Friday, October 30, 2009

video: Mountain Man, Air Waves

"Bright Baby Eyes of the Chickadee"

Saw LAKE, Karl Blau and Alex Bleeker and the Freaks get seriously down at Ash's Place last night. Got home late, passed out hard. Woke up, still dreaming, with these in my in box. A "music video" for Mountain Man's undeniable "Animal Tracks," which appears to be shot while the ladies were recording (re-recording) the song for future release. Rumor has it that we'll be seeing more than just a 7" in the not-so-distant future, which is very good news. Also, Ray C sent over the latest installment in his CMJ series, this one featuring Air Waves, who, despite playing after Mountain Man to a room not nearly full enough, managed to make me feel pretty darn warm and cozy, despite the monsoon in Brooklyn last Saturday night. Really looking forward to both Mountain Man and Air Waves future releases on Underwater Peoples.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

video: Real Estate "Basement"

"Watching the Sea Birds"

One of my favorite new Real Estate songs, if not my favorite, "Basement" will appear on the forthcoming Mexican Summer 12-inch, due out sometime before the end of the year. As is usually the case with video shot by Mr. Ray Concepcion, I'll let the visuals speak for themselves, as words will do no justice.

mix: Run DMT "Bong Voyage"

"Spirit Molecule"
I mentioned the psychedelic freak show that is Run DMT a few weeks back, but that was before he/she/it sent me this mix, which is also available for download on their MySpace. Bong Voyage. What a term. The mix, which recalls the short form samples often employed by Dilla, floats like a hot air balloon, while, somehow, simultaneously drowning itself in its own twistedness. "Money" is a good example. Chilled out guitar loop, and a bit of spoken word antics high-jacked from the Home Shopping Network. It's the sort of nonchalant, everyday shit that freaks you out. Same with "Baby," a cooler of a subway sax sample, abruptly interrupted by some midi house bass that sounds more a kin to a Mtn. Dew commercial than a vaporizer session. All this and still half the tracks, if expanded beyond a glimpse of themselves, could be tagged as "new age," "spirit psych," or tests from a molecular gastronomy class. 15 songs, 20 minutes. For fans of Dilla, Julianna Barwick, Julian Lynch and Hyphy.

Download Run DMT's Bong Voyage.
Also, peep all the goo over at Run DMT's muxtape.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

video: Mountain Man at Monkeytown


I was pretty psyched when Mountain Man told me they could fill in for Ducktails at the Bobka Monkeytown show last Tuesday. Even better knowing that our friend Ray Concepcion would be on hand to document the proceedings. In retrospect, it was even more magical than I could have imagined. Never thought I would've woken up at noon the next day, foggy, still in shock as to the dream I witnessed the night before at the magical den that is Monkeytown. Enough words already though, Mountain Man at Monekeytown, by Ray Concepcion. Might have been the best show of CMJ (Editorial bias).

video: Pill Wonder at the Delancy- CMJ

"And They Look You In The Eye"

One of the most enjoyable parts about CMJ is getting to hear some of your favorite acts from far away for the first time. While Pill Wonder were in town for the UP Late SUMMR Showcase in August, it was only Dana and Will who arrived, fleshing out the live band with former Olympia, WA resident Martin Courtenay and UP mainstay's Ari Stern and Mike Mimoun. That night, drunk as hell, I asked Dana and Will to come back for CMJ, despite not having a show lined up. A week or so later, I emailed Dana with a few specifics, some dates, a venue, etc. He later informed me that the entire Pill Wonder collective, all seven Pacific Northwest raggamuffins, would make the cross country flight to grace us with their shambolic, tribe of good kids from small town vibes. This c. axel capture from the Delancey show on Friday night finds Pill Wonder playing "Gone to Market," a tune not too out of step with the homespun, ragged jubilance often associated with the Elephant 6 collective. It's a feel good tune, with glockenspiel, a whole bunch of synchronized "oohs" and some surfy riffs that'll sure to brighten this dreadfully rainy day. Make sure to check the Chocolate Bobka Takes on CMJ channel on Vimeo for hot shots from Ray Concepcion, Pixelwhorse and le Bobka. (Elise has a pretty dope Frat Dad vid in their, also from the Delancey. Four words- Doritos: Late Night Taco.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

video: Real Estate "Black Lake" at CMJ

"Swimming Beneath the Power Lines"

