Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new: Outer Limits Recordings "Sugar Pie"

Burning Through The Night

More saccarine confection from Outer Limits Recordings, whose first two 7-inches are set to drop on OESB in two weeks. "Sugar Pie" appropriate sways with prom-song abandon – heads jerk, knees jerk, kids get lit up on spiked punch. Repetition is key here, as the melody really unfolds over time, the instinctual groove birthed from cognitive dissonance. Kinda reminds me of this scene in Tuff Turf, but with a focus on reinterpreting the boogie woogie.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

movie: Nothing Yet


A few months back I posted the trailer for Nothing Yet, the directorial debut of James Benson of the infamous Frat Dad. (R.I.P?) The film follows the life of a mythical suburban punk band who go on a 3 day tour. Lots of stuff happens/Nothing happens. It's as indebted to the bored freedom ingrained in suburban life, as it is travelogues, tour diaries and mumble-core films. All in all, a pretty good student film, which happens to feature music from Julian Lynch, Liam the Younger and a host of other NJ/Underwater Peoples associated acts. Currently airing for One Week Only on Pitchfork.

mp3: Dylan Ettinger "Rico's Pawn Shop"

Penguin Point

Space age drifter Dylan Ettinger is back again, this time with a re-mastered, re-released edition of New Age Outlaws, which was originally released on cassette earlier this year on Not Not Fun. Ettinger, whose "Smokin'" still gets rocked on Sunday Brunch fairly often, takes to the boards again, expanding on the slinking slime sound that he's been perpetuating for a bit now. This one's a bit of a monster, removing blissy enchantment of proto-New Age, and manipulating it with bounce slaps and Casiotone radiation. This is not a new age album, or even a record to "space out" to, rather a wonk'd exploration of the sleazy underbelly that surrounds. Sorta reminds me of that place where Splinter from TMNT dwells. But nastier.

Dylan Ettinger- Rico's Pawn Shop

Snag Dylan Ettinger's New Age Outlaws on Not Not Fun.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mp3: Family Portrait "Glide Pt.2 (demo)"


Rose Quartz highlighted Family Portrait's "Glide Pt.1 (demo)" the other day, and here's it's companion, the appropriately titled "Glide Pt.2 (demo)". Like its predecessor, this one relies heavily on acoustic jangle, Evan Brody's inimitable wah-fected riffs, and a steady beat that keeps the whole machine chugging along. At times it recalls The Feelies, with hints of tambourine pop and Orbisonian harmonies for flavor, which, at this point, you should expect from Family Portrait. Of course, this familiarity quickly swirls into curiosity when the Frippertronic tones squiggle in, and you begin to wonder what the future holds for Family Portrait. I think we'll find out soon when Underwater Peoples releases Family Portrait's full-length sometime in the not-so distant future.

MP3: Family Portrait: "Glide Pt. 2 (demo)"

Come see Family Portrait (OG lineup) this afternoon at Pianos. Free show. Chillers only. You know the drill.

Monday, October 18, 2010

video: Rene Hell "Slightly Eleven"

In My White Tea

Royal robotics groove in reformatted pixels, flickering on the Trintron, as melting Japanese commercials expose themselves to digital delay and FX magic. All the while, Rene Hell seems to be out of the picture, controlling the whole thing with a joystick, or midi-controller. Fluttering synthphonics gleam brightly, even brighter when paired with visuals by the freakishly poignant .mov fucker Megazord, whose probably chilling somewhere in his white tea.

mp3: Dent Sweat "I Don't Mind"

With An Ass Like That

While his latest 7-inch veers away from the Ukulele crooners of his debut LP, Dent May has a new alter ego, Dent Sweat, which finds the Mississippi based artist moving even further away from the instrument which defined Magnificent Ukulele. "I Don't Mind" is a jammer. Now that we got that out of the way, I'd like to note that it is a sexy jammer, more in line with Next's "Too Close" than indie, or the ever-burgeoning slo-R&B movement that's due for its backlash right…about…now. "I Don't Mind" finds Dent exploring seemingly infinite production styles, with nods to booty bass and flourishing synth house, while continuing to mine the ever fruitful, tongue in cheek poetics he's been perfecting for a few years. Like I said before, this is a jammer, and most certainly worthy of the Dent Sweat moniker. You will sweat.

"I Don't Mind" is featured on The Report V.II companion compilation. You can find Dent all over NYC this week, including a stop at the Bobka-curated This is Not a CMJ show Wednesday afternoon at Pianos.

Dent Sweat- I Don't Mind

Thursday, October 14, 2010

show: This is not a CMJ Show 10/20 Pianos

This Is How We Do It

Free Day Party. Come hang.

