Wednesday, September 29, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 9/26 | Weird Magic Mix

Burial Ceremony

Hit the studio hard last weekend with a whole gang of hooligans. Comp was in the shop, so kicked it old school with an, almost, all vinyl set, before Weird Magic came in and dropped their brand new mix on us, which you can listen to below, as part of Sunday Brunch, and separately on Soundcloud. Also peep the extended dance edit of Ducktails "Dancing With the One You Love," which originally appeared on Bobkast #32: So I Can Fly. (Love how it's titled Weird Magic Burial Ceremony.) Gnarly dance jammers for the future psych set. Cop it before the kids co-opt it and Rezzie Dude is a fixture on HRO.

Sunday Brunch 9/26/2k10
OPN- Format & Journey North
High Wolf- Side B #2
Laurie Anderson- Kokoku
Pigeons- Crucific & Crosses
Marissa Nadler- Mistress
Silver Pines- Maypearl
Herbcraft- Road to Agartha
Pink Floyd- Interstellar Overdrive
Shits & Giggles- Junkanooga Booga
Panda Bear- Bonfire of the Vanities
Sun Araw- Heavy Deeds
**Weird Magic Mix**
Willow Smith- Whip My Hair (Clit Talk screw)
How I Quit Crack- Gone Away (screw)
Autre Ne Veut- Demon Eyes
Lil B- My Window Sill
SURVIVE- Lunar Eclipse (33 1/3 rpm)
Stellar Om Source- Island Best
Zonotope ™- On My Planet

Download Sunday Brunch 9/26/2010

Weird Magic #1 by weirdmagic

Ducktails - Dancing With The One You Love (Weird Magic Burial Ceremony) by weirdmagic

Monday, September 27, 2010

show: Alex Bleeker, La Big Vic, Sweet Bulbs

The fine folks behind T&T and UP coughed up some serious loot for me to unleash alter-ego DJ Everything Bagel Toasted with Schmeer, and an Ice Coffee...Keep the Change! on the public. And this is exactly what is going to happen tomorrow night at Bruar Falls. Alex Bleeker, La Big Vic and Sweet Bulbs will also be there.

la big vic - heyo (nihiti pulsing morning mix) by nihiti

*what should I play?

stream: Tjutjuna's s/t LP

The Swish
The ferocious Tjutjuna just posted their debut LP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Firetalk head honcho Trevor from Woodsman, who have a bunch of shows coming up in NYC (including a big Chocolate Bobka CMJ rager, more on that soon) will be releasing the massive record shortly on appropriately heavy 180 gram vinyl. These guys are onto some pulverizing kraut-influenced space rock that's been bulldozing just about everything else I've heard over the past couple months. Needless to say, I'm really jonesing to see Tjutjuna live.

Tjutjuna S/T LP by firetalk

new: Lil P-Nut "You MIght Be The One"

For Me

Pre-adolescent romance has been the subject of tiger beat jams since back when the Partridge Family reigned supreme, but literally every kid rap track ever ain't got nothing on the upper-level flow of Memphis's Lil P-Nut. The seven year old (yeah, he's fucking seven!) can be heard near nightly freestyling with O.G's on Memphis's 107.9. He's already seen love in Yo Gotti videos, as well as props from other Memphis street luminaries, but something tells me, unlike other pre-pubescent rappers like Lil Romeo and Bow Wow, P-Nut's got a stunna style that is more notable for his uncharacteristically easy flow than his grade school status. Looking forward to the day when he hooks up with one of his lil homey's whose been fucking with Reason and Ableton since birth. Truly next level hip-hop could come from this elementary incubator, let's just hope the major's don't fuck shit up. (He's already been on ELLEN, so major label fuckery is probably right around the corner.) Also, major props for bringing back the jheri curl.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mp3: Dem Hunger "WANDA HENA EL HAWA"

Shelley Duvall

Dem Hunger's gonzo Caveman Smack cassette is getting a RARE (shout out BASEDGOD) repress from the fine folks at Leaving Records, aka Mr. Matthew David. Dem's been going strong for a while, compiling all sorts of white drug magick into completely bonzo electronic calisthenics, the sort of shit your Mom did in the Kitchen before school, only this is music, not breakfast. Exciting stuff, indeed. Not only that, Dem's been cooking (Shout out BASEDGOD) up some ambient fire, including this wonker from the forthcoming, previously titled, though currently untitled TCC ambient tape comp, which will also feature selections from Cascaders, MD+Speculator, La Big Vic and a bunch of other special zoners I'm not currently at will to divulge. Shit's gonna make you pass the fuck out. Keep your eyes peeled for that one any day now. Also, new tapes coming very soon from Sultan, Zonotope TM, and a couple heavy bangers. Yep, bangers. Nope, electro-classh.