Last week was hectic, hence no real posting. Either way, another great, chaotic week at CMJ, even though I did my best to keep it rather low key. Such is the vibe in this c. axel capture of Real Estate Friday night at the Chocolate Bobka/twosyllable/Underwater Peoples Showcase at the Delancey. A host of issues had bands running a late and Real Estate didn't go on 'til roughly 2:45 am, an hour after when they were supposed to finish. Every one was exhausted. Yet, by the time they took the stage, a sense of calm engulfed the room, as there was no fooling who everyone was there to see. Of course, after returning from a short tour with Japandroids and playing an additional two weeks worth of shows during CMJ, Real Estate were on fire, playing cuts from their soon to be released self titled debut on Woodsist (pick it up at a show), as well as more obscure cuts like "Atlantic City" and new bomb "Basement." Big ups to Ettienne, Bleeker, Marty and Matt for going on wicked late and still killing it. Quite the end to a pretty darn good, rainy night.

Monday, October 19, 2009

video: Holiday Shores "Edge of Our Lives"

"There is No One Like You"

Possibly the last evidence of a Bobka show before tomorrow nights throw down at Monkeytown, this jawn from the Cameo Gallery show in late August finds Holiday Shores coexisting with the last airs of Summer. Fitting for the Floridians, who will be back in NYC this week for CMJ and are playing the big Bobka show Friday at the Delancey. Make sure to catch them, as early as tomorrow at the Pop Tarts show, as they are definitely not to be missed. I also hear they have a tour-only cassette with them on this run, which features a choice Arthur Russell cover. My guess is its super limited, so pick it up if you get a chance.

Holiday Shores at CMJ
10.20 New York, NY @ Cake Shop (Poptarts Suck Toasted Day Party) @
10.22  Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium (Myopenbar Party) $
10.23  Brooklyn, NY @ Trash Bar (Breakthru Radio Day Party)
10.23  New York, NY @ The Delancey (twosyllable records/Underwater Peoples CMJ Showcase) #
10.24  Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (AAM Day Party)

@ w/Surfer Blood, Small Black
$ w/Javelin
# w/ Real Estate, New Villager, Inlets, Frat Dad, Pill Wonder

new: Alex Bleeker & the Freaks "Never Goin Back"

"Never Going Back To My Old School"
Looking back on school days can be a major bummer. Steely Dan summed it up pretty nicely in "My Old School," but nonetheless, memories of collegiate days spent getting wasted and mulling over "life" makes up a large part of the end of adolescence. There is a finite line drawn in the sand, as if, once one dons the ole cap and gown, nothing, no matter how hard you try, will ever be as easy as before. It's one small step for man, and one, er, a giant leap into reality. No more meal plans, no more waking up at 2pm, no more summer vacation, winter vacation, spring break, etc. It's a bummer, yet, at the same time, a total relief, as a new world, one with infinite possibility, waits just outside the campus bubble. Alex Bleeker knows this feeling well. He's nostalgic for his collegiate days, but knows they are numbered. One can't live in the past, and as much as one would like memorialize the days of yore, its more fitting to be a bit sad about their fleeting ways. "Never Goin Back" finds Bleeker reminiscing, wandering, wondering what life has next in store. It's a logical response from a still recent graduate, one Benjamin Braddock would likely jam out too.

"Never Goin Back" is the B-side to the soon-to-be-released 7-inch on Group Tightener. Bleeker will be playing the hella good Group Tightener CMJ Showcase Wednesday night at Monster Island. Best Coast, Fluffy Lumbers, Coasting, Ducktails, HIGHLIFE. I'll be there. Stop by. Say hi.

Alex Bleeker & the Freaks- Never Goin Back

Friday, October 16, 2009

CMJ: Underwater Peoples Afternoon Delight

"Skyrockets in Flight"

As CMJ nears I think its important to hint you to another choice showcase. Yes, yes, we're brosefs with the Underwater Peoples crew and love posting their "sick jams" as "mp3s" and all, but what really matters is "feeling" the music maan. Said music can be felt, and will feel you (it might get uncomfortable, beware!), next Saturday afternoon, October 24th 2009, at the Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg. Like the Late Summr Showcase, Afternoon Delight will highlight nearly every single Underwater Peoples affiliate, from Fluffy Lumbers to Air Waves to Liam the Younger to a full-on Pill Wonder 7-member experience. Best of all, its during the day, so be prepared to suck down at least your body weight in Bloody Mary's and bagels. All info above.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CMJ: Mountain Man filling in for Ducktails

"Starring at the Wild White Heron"
Due to circumstances beyond our control, Ducktails won't be able to play the Chocolate Bobka/Underwater Peoples/Olde English Spelling Bee show next week at Monkeytown. Sucks, but the sun shines brightest after a storm. In this case, the sun is Mountain Man. Yes, those lovely young ladies from Vermont that I've been gushing over for months. To be honest, this changes the dynamic of the show, but personally, I think its for the better, as there is no better preface to dreams than the enchanting songs of Mountain Man.

