Wednesday, October 13, 2010

old: Armand Schaubroeck "Ratfucker"

Short Shorts

It's late. Trevor from Woodsman, Jonah, and Friendship Bracelet are sitting on my couch. Trevor puts on a song called "Ratfucker." That's right, "Ratfucker." Hard to describe but safe to say the track, by Armand Schaubroeck, is a fucking shotgun blast to the face. That makes sense when you find out that Schaubroeck, according to legend, was a hitman for the mob, who parlayed his murder loot into studio time, paying studio musicians to riff, before ranting hysterically over the whole shebang. He then moved upstate and opened House of Guitars in Rochester, where once a year he would stack amps on the roof of the building and let kids wail. Fuck yeah...I think??

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