Tuesday, July 13, 2010

video: Nothing Yet trailer (aka Frat Dad:The Movie?)


Jesse Jarnow once wrote that "every generation needs its tripped out over-ambitious rock movie that doesn't make sense." Well, kids of 2k9/10/11, here's yours. (Maybe.) Directed by James Benson (Frat Dad) and Bernardo Britto, Nothing Yet follows the story of a young punk rock band from New Jersey who happens to play Frat Dad songs, however, the band IS NOT Frat Dad. Rather, dopplegangers. Fluffy Lumbers (and Frat Dad member) Sam Franklin stars in the film, alongside Frat Dad brother James Benson and Luka Usmiani, who never (to my knowledge) played in Frat Dad, though plays/has played in nearly every other conceivable 4th wave band from Bergen County. (Correction: Luka played in Frat Dad....once.) Nothing Yet, aka not Frat Dad: The Movie, features music from a host of Rock Ridge bands, including Liam the Younger, Julian Lynch and Real Estate. Look for the full-length comedic feature soon.

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