Tuesday, August 31, 2010

mix: The Report Vol.1


"Our inaugural companion compilation was structured around the idea that each and every one of these songs has a perfect place in the universe. It's a pretty cheesy, new age-y claim, but, in all honesty, I think its especially true with the songs compiled for The Report. Many of them are one-off exclusives, live jams intended to be nothing but live jams, demos, or outtakes once deemed unworthy for release. The entire genus of this publication was to give a home to specific works that didn't necessarily have a place to dwell. Hopefully this tape effectively gives these songs shelter, and a place to rest their weary heads."

- M. McGregor from The Report Vol.1

Pre-order The Report Vol.2

The book features interviews with Iasos, Greg Davis, Velvet Davenport, Candy Claws. Texts by Dan Lopatin, Cameron Stallones, Daniel Bachman (Sacred Harp), Nate Grace (Pure Ecstasy). An art feature of original works curated by Megazord, featuring artists like Christelle Gualdi (Stella Om Source), Jon Rafman and the 'Zord himself, amongst a slew of other nxt lvl digi-extractors.

This volume's tape compilation has selections from Dolphins into the Future, Ducktails, Buffalo Moon, Dent May's alter ego Dent Sweat, Big Troubles, The Twerps, Airbird, La Big Vic and more.

The DVD showcases features videos by the likes of Megazord, Laurel Halo, and an excerpt from Amy Ruhl's How Mata Hari Lost Her Head & Found Her Body, which features a score by Julian Lynch. Plus lots of other off the wall video work.


The Report V.1 Tape by The Report|TCC

mp3: Toujours "I'll Come Running" (Eno cover)

Another Green World

Minimalist trance inducing Toujours is back with another slice of hypno-ambiance, this time turning the synths up on Brian Eno's classic "I'll Come Running," one of the greatest Eno pop songs of all time. Toujours is pretty loyal to the original, keeping the slinky vocals in tact, while adding waves of synthetic love to the mix. It's a bit trancey, but not in a boom-boom Club Europa way, rather Toujours crafts a loving rendition more suitable for the chill-out room at some quasi-rave.

I'll Come Running (Brian Eno Cover) by Toujours

Thursday, August 26, 2010

PHOTOS: Tennis / Family Portrait / Ducktails

Last night Cake Shop played host to the newest member of the Underwater Peoples family, Tennis, for their first ever NYC show. Alongside UP alums Family Portrait and Ducktails (full band) the three acts played to a capacity crowd. DJ Phat Keisha spun the beats. Check out some photos below.

Catch Tennis and Family Portrait tonight at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn. It might also be your only opportunity to pick up Tennis' already sold out Underwater Peoples 7".

Photos by: Chaakles

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

videos: Outer Limits Recordings

Cameos Galore

Those following Sam M's musical trajectory are in for a doozey with Outer Limits Recordings. On the heels of the wonk'd drudgery that defined Flashback Repository and the neon-decay of Matrix Metals is Mehran's latest development, a retro-futurist take on VHS-warped proto-pop. Where his prior works fell into heavy narco-landscapes, OLR is more a playful, almost humorous, take on the Top of the Pops. Easily the most accessible tunage Sam's released, at times OLR feels like the joke is on, well, everybody, as these guys are having way too much fun.

"Burnin" is a Casio jammer with bits of slicing wah warbles that hits the same taste buds as sweedish fish when your on two double stacks and you can't find any water. Whistles and slap-funk guitar riffs really elevate this one to car stereo status.

"Julie" is the haunted love ballad. The vibe is tainted from the start, giving me the impression that this love for Julie is really lust for a sex doll. No, this is not Lars and the Real Girl. More an imagined blow-up doll created in the throws of another endless night fucking with technology and intoxicants.

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's "$20 Bills." Another in this series that proves these dudes are having more fun than just about anyone in America. Not to self: stop taking things so srsly. Srsly.


Sad & Low

"Every boy and every girl...SPICE UP YR LIFE!" A powerful mantra in the late 90s pre-teen revolution. Much like his recontextualization of Biebs and Brit before, this re-edit find NIKE7UP mining late 90s top 40 lynchpins and stewing them in a massive cauldron, creating a sensationally syntheic gumbo pop-neophtes are sure to devour. Oh, and it included a Jet sample. So, yeah.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new: Toujours


Toujours hypno-headphonics landed in my inbox this weekend. Minimal in nature, Toujours seems to be crafting dance music much in line with Burial and The Sight Below, in that it's more suited for self-medicated bedroom hypnosis than strobe-lite clubs. That said, his tunes reek of some stanky remix cologne, and are prime pallets that noted remixers like Gold Panda and Teengirl Fantasy would seemingly drool over. No surprise either that Toujours follows Ghostly's SoundCloud page, as he certainly dabbles in Detroit minimalism on"Impact '66" (collab w*th redwave) and "Topper", though his style seems much more rooted in Pacific Coast hypnogogia ("Time for Somebody"). That said, Toujours isn't afraid of mixing it up, as the "melttttt mix" of "Time for Somebody," a nearly 20-minute long ambient remix, fittingly proves.

