Tuesday, December 21, 2010

mix: YouTube -> Maxell XL II PT. III


Part III of the End of the Year YouTube->Maxell XL II mix series.


Johannes Schmoelling- Contemplative Clouds
Robert Wyatt- O Caroline
Kendra Smith- Iridescence
Lau Nau- Lue kartalta
Roger Rodier- The Key
Elis e Antonio Carlos & Jocafi- "Lucia Esparadrapo" , "Mudei de Idéia" Medley
Harold Budd & Clive Wright- Pensive Aphrodite
Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd- Sea Swallow Me
Mark Fry- Song for Wild
Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard - Farscape
Enya- Watermark
Monica & Brandy- The Boy Is Mine

Monday, December 20, 2010

mix: YouTube -> XLII PT. I & II

Maxell XLII

Lately it seems my listening habits revolve around YouTube, which is basically a treasure chest for mix makers. Problem is, recording YouTube DJ sets isn't all that easy. So I took a traditional route, plugged my Sony VOR recorder into my Headphone out, and recorded whatever I had cued up straight to tape. Will be uploading more of these daily. Stay tuned.

YouTube -> XLII by McG

Pt. I
Robert Schroeder- Rotary Motion
Nike7Up- In Bloom Until I Die Mix
Creatures- Digital Rebel
Carly Simon- Why? 12” edit
The KLF- Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul, 3A.M.
Double Fantasy- Universal Ave.

Pt. II
Larry Norman- UFO
Bongwater- Psychedelic Sewing Room
Cleaners from Venus- Ilya Konichiwa Looked At Me
Wreckless Eric- Whole Wide World
Neil Young- Mr. Soul 12” Extended Remix
Rainbow Serpent- Distant Ambience
Delia Derbyshire- Love Without Sound
Japanese Commercial

video: d'Eon "Kill A Man With A Joystick In His Hand"

Call of Duty

d'Eon "Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand" from OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE on Vimeo.

Repurposing found media hit its threshold this year, with just about every chillwave riding/witch house fucking bedroom act turning to Archive.org (or Mom & Dad's old home movies) to find source material for videos. It can be nice, and nostalgic, but, in reality, it is weak, with video artists choosing to focus on the dreamy qualities of degrading media in hopes of tapping into the collective baby book consciousness. It's a nice dream, but it's far from reality.

This clip for d'Eon's "Kill A Man With A Joystick In His Hands" is the proto-opposite of this 16mm/VHS dream nonsense. It's a stunning, and at times….wait for it…wait for it…shocking! exploration of where we are as a society at the end of 2010. Single person shooters reign supreme, with millions, perhaps even billions, of youths stuck in front of a flat screen monitor virtually killing friends and foes without thought-- blowing up sanctuaries and humvee's and screaming "fuck yeah!" into an XBox 360 headset, while Mathieu in Finland gets pissed, and in return, blows your fucking head off. The Halo/Call of Duty consciousness has all but embedded itself in our collective realm. It's not just the figment of right-wing Mom's in Kansas worried about their son playing Call of Duty for 19 straight hours without taking a piss break. And, as WikiLeaks pointed out, the brutal violence of video games isn't just from video games. It's a reality, one oft sugarcoated by local news rooms, who shock audiences with lurid tales of violence, before awing them into submission with stories of first graders singing Christmas Carols at old folks homes.

With that in mind, this ain't another Jamie Harley video. This is some real shit. If you think it's brutal, well, it is. If you think it's horrid, it is. If you think this isn't an accurate social-commentary on how our virtual lives effect our reality, well, I'd like to read your dissertation. This one's not for the faint of heart, but, rather, the strong of mind.

This video will make you think, which is a lot more than I can say for half the shit I've watched this year. Big ups to d'Eon and Todd Ledford for their hard work on this one. Hats off.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

remix: Mane Mane "Skin Fox (Dem Hunger 1974 Remix)"


Dem fanboys rejoice! The mythic Shelley Duvall (aka Dem Hunger) is back, this time with a crystalline remix of Mane Mane's "Skinfox", soon to be issued on Ian Nelson's emerging Triple You Tapes imprint. In typical Dem Hunger fashion, the 1974 remix breaks down all known elements, shuffles them in a cocktail shaker, cuts it with glistening synthetic bleeps and letting it all air out like some sweaty balls on a hot day. Bask in its fucked dimension below.

Mane Mane- Skin Fox (Dem Hunger 1974 remix)
Mane Mane- Skin Fox (original)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new: James Ferraro "iAsia 2 Raver"

Muscle Works Inc.

Fresh off the release of Night Dolls with Hairspray, alien vessel James Ferraro is back with more transmissions from some twisted place far, far away. Labeled "iAsia 2 Raver" on his digital_skin soundcloud, the extended 30 minute piece is similar to the "Casino Neptune" style jams on the iAsia CD-R, which were described as "New sounds from 107.7 Hyppereal Radio XM Mars." The theme continues here, with shards of warped digitalism bouncing back-and-forth like cosmic pinballs, zooming in zones often only probed by molecular beings...whatever the fuck that means. Anyway, new Ferraro. Jam it. Digest it. Jam it again. Then call the Toddfather and snag Night Dolls with Hairspray.

