Thursday, July 22, 2010

new: Spermwhales

"Hissssssy Fits"

Originally conceived as a gateway to meditation, the swirling ambiance of Spermwhales doesn't feature any nature recordings, but the natural world is most definitely present. The debut from the Maryland-based ambient artist, available on The Curatorial Club, hints at the tropi-waves ridden by Ducktails and other sea-faring experimentalists, but veers left, trading surf dotted melodies for hyper-dimensional exploration. Recorded earlier this year, The Seven Openings of the Head is I-Dosing for kids who want to seep below the "Gates of Hades" and simply zone out on the visuals in their mind. Order the cassette here.

In addition to his debut tape, Spermwhales also got together with videographer Winston Case and recorded a video for "Summer Grooves" in a field of mirrors and new age diaramas.

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Anonymous said...

this guy came out of no where. I dig it.