Time for Somebody (melttttt mix) by Toujours

Time for Somebody by Toujours

Impact '66 by Toujours

Monday, August 23, 2010

update: OESB

So Sing Along

Well, Todd just laid an Operative Dumbo Drop sized box on my mailbox. Major update from the always provocative Olde English Spelling Bee, who are finally putting Big Troubles debut LP Worry in the palm of the listener's hand. Been waiting for this for over a year, and couldn't be more stoked. Might as well be a major label debut, whatever that means these days. Be sure to grip it asap, which you can, as all orders will be going out this week. Don't hesitate. Seriously.

In other OESB realms, Bobka favorites Pigeons are back with a new 7-inch, the first since their heavenly Lunettes last year on Soft Abuse. Clark & Wednesday are now back in the States, and somehow found time to produce a video for "The Paradise," the A-side from the new single. (View above)

It's been a while since we heard from Greatest Hits, the danse pop machine fronted by Zak Mering (Raw Thrills) and Tyler Thacker. Last I saw them they were DJ'ing at Silent Barn between sets by Speculator, Tonstartssbandht and Run DMT. Seems like they've been re-working their dance floor sensations in bedrooms across Bushwick and are now ready to drop their debut single. If you slept on their (formerly) free to download record Greatest Hits Vol.1, stop dreaming and hop to. The rest of your 2010 will be incomplete if you do not funk on the madness that is "Danse Pop" and "Make You Mine." Serious jammers, for serious party people.

OESB, along with our homeys at Upstairs CDR, are also proud to bring the debut (lots of debuts) from Autre Ne Veut to the listening arena. A bombastic blast of pop sorcery, AVN's been splicing synthetic tracks together 'neath the murky streets for a while, occasionally popping out of a manhole to wiggle & wail on the floor of a beer soaked "venue." His jams are often headphone appropriate, with nether land swirls bringing ethereal melodies to light under solar examination. Been intrigued with his live show and the tracks on MySpace for a minute, as well as his last (NSFW) video, but "Soldier" is what really grabs me. Unpretentious drum-machine enabled bliss pop. Check the video below. Highly rec'd.

And last, but not least, some new shit by OESB mainstay Ducktails. The label's got the new 7-inch, featuring "Hamilton Road," a cut from the forthcoming Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics LP, set for November release on Woodsist. Also, Ducktails Live on WFMU 12-inch from Inflated just came today, and the mastered version of this LP sounds phenomenal. DL it here, and make sure to delete your old unmastered copy.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch Ep???

Save the Creek

No idea what episode number this is, but that doesn't matter much. Rick Ross tweeted that there were purple clouds over NYC today as I was headed to Newtown Radio. Seemed appropriate for the heavy mix of deep psych and lush explorations I had planned for Sunday Brunch. The storm hit sometime in the middle of our broadcast, which probably shifted the direction of the show. (Subconsciously, of course, as Newtown's nuclear bunker has no direct access to the outside world.)

Newtown Radio is also in the midst of preparing a very special live concert series and they need your help. The station, which has played host to wonderful radio programs from Arthur Radio to the Visitation Rites & Underwater Peoples shows, as well as the post-punk hour from Negative Pleasure and a host of other prime shows making Newtown one of the premier little radio outlets in New York. They will be hosting a new live concert series at Los Hermanos Tortilleria, which you may remember was an excellent location for the Pure Ecstasy/Twin Sister show earlier this year. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds will also help fund the Newtown Creek Alliance, whose job it is to make sure Greenpoint's waterways are cleaner for future generations. The shows will also benefit Newtown Radio, nurturing the up-and-coming station into young adulthood. Check it all out at Kickstarter, and be sure to contribute whatever you can. It's a good cause.

Sunday Brunch Radio Ep??

