Tuesday, July 20, 2010

mp3: La Big Vic "LYNY"

Nuclear Bomb

Ever since we bombed the moon last year I've been wondering what lay below the frozen southern pole of the Moon. We know ice is prevelent, which would lead one to believe that something, of some sort, is gaining nourishment from the lunar ice. When scientists dug deeper into the surface, they noticed micro-miniature orbs mulling about the swiss cheese core. These orbs were observed producing bleeps so alien cosmonauts could only hear them when they held standard issue plungers to their ears, from whence an undulating pitter patter of sound would stir, causing molecules from the Milky Way to dance a discordinately choreographed dance around the sun. This is what comes to mind in La Big Vic's "LYNY," a track seemingly birthed in a land void of past and present, and solely focused on the future, where sound is the #1 technology used to pioneer the last great frontier.

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