Friday, July 23, 2010

mp3: Petrifried "Thunderstorms"


Lost in the foothills of the Appalachain can be taxing on the mind. The piedmont region, known for its rolling lands, is a weary place for the foot traveler, a world with no clear path in plain site. Thus, travelers must seek a different route, both parallel, and often perpendicular, to the road they wish to travel. The dark acid-folk inspired axe workouts from Virginia's Petrifried epitomize the time spent lost in the valley, searching for a path out, all while daydreaming of what Grandfather Rock looks like from the top. Of course, one could take the easy route, or the injured route, and get heli'd out of the region to a place dotted with Tastee Freeze's and Popeyes, but where is the adventure in that? Petrifried seems to understand this, as, according to the artist, these dirgey guitar drones, as heavily influenced by ragas and the occult feeling of the Electric Six Organs work, are nearing adolescene, many of them already in their 10th year of creation. Now seems like a perfect time for them to go off into the wild on their own.

Petrifried- Thunderstorms
Petrifried- Rooted

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