Dem Hunger- Wanda Hena El Hawa

Monday, September 20, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 9/19/2010


Heavy sun and positive light set the tone for yesterday's Sunday Brunch broadcast, though the true inspiration was the Based God's preposterous, and unfettered, natural wonder, which pretty much set the tone for the afternoon. Grab the 2 hour set below, which features lots of new and fucked wonkery, including an unheard Megazord screw (the bonus track from Throw Myself into the Mediafire) and a bunch of other weird stuff, like Clit Talk's screw of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair."

Sunday Brunch 9/19/2010
Terry Riley- 4/18/72 Los Angeles pt.1 (live)
Lil B- We Are the World
Dent May- Eastover Wives (Screwed)
Cascaders- Time Test
Candy Claws- Snow White in the Forest
Lil B & Andy Milonakis- Goin Iberico Ham (YouTube)
Airbird- Nothing Compares
Larry Young- Hellow Your Quietness (Islands)
Cluster & Eno- The Belldog
La Big Vic- Bobka Jam
Laurel Halo- Something I Never Had
Pimp C- I'sa Playa
Big Moe- Purple Stuff Remix
R. Kelly- Bump N Grind
Danny Brown- The Hybrid
Rick Ross- Super High Remix (w/ Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y)
Tjutjuna- Mosquito Hawk
Zonotope ™- inserting the Galactic Disc
Slowdive- Stars that Shine Demo
Gem Trails- Old Kid
Megazord Dont Cry Tonight (Screw)
d'eon- Waiting room
Radio People- Exhale
Willow Smith- Whip My Hair (Clit Talk screw)
SFranchiotti- Heart of Glass (fuck)
Chuck Persons- Night Saxophone
Rodd Keith- Do the Turkey

Download Sunday Brunch 9/19/2010

In other Newtown Radio news, the homeys are presenting a dope concert series at the Tortilla Factory on Starr St, aka one of the best spots in all of Brooklyn. The series, which kicks off this Friday with Blank Dogs, includes our friends in Eternal Summers, as well as a special Bobka curated birthday show for yours truly. Be sure to contribute to the series (and be rewarded with some ill swag) at Kickstarter. Going to be a great series, do not miss this!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

mp3: Dent May "Eastover Wives" (Screwed)


Dent posted this up on Twitter last night. Not sure who the screwer is (Dent himself??), but, it's bar'd out. Just go with it. The original, in complete hi-fi, is about to be released via Forest Family on a new single, which should be considered a Double A-Side. Dent's also got some other haute shite popping in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Dent May- Eastover Wives

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 9.12.10

Rainy afternoon DJ set alone in the Newtown Radio studio called for one thing; Ableton tomfoolery. Lots of phazed out, unrefined auto-filters and inconsiderate delay fill this quasi-sleazy set, recorded live on God's day.

1. earth wind & fire - fantasy
2. brandy - come as you are
3. the cure - pictures of you
4. happy mondays - hallelujah (club mix)
5. dj spoko - mzansi
6. laurel halo - supersymetry
7. jan hammer - candy
8. gary war - born of light
9. appietus - ghana lady
10. appietus - miss doct
11. bbc - ngunyuta
12. rainy day - alle morgans parties
13. slim thug - welcome to houston
14. nelly - let me see your girl
15. jibbs - chain hang low
16. aaliyah - try again
17. ti - what you know about that
18. swv - can i get freaky tonight
19. megazord screw - my neck my back
20. usher - you make me wanna
Download Sunday Brunch 9.12.10

Monday, September 13, 2010

mix: Megazord Screws


Visual WTF wunderkind Megazord has compiled a few massive collections of screwed top 40 pop, R&B, and hip-hop from the last decade. His latest, Throw Myself into the Mediafire, is "a memorial mix to the fake meme of Mediafire dying." Just like his visual work, Zord's re-edits are "sometimes [a bit] overboard" and that's why they hit so hard. Preposterous to the bone, it's clear Zord (and most everyone slowing tracks these days) ain't doing shit, and that's just why these tunes reign supreme; no pretense, no "talent", no expensive gear, just a desire to make eyes roll and heads bang.

