Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new: James Ferraro "iAsia 2 Raver"

Muscle Works Inc.

Fresh off the release of Night Dolls with Hairspray, alien vessel James Ferraro is back with more transmissions from some twisted place far, far away. Labeled "iAsia 2 Raver" on his digital_skin soundcloud, the extended 30 minute piece is similar to the "Casino Neptune" style jams on the iAsia CD-R, which were described as "New sounds from 107.7 Hyppereal Radio XM Mars." The theme continues here, with shards of warped digitalism bouncing back-and-forth like cosmic pinballs, zooming in zones often only probed by molecular beings...whatever the fuck that means. Anyway, new Ferraro. Jam it. Digest it. Jam it again. Then call the Toddfather and snag Night Dolls with Hairspray.

IAsia 2 RAVER by digital_skin