar acts in recent memory– Creed. The new six song comp features masterful reworkings, covers, reduxes from the likes of Autre Ne Veut, Alice Cohen, Pretty Lightning, Sleep Creep, Hurricane Ike and Green Gerry. The deliverable is a slice of post-modern classicism, with each artist focusing a morsel of a Stapp's catalog, breaking it down into pieces, and re-assessing it as fresh material in their own vein. Take Alice Cohen's cover of "Higher." I'm pretty sure Alice is not a Creed fan, but she breaks down the #1 Mod-Rock Worship track into an unsettling tweaker ballad– hairspray huffing vox and all. (At first I thought Jimmy Ferraro was spitting pitch vox, but I stand corrected.)

ANV does his thing all over "What's this Life For?"– squealing and shifting directions like vocal shuttle runs over blown out bass-snare hits and distorto guitar-synths(?) akin to his wavering vox. All sorts of alter boy sins cumming to in the confession room on this one. Meantime, Green Gerry turns "With Arms Wide Open" into a cathedral reverb, neck clapper. A fresh new beginning for OESB, who reportedly maybe turning this into an infinite mixtape.

Download Should Have Been Dead On A Sunday Morning (an OESB Tribute to Creed)