Make your reservation here, while you still can.

Mountain Man- Animal Tracks
Mountain Man- Dog Song

Monday, October 12, 2009

video: Julian Lynch "Seed"

"Orange You Glad"

Seeds are the essence of life. Without them, both literally and figuratively, growth would be impossible. Seeds are sown. Seeds grow, sprout, blossom and bloom. Before long, they roam. They settle. Plant themselves in the fine Earth, and begin the cycle once again. It is infinite. Without it, Earth would look like a more desolate Moon. Julian Lynch knows this. As does visual artist Amy Ruhl, who produced the metamorphic clip (above) for "Seed," a trip back in time that is way more akin to the Earth sprouting Garden of Eden/Dinosaurs visual than the Run-DMT jam I described as such the other day. Either way, if this is what Earth looked like when it was developing, than I'm definitely hoping for an apocalypse (I've got fall out shelter booked), if and only if for the chance to see the world bloom again.

Buy Orange You Glad here.

video: Julianna Barwick

"Sunlight, Heaven"

Despite the fact that he never actually made it to what we now know as the mainland United States of America, this video of Julianna Barwick performing at Littlefield wouldn't exist if it weren't for Christopher Columbo. Enjoy, then reflect on the history of this great land.

Friday, October 9, 2009

new: Semya & Run DMT


Baltimore's always churning out weirdo sample based stuff, but it seems like a new crop of psych explorers are really stepping out from the crowd. Talked about Happy Family a few months back, and now his compadres Semya and Run DMT are making serious moves in candy flipping realm. Loopy and cosmic, rhythmic and glitchy, Semya mixes Peruvian pan flute grooves with dripping BMSR synths and extra driving drumbeats that Dan Snaith would probably dig on. "It's the Sun" is so freaky, Tim & Eric should make a video for it consisting entirely of Apocalypse Now footage. Should also note that the backlooped, freak glitch going on in "Ninja Smoke" is a tweakers dream/nightmare, depending on the night.

Run DMT, as their name suggests, is seriously blissed out. We're talking venturing thousands of years back in time at the creation of the Earth and chilling with Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden type shit. I think you can hear water being birthed at one point in "Ramona." Run DMT's first "influence" on MySpace is "weed." "good_folks" is some of the most hypnotic hymnal shit I've ever heard, literally the choir at the first caveman church service. Highly recommend indulging in Run DMT's The Life Erotic muxtape before heading out to explore the weekend. Semya's as well.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

CMJ: Official Show at The Delancey

"Fall Straight Back"
We like having fun. We like having fun with our friends. We like to throw parties. When we throw parties, we have our friends band's play. Sometimes there are DJs. And even FREE booze. We will do this during CMJ. It will be fun. It's on a Friday night. TGIF. Partying/Playing with us will be the dudes from Underwater Peoples and twosyllable records. We got the bliss punk of Eternal Summers, the earthy ballads of Inlets, the Jungle/Surf styling of Washington states Pill Wonder, the woozy good times of Holiday Shores, the frenetic sugar high of Frat Dad, the rhythmic pounce of NewVillager, the what-the-fucking-fuck-are-these-dudes-really-in-plushy-bear-suits of Claymation Velociraptor, and Real Estate (you've probably heard about them). Show details below. Get there early, as we expect a line, especially for the FREE West Virginia Peach Moonshine we've been given by the West Virginia Coal Mining Collective. (Love Corporate Sponsors!)