Jean Claude Vaneer- le garde volent au secours du roi
Hot Seduction Scene in Bitter Moon (YouTube)
Cocteau Twins- Cherry Coloured Funk
SURVIVE- Glass Knives (33rpm)
Stellar OM Source- Red Green Blue
Kendra Smith- Stars Are In Your Eyes
Woodsman- Smells Like Purple
Species trailer (YouTube)
Russell Morris- Part 3 into Paper Walls
Magic Lantern- Moon Lagoon Platoon
Slowdive- AB (w/ Brian Eno) (Souvlaki Demo)
Family Portrait- Dark Roast
Mohammad Nouri- Biya Bar-e Safar Bandim
Omar Khorshid- Solenzara
Velvet Davenport- Tangerine
Tracey Trance- Side B of Mummy Fingers (excerpt)
The Sandwitches- Baby Mine
Beat Happening- Noise
The Close Lobsters- Pimps
Silent Diane- Riverside
How I Quit Crack- Gone Away
Sleep Over- La Rose
St. Christopher- Even the Sky Seems Blue
Cocteau Twins- Aikea- Guinea (live)

Download Sunday Brunch Ep?? (8/22/2010)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

video: Geneva Jacuzzi "Clothes on the Bed"

Hands on the Bed

Eric Fensler's warped-retro vignette for Geneva Jacuzzi's "Clothes on my Bed" is probably the greatest depiction of teen angst meets bad acid I've seen here. Casio new-wave in the bedroom leads to mirror-singing, and of course, singing in the mirror always leads to hallucinations of smokey stages and flashing lights, the roar of an un-present crowd of onlookers. Don't be fooled, this is not the visual counterpart for a demo submission for Ebony Record's Synthetic Romance compilation (see below), but it probably could be. Either way, a pleasantly twisted end of the day surprise.

comp: Synthetic Romance (Ebony Records)


No clue how known this was before a few months ago, but it has most definitely made a lasting impression on me. (Thanks to Dark Entries for digitzing.) An outerworldly mix of futuristic synth pop covering a wide range of emerging acts from 1982. The back cover reads:
“Synthetic Romance – for people wanting a collection of modern and futuristic music. The groups are varied, from all parts of the country and all walks of life, with one thing in common – the synthesizer – perhaps the most sophisticated instrument of our century.
After spending a few months with this comp it's really hard to pick a favorite, or even a couple to post, but Factor 10's "Ever Since You Went Away" is a monumental jam that I haven't been able to kick, much the same as Those Attractive Magnets "Fade Into Silence." A sampling below, but you might as well just DL the whole thing. (Courtesy of Dark Entries)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

show: Games Live Debut

Planet Party

Been a big fan of Games since the KGB Man sent "Planet Party" over late one Sunday night a few months back. From demo status to mastered status, Thursday night at Glasslands marks Games entrance into the center arena. It'll be a special night, with Gatekeeper, D'eon and Blissed Out opening the evening. Laurel Halo will be on visuals, while DJ Keyshia Cole (aka DJ Fat Keyshia, aka McG) will be spinning nonsense between sets. Peep a new mix by D'eon below, as well as side C of Spend the Night with Games.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mix: For the Weed Smokers: Da Mixtape


With medical weed distros popping up more rapidly than cases of West Nile, it seems highly appropriate that epic hip-hop blog Twankle & Glisten drop For the Weed Smokers: Da Mixtape. Mixed by DJ Kid Slizzard, the "5th and ultimate Twankle & Glisten cassettemix" kicks it old school, pre-Keyshia Cole strain, focusing on weeded out hits from Memphis to Cali to H-Town. It's basically a 90-minute tutorial in blunted beats & weeded out vocabulary, and serves as an excellent primer for anyone looking to get schooled in coughee and dosha.

The cassette may be available in person from the T&G crew, or "the young burn outs of Gnar Tapes & Shit," but if you can't find it their, feel free to manufacture your own, as T&G provide j-card formatted cover art and 45-minute sides to fit perfectly on a C-90 mixtape.

Twankle & Glisten/DJ Kid Slizzard presents For the Weed Smokers: Da Mixtape

mp3: Radio People "Exhale"

High Spirits

A departure from the music released under his birth/gov't name, Radio People, Sam Goldberg's latest recording project, finds the Cleveland-based experimentalist elevated to a kosmiche synth utopia. Much like his collaboration with Emerald's John Elliot is MIST, "Exhale" is a five minute meditative piece on deep breathing. No guitar work here, just glistening synths warbling in the flourescent sunlight, which gives "Exhale" a bit of a 'space sanctuary'-vibe. Fans of Emeralds, OPN and Rainbow Dome Musick should look for Radio People's The Rumor CD-R on High Spirits.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



Run DMT and TONSTARTSSBANDHT went on tour together and apparently they formed a doom psych monster. Heavy to the max, this video from their show in Denton chants in Silver Anfaang II-zones & kick-out-the-jams riffage. It's perpetually boiling over the top. Run DMT clearly has great chemistry with Edwin and Andy, reflected in the all-out, balls-to-the-wall poundin psyche breakdown. It's a far cry from the Bong Voyage and "Spruce Bringsteen," and from the sounds of it those may be but dust in the wind, which may not be a bad thing at all if the video below is telling of what the future holds for Run DMT. FBO.