Flyer by Alan H.

tonight: Run DMT, Woodsman, La Big Vic & More

Cash 4 Gold

Fun show tonight at Shea Stadium featuring a slew of Bobka favorites, including Woodsman, Run DMT, La Big Vic, Night Manager and Birthdays. Starts at 8, costs $7. Go. It'll be fun.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

old: Armand Schaubroeck "Ratfucker"

Short Shorts

It's late. Trevor from Woodsman, Jonah, and Friendship Bracelet are sitting on my couch. Trevor puts on a song called "Ratfucker." That's right, "Ratfucker." Hard to describe but safe to say the track, by Armand Schaubroeck, is a fucking shotgun blast to the face. That makes sense when you find out that Schaubroeck, according to legend, was a hitman for the mob, who parlayed his murder loot into studio time, paying studio musicians to riff, before ranting hysterically over the whole shebang. He then moved upstate and opened House of Guitars in Rochester, where once a year he would stack amps on the roof of the building and let kids wail. Fuck yeah...I think??

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tape: Sultan The Moon

The Overture

Subtle tones creeping through the sentient Autumnal air, this reissue of Sultan's The Moon materializes from the invisible mist hanging in the air. Recorded in March of 2010, the tape fittingly begins with "Overture", a sweeping and grandiose opening statement, as faded and hushed as "There Goes My Girl", Sultan's wondrous tune that closed Blackburn Recordings Various Deficiancies V.1 compilation. Kayla gave The Moon, a collection of five extended cuts, to a handful of friends, but this is the first time it will be available in larger quantities. Highly recommended for fans of haunting acid-folk, damaged tape excursions and restrained beauty.

Listen to The Moon in its entirety at Sultan's Bandcamp.

Order from The Curatorial Club.

Monday, October 11, 2010

mp3: Sohni Chambers "2:47 PM"


As the title Yaw-Mah-Ha suggests, Sohni Chambers are churning deep roots, those previously only movable via supreme force. No surprise that the nu-organ/drum duo consists of Sun Araw's Cameron Stallones, and fellow light traveler Nick Malkin. Sohni Chamber's first offering was delivered via Goaty and succeeds in its restrictions; their are no overdubs on Yaw-Mah-Ha, giving it an immensely loose and heavy quality, which, unlike many similar warts and all recordings, never trails off into self-righteous noodling. Rather, Sohni Chambers rides the electrical energy of innate to their namesake(s). If only Triniton's and P-70's pianos were this far out.

Sohni Chambers- 2:47 PM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

video: Autre Ne Veut "Emotional"

Feelings In My Heart

Another video from Autre Ne Veut's self-titled debut on OESB/Upstairs, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite pop records of the year. This one is for "Emotional", which squirms in Paisley Park zones. At times it feels like an aching, heartfelt ballad, but it isn't a romantic tune, rather a self-doubting, strung-out-in-the-corner ballad, more in tune with being broke and not able to afford your habit than losing your soul mate. It's the sort of emotionally overboard, yet completely pragmatic pop that Adley has a knack for producing. Neck-and-neck with "Demon Eyes" for my favorite track on this outstanding debut.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

video: Tjutjuna "Mosquito Hawk"

Aquarium Frenzy

The ferocious Tjutjuna released their debut LP on Firetalk, Trevor from Woodsman's imprint, and to say that its massive is an understatement. A testament to the 180 gram vinyl it's issued on, the self-titled debut from Tjutjuna is a heavy dose for intense space rock. At times Tjutjuna feels more like an act you'd hear about on a site like Dr. Schluss' Garage of Psychedelic Obscurities with a rating of 5 on the trip-o-meter scale rather than on post-chillwave aware sites like this. A compliment to the Denver quartet, who've been shredding the Rocky Mountains in various incarnations since their teens. It's a testament to Mark Demolar of Woodsman who captured the pulverizing kraut-influenced space rock of "Mosquito Hawk" in this explosive anemone fried clip.

Friday, October 1, 2010

mp3: D'eon "Palinopsia Intro + Almost Out of Time"

Recession Proof
Photo by Erez Avissar
Subtle textures stroke the mind, before a straightforward floor beat directs "Almost Out of Time" to its place in our sphere. Much like his (stellar) performance earlier this year at Glasslands, D'eon doesn't waste any time getting to the place you want to go. He doesn't rush you either. Rather, he rides slow, creeping up from beneath, until, all of a sudden, you've arrived. "There" being the place where IDM started. Yes, it's intelligent dance music. And while that may be one of the worst sound defining genre names in existence, it makes a lot of sense in the context of the Montreal producer, who covered the Urinals "Surfing with the Shah" on his last record, which also featured expressive minimalist house tunes ripe for the Berlin K-house crowd. "Almost Out of Time" strikes a similar chord, balancing itself between the sort of tune that's better imbibed on headphones, and the Kompakt club hits that require 500 speaker quadrophonics. If D'eon is coming to a town near you, your not going to want to miss it. That said, Palinopsia is proof D'eon is out to return some integrity to the dance floor, as he's clearly already sailing higher than anyone else working in similar realms. Grip it shortly via Hippos in Tanks.

D'eon- Palinopsia Intro + Almost Out of Time