Delancey Lounge
168 Delancey St at Clinton St)
New York, NY

Doors 7:30pm

8:00-8:25 - Eternal Summers
8:40-9:10 - Inlets
9:25-9:55 - Pill Wonder
10:10-10:40 - Holiday Shores
10:55-11:25 - Frat Dad
11:40-12:10 - NewVillager
12:25-12:55 - Claymation Velociraptor
1:10-1:40 - Real Estate

DJS: BELL, Pumpkin Patch, Drew H

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mp3: Mountain Man "Honey Bee"

"Let Us Sing A Song To Thee"
It's been a little while since I've written about Mountain Man, but don't think that we've forgotten about them. Hardly. If anything, I'm living with Mountain Man. Or at least trying to. I could only hope to breathe the air these ladies seem to breathe. It's the most refreshing, honest to God air there is. No additives or preservatives, just natural goodness. While "Animal Tracks" is a remarkable, its really just a gateway drug to the songs of these young women, which have been sent down by the sun and harvested in little Green Mountain groves near Bennington, VT. "Honey Bee," an A Capella track available on the group's BandCamp page, is the lullaby I wish my mother had sung to me when I was a child, shielding my dreams from monstrous invaders. If she had, maybe I'd be a better sleeper. And then there's "Dog Song," a more structured affair, which would make even Karen Dalton, a hardened drunk in her day, weep with joy. I'm sad Karen passed before hearing these tunes, maybe they could've saved her from herself. Or maybe, just maybe, she sent them down from a happier place.

The ladies from Mountain Man will be coming to Brooklyn during CMJ. More details on that in a bit. They'll also be back for a VERY SPECIAL Chocolate Bobka Presents show in December. I wouldn't use all caps if I didn't mean it. Seriously.

Mountain Man- Honey Bee

Mountain Man- Dog Song

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

comp: LatinAmeriCarpet

"Marcha A La Turca"

Sublime Frequencies comps are the best way to take a cheap vacation. No matter where you are, time and place fall by the wayside, as you slip into whatever culture the SF guys curate or record. Bali, Thailand, Syria, Algeria, wherever they go, you go. Recently I've been vibing on the label's Latinamericarpet: Exploring the Vinyl Warp of Latin American Psychedelia Vol 1. The exceptional compilation, even by Sublime Frequencies standards, proves an apt intro to the smoldering sounds of South America, covering traditional Latin folk, '60s/'70s weirdo radio pop, and blistering tropically infused psych rock. For whatever reason, the tracks that really hit me are all Argentine, which makes sense as more than half of the record, culled from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Isle de Pascua (Easter Island), were birthed in Argentina. The blistering garage psych of "Pequeno Salvaje" by Reno, Los Travieso's "Cuando Sea Grande," a teenage Os Mutantes rip off (in a good way), and vinyl warped infant folk-pop of "Tecnicas De Concentracion Y Relajacion Yoga/ Don Din Don" each show Argentine culture fusing with Western aesthetics and feature the growing influence of psychedelia. A must for fans of obscure psych, tropicalia and the like.

Reno- Pequeno Salvaje

Los Travieso- Cuando Sea Grande
Los 4 Planetos- Dos Guitarras

Friday, October 2, 2009

mp3: Julian Lynch "New Untitled Jam"

"I Don't Believe"

A wash in synthesized movements, "New Untitled Jam," which Julian Lynch sent over last night, is deeply rooted in seasonal transition. It's the October sky running across the prairie, fields of corn and wheat swaying in the wind as trucks fly past on solemn grey highways. Surely the Wisconsin air is a bit crisper than here in Brooklyn, and you can feel it in the new jam, which is reminiscent of Orange You Glad standout "The Flood." While Julian's hypnotic synthesizers are at the forefront, lurking in the background, subtly providing the foundation for metamorphosis, are the slightly muted, yet incredibly warm drums. Not sure how he mic'd them, but something about them, possibly how unassuming and unobtrussive they are, really makes the droning synthesizers seep even deeper into your psyche.

Julian Lynch- New Untitled Jam

Thursday, October 1, 2009

new: Still Light Lything

"Hour of the Wolf"

Its October 1st and ominous skies are already rolling in. Appropriately, so are new tracks from Still Light, a UK/US band that crafts exceedingly dreamy acoustic psych crafted for dark mornings where getting out from under the covers is the last thing one wants to think of. Blurring the line between ambient folk, celestial drone and a land where Delia Derbyshire is still recording the world, Lything, the groups latest release on Apollolaan Recordings (limited to 50!), is a wondrous departure from reality. It drifts by like clouds bound for some other town, but not without leaving an impression. Sort of like this. Recorded by Lucy Hague, Sand Snowman and Kirill Nikolai, Lything is best suited for low impact home life, which makes sense as the record was cut in "Kirill's closet/bedroom/living room in Boulder, CO, Lucy Hague's pad in Edinburgh, Scotland and Sand's home studio in London." Blanket vibes for sure. Take a look at the gorgeous hand made art here. For those of you still lamenting the lose of summer, this should help ease the pain.

Still Light- Footprints in the Garden
Still Light- A Remedy