Monday, July 19, 2010

video: Lil B "We Are The World"

"Love Means Life"

A hook like “live positive, turn that frown upside down” could sound like an insincere marketing tool to show listeners a rapper has a heart. In the case of Lil B, it only highlights his radiant honesty and ultra-violet, stream of (un)conscious word play, the likes of which sound like no one from this galaxy.

A freakishly active Internet user, Lil B is constantly uploading new material to his YouTube account. (Dig in.) One of the latest videos, "We Are The World," is a positive nod to the Farm Aid classic in name only, as in this version there is no Aqua Net over indulgence or liberal guilt involved. No clichés. No irony. Just a real dude who wants to "tell you how nice you are.”


Anonymous said...

dude this is complete BS. Just a real guy?
Explain this then
and this

what a positive guy! I'm sure all those bitches he's getting will help change the world

Anonymous said...

Lil B is a complex character. Mr. Fergus if you have the time, read this:

It's the best explanation of what Lil B is, or at the least, represents.