Friday, November 5, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch 10/3 edition

Hellllllllllo Pitch Bend

Catching up on my mismanaged radio archive, here is a Sunday Brunch from about a month ago. If I recall correctly, it was a dark afternoon and I was chilling in the studio with Mr. Zonotope™, whom you will be hearing A LOT about very shortly. Trust me. Vibe fluttered between insect calls and noir-ish psych (Pigeons, Kria Brekkan, James Ferraro), before cross-fading into warped African & dark waves, with the pitch bent all the way down and the mid's frolicking back and forth like restless kids. And that's just the first 25 minutes. Expect the unexpected. Then ride it 'til dawn.

Sunday Brunch 10/3/2010

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