Wednesday, July 21, 2010

new: Zonotope™

"Inserting the Galactic Disc"

Peering out into the solar system, one might imagine that everything is symmetical. In a kaleidoscopic spirodoodle world, this is rather easy, and the inhabitants of that realm are making it known by producing wholly subarborescen rhythms native to the parallel universe. Zonotope™ is one such creator and his Cruising Through the Hypersphere of Resonance is a full realization of how one can trap the solar energy and concentrate it in sound. Oddly enough, this 14-minute trip was recorded on Christmas Eve in the year 2012, which makes sense, especaially if you've watched 2012 and 2012: Doomsday within the past 12 hours. Highly recommend DL'ing Cruising Through the Hypersphere of Resonance, which chants in a light that Stag Hare and Sun Araw fans, as well as Joe Meek/Rodd Keith loyalists, will certainly vibe on, as will old Lemon Jelly heads looking for their fix of R. Tucker Abbot's scientific-incantations.

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