MP3: Khia: My Neck, My Back (Lick It) [Megazord Screw remix]

Collect 'em all:

Throw Myself into the Mediafire

Dominatrix Sunset

I Survived 2009

iTunes Untitled Playlist Summer 2012

Friday, September 10, 2010

show: Alex Bleeker & Flower Orgy


Saturday night the homey Alex Bleeker will be playing a set at Red Hook Bait & Tackle with damaged folkies Flower Orgy. Vibes will certainly be high at this free phamily-esque show, which will probably end up feeling more like a communal gathering at a tackle shop than, well, some hipster gathering in an anonymous warehouse in North Brooklyn. (No hating, just sayin'.) Cruise the B62-to-B61 tomorrow night and take in the show, while saluting Lady Liberty and snacking on one of those dope ass Swindles from Steve's Key Lime Pie Store. Snack on Flower Orgy's "Boneyard" below.

Flower Orgy- Boneyard

new: Guided By Guided By Voices/ WAKR MM-TC II

The long awaited Guided By Guided By Voices compilation courtesy of the ever wonderful Wild Animal Kingdom is now available for auditory delight. A collection of sixteen tracks from the GBV canon by a bakers dozen+ of artists that, if you are reading this, you might enjoy. Enjoy a taste with Martin Courtney's take on "Kicker of Elves" and "As We Go Up We Go Down." Also, grip Alex Bleeker & Evan Brody's take on "Motor Away."

In addtion, remeber to sign up for the phenomenal WAKR Monthly Mix-Tape Club, set to roll into its second year. The first twelve months were phenomenal. Everyone should be a member. Sign up here and receive a new mixtape every month from some passionate young folks.

Martin Courtney- Kicker of Elves/ As We Go Up We Go Down
Bleeker & Brody- Motor Away (via FADER)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

show: Autre Ne Veut, Gatekeeper, Laurel Halo, Airbird


Big show tonight at Zebulon for the release of Autre Ne Veut's debut on OESB/Upstairs. (Peep the new ANV video below.) Joining ANV will be the pulverizing dark wave of Gatekeeper (who were fucking amazing at the recent Games show), as well as futuristic femme fatale Laurel Halo, whose King Felix EP has been in high headphone rotation, as well as the live debut of Airbird, aka Joel Ford of Games, whose "Part of the Game" has been one of my favorite jams this summer, as has his cover of the Beach Boys "Surfer Girl," which is slated to appear on The Report Vol.2 compilation. (Grip here.)

Free show, don't miss it!

Airbird- Part of the Game

new: LA BIG VIC "Heyo" (Nihiti Pulsing Morning Mix)

79 Lorimer

New light voyagers La Big Vic just sent over this remix Nihiti crafted for "Heyo." LBV noted that this ones is prime for the "post-rave cool down room" and it'd be hard to argue against that, as Nihiti's remix feels like a screwed acid house track with vocals by Trish Kennan's long lost cousin. Slow and melodic, with just enough sci-fi efx to keep heads spinning, this remix is going to be in high rotation on nights that turn into days.

la big vic - heyo (nihiti pulsing morning mix) by nihiti

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mp3: Velvet Davenport "Mystery Michael"

Warmy Girls

Psych pop classicists Velvet Davenport are making good on the promise of their early cassette releases, the stream-of-consciousness Lemon Drop Square Box and the equally ephemeral (and even more psychedelic) White Blue. No auditory hallucinations on "Mystery Michael", a selection from their forthcoming LP Warmy Girls, rather, more Quixotic explorations through the dazzling world of prophetic paisley pop. Compared to the stoned monotone often extolled on Lemon Drop Square Box, Parker Sprout sounds spritely on "Mystery Michael," proclaiming "I feel great about my day/ Wouldn't have spent it any other way." A warm affair from Sprout's psilo-pop extravaganza, whose Warmy Girls is set to slather the rest of 2010 in a distinctly lysergic cream. Highest recommendation.

MP3: Velvet Davenport: "Mystery Michael"

Warmy Girls will be available shortly from Moon Glyph.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tape: Various Deficiencies Vol.1


A few months ago we posted the exceptional debut compilation from Blackburn Recordings. Originally the mix, which featured the likes of Big Troubles, Coasting, Sultan, Sore Eros, Campfires, Cursillistas, Sleep Over, Cloud Nothings and Lame Drivers, amongst a ton of others, was only available as a MediaFire download. Well, now our homeboy Jonathan at Blackburn has taken the mix to its rightful home; the cassette tape. This limited edition of 130 features the art of Molly Smith, who hand-colored each tape. (Nice job Molly!) Blackburn was nice enough to hook Bobka up with a couple copies for giveaway. Name your favorite spaghetti western in the comments for a chance to win.

Download Various Deficiencies Vol.1
Purchase the Various Deficiencies Vol.1 tape