IAsia 2 RAVER by digital_skin

Monday, December 13, 2010

tonight: Nonhorse, Toothache, Toby Aronson, Megafortress

Flyer by Eugenia Ballve

Last minute show tonight at the Silent Barn featuring a slew of phenomenal experimental solo acts; Nonhorse, Toothache, Toby Aronson and Megafortress. I'll be mixing in tracks in between bands. Expect a mellow exploration of future sounds. Come hang at the Silent Barn tonight from 8 to infinity.

Friday, December 10, 2010

live: James Ferraro 8/28/2010

Hater Talk Never Made Me Mad

Yesterday I made fun of Stereogum and a bunch of people got mad. (Who knew people were passionate about Stereogum?! Shocking.) Anyway, it got me thinking. About real shit. No Toro Y Moi side projects, no Salem remixes. No shitty pics from a Joanna Newsome concert. Just real, good music that you want to turn people on to. That is what this forum is all about, after all. With that in mind, cut the bullshit and relish in inter-dimensional live set by the enigmatic, un-pigeonholeable James Ferraro, a dude who would never let hater talk harsh his vibe. Maybe that's because he's an alien. Or, because he just doesn't give a fuck and is going to produce the sounds he hears in his head, regardless of what any PR interns or Vice writers think about it.

Happy wknd.

PS- Go pick up Ferraro's latest on OESB. You will not regret it. Unless, you shouted "judas" at Dylan when he went electric, in which case, you should stop listening to music all together.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

video: Linda Hagood "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs"

Smack Dab

When Alice Cohen showed me the video for Linda Hagood's "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs", i was instantly struck by its effortless and effervescent joy– both of the song, it's clip and their union. It's uncanny. So genuine and playful and far out (wayyy out). Hagood's vox swirl not to, but with Alice Cohen's hypnotizing paper collage animations, making for one helluva two-minute trip through a warped childhood tale. Ya know how everyone always remarks how tripp'd out kids shows are, well, Linda Hagood and Alice Cohen would make the most beautifully imaginative and wondrous children's show. Though, it'd solely exist in a conjured state...?

The video for "MaRsUpIaL sHeNaNiGaNs" is the first off Hagood's Pink Love Red Love, which was released on Chris Johanson's Awesome Vistas label, whose released are available at Fusetron. Hagood was also on 90s band Smack Dab, who were on Homestead Records, which is also pretty badass.

Monday, December 6, 2010

video: Nike7Up "In Bloom" (Until I Die Mix)

She's A Star

Nice transition out of Bodytronix, Nike7Up is back with more warped digi-foolery. First up is a new video, this one entitled "In Bloom (Until I Die Mix)"

In addition, the high pop minded Nike7Up is releasing his first piece of wax on Austin's ever growing/glowing Light Lodge. This ones a jam I've been mixing into DJ and radio sets for months via YouTube rip, so it'll be real nice to have it in full mastered quality. If you haven't heard LUCKY! NIKE7UP THIEF IN THE NIGHT MIX, well, just watch the video below and think about how absorbed in celebrity/pop culture we really are. It's rather touching.

mix: Bodytronix Night of the Arawans

Drone Commander

Austin's Bodytronix have been mixing it up for a minute without any one outside of their fair city really knowing what these dudes were up to. Well, if their live mix Night of the Arawans is any indication, the duo might be at the forefront of a wildly maligned 31st century exploration of deep house and its acid tinged offshoots. Straight hookers and X vibe, but somehow its not seedy, rather twisted in a Lynchian way, with droning synths weaving about navigational beats, as propelling as their are hypnotizing. Efx are in full effect -- phasers, flanger, vocoder, samples, distortion, delay, and whatever else these electronic wizards have in their arsenal. (And it is, by all means, an aresenal.) From the band: "Bodytronix performed at Night of the Arawans, a memorable event sponsored by arawa.fm on 10-15-10 in Austin. Here’s the uncut 48-minute set, recorded from the board onto Maxell XL-2 cassette."

Dig in.

Friday, December 3, 2010

tonight: Laurel Halo Record Release Show + OPN + More

King Felix


:: late show –> -=10PM=-
:: Laurel Halo
:::: Oneohtrix Point Never
:::::: Hubble

:: early show –> -=7PM=-
:: musicians perform original scores to short films
:: dj Dog Dick
:::: C. Specer Yeh
:::::: Dustin Wong ———- of Ponytail and Ecstatic Sunshine
:::::::: the Gamut

:: dj Physical Therapy
:: dj Jan Woo
:: dj McGregor ——— aka Chocolate Bobka

128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford, JM-Marcy, G-Metropolitan | 7pm/10pm | $8 p/ show, $12 both shows

| curated by JJ RAMBO, Laurel Halo, & Todd P, organised by Todd P |

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mp3: Megazord "Output 1-2"

Arp lock

Post-.jpg provocateur Megazord is known mostly for crafting drop-shadow digital tomfoolery on the web and album covers (see GAMES, White Rainbow/Stag Hare split) and warped to the heavens videos for the likes of Rene Hell, Stellar Om Source, Zach Hill, Dolphins into the Future, OPN, and many more. While the 'Zord has been known to screw some rando pop and R&B jams (see his remix of Khira's "My Neck My Back"), the digital fetishist also crafts long form synthesizer jams, ala "Output 1-2", which is an unedited lmprov with the arpeggiator locked in for safety. The 5 minute wavelength bender is hypnotizing, and, in a very good way, begging for house producers to freak a heavy groove on the Zord's maximalist take on minimal synth-scapes.

MP3: Megazord: "Output 1-2"