Monday, July 12, 2010

mp3: Pigeons "en rêve"

"Life's A Gas"

TCC006 - Pigeons C28

On the trail of their Lunettes 7-inch on Soft Abuse and barely preceeding the release of Si Faustine on OESB, this collection of songs finds Pigeons exploring their inner realm. Originally intended to be a live release, TCC006 grew to include new songs (the intoxicating allure of "en rêve" and the luminous "Masks"), as well as homages to some of their favorite songs (Mark Bolan's "Life's A Gas", Dwight Twilley's "Looking for the Magic" and Jimmy Page and Del Shannon's "In My Time of Sorrow.") The B-side is filled with a live set recorded in the dead of winter on the Lower East Side and showcases songs from the forthcoming Si Faustine. Order here.

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