Monday, August 9, 2010

box set: "Burlington, VT" NNA Tapes

NNA Tapes has been documenting the avant scene for a while, with releases by Sun Circle, Caboladies and Harmonizer all under its belt. One of the label's most recent releases is also their most ambitious; an 8 cassette tape box set of Burlington, VT-based artists. Burlington, VT features "a c15 tape from each of the following artists: Greg Davis, Ryan Power, Toby Aronson, A Snake In The Garden, Chubby Wonder, tooth ache., Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross, and Cosmic Matrix. Housed in a large vinyl snapcase with cardstock insert." The super eclectic comp is a testament to the creative juices continually flowing on the shores of Lake Champlain. Greg Davis's "Singing Image of Water Moon", tooth ache.'s "Eurydice" and Toby Aronson's "Picnic Point" are all exceptional tracks that speak volumes about Burlington's effervescent scene, which is always bubbling neath the surface.

"BURLINGTON,VT" by nnatapes

Sunday, August 8, 2010


He's baaaaaaaaack. DL's been on a hot streak, apparently absorbing solar rays and radiaton waves during the hottest summer ever(?!?!) and using them as the basis for hyper-accelerated replication. His latest incarnation comes in the form of a collection of screwed & fucked re-edits from the latest DL persona, Chuck Person. In the same realm as the recent Spend the Night with Games mix, the first volume of the appropriately titled ECCOJAMS takes clear nods from its 16-bit predecessor and sounds as if Chuck Person is actually remixing popular tracks with a Sega controller. Imagine DJ Screw & Araab Musiz's super chill/funny cousin fucking up top 40 classics through Parapper the Rapper interface. For gripping here.

Chuck Persons- Information by The Report|TCC

Chuck Persons- Angel by The Report|TCC

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

video: Nike7Up's Justin Bieber Re-Edit


Re-edit, remix culture seems to be flying in a few way lately, into some weird middle ground that's a semiotic cousin of screw-house and MovieMaker Editing on ecstasy. Nike7Up's pretty much been killing this on the low for a bit, though that'll probably change after his releases with Disaro and Light Lodge. This was the first piece of Nike7Up's shit I heard a lil while back, and it's still ringing heads. It's all in the "c3||ph0n3ÅpøçaL¥p$e¡nƒ¡N¡†y420Mix," Nike7Up's chosen remix title, which is surprisingly telling. Your gonna want to bust out the Audio Hijack for this one (and most of his other videos/MySpace tracks).

new: Buffalo Moon "Low Tide Moon"

Black Magic

While their Moon Glyph debut was quite the entrance for Buffalo Moon, the MN psych-bossanova afficiando's forthcoming 7-inch finds them moving well beyond the constraints of summer themes and into the enchanted world of old Hollywood. "Low Tide Moon," the b-side, is an alluringly vivid portrait of nights spent on the Big Island (on a set somewhere in Burbank). It's amazing in that it recalls both Annette Funicello and Joe Meek, a credit to Elliot Kozel and Kyle Sobczak who recorded the tune on tape at Magic Fingers studio. "Low Tide Moon," which is a centerpiece on the Report V.2 compilation, is sitting high a-top my undeniable jams playlist right now, aka best songs of the year playlist, alongside "Round & Round" and Dent May's soon-to-be-released "Eastover Wives," which you can hear on Gorilla vs. Bear's July Mix. (It's a truly next level piece from Mr. May. Check the sax.)

Pre-order Buffalo Moon's Black Magic/Low Tide Moon 7-inch here. Highest rec'd. Do it quickly to, as their last tape sold out quicly. Buffalo Moon is about to head out on a trek throughout the Midwest & West, check tour dates here.

Buffalo Moon- Low Tide Moon by The Report|TCC

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mp3: Cascaders "Time Test"

Slob City

From neath the shadows of Mt. St. Helen's, Cascaders slaloms through rifts and rivers, occassionally peering up at the sky to guess the time. "Time Test" is another sojourn journey from the Pac North transplant, currently exiled to Slob City, just west of Garbage Town. While those adjectives may conjur visions of grey-scale noise dirges, "Time Test" is actually the exact opposite; the bioluminescent polar opposite to the globs of oil collecting in the Newtown Creek.

Cascaders "Time Test" will appear on the first Curatorial Club compilation, tentatively titled SummerSummerSummerSummerBeachBeachBeachBeachChillChillChillChillWaveWaveWaveWave.
More news on that very soon.