Tuesday, July 20, 2010

new: The Sandwitches Duck, Duck, Goose! 12"


Two labels that I've been following for a minute, but for some strange reason haven't gotten around to posting about are the Bay Area's Empty Cellar and Secret Seven Records. Their latest collaboration is a single sided 12" from SF's The Sandwitches, which finds the ladies hibernating in an aquatic cave deep in the heart of an island off the coast of California. The only way to get inside is to dive under the land mass, and squirm your way through a tiny shoot that pops out into what feels like an infinite cave. It's a dark place, dank and cold, and completely void of any light, save that from a head lamp. While the title conjurs memories of days when all one could think about was recess, the songs are far from playful and find Heidi and Grace digging deep into the Bay Area subconscious, covering Tim Cohen's "Rock of Gibralter" and "Baby Mine," from Dumbo, which may be the most devastating piece of music intended to be played for children I've ever heard. The Duck Duck Goose! 12" is currently available for pre-order.

While your at it, be sure to comb through Endless Nest store, as its ripe with gems, including, but not limited to the Joseph Childress / White White Quilt - Split 7", which was recorded live in an abandoned water tower, the Two Sides of Tim Cohen LP, and Michael Yonker's Goodby Sunball.

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