Thursday, July 15, 2010

mp3: Airbird "Part of the Game"

Benny & The Jetz

Vamping chords on a piano instantly brings Elton John's smash finger jubilee to mind, however, in the case of Airbird's "Part of the Game," while the powerful, yet minimal piano riff pushes the track along, its the lean'd on vox that truly sets the tone. Syrup and slo-fu(c)(n)k are behind the wheel, swerving along by-ways parallel to Games, which makes sense considering Airbird is Joel Ford (1/2 of Games). The difference isn't necessarily the lack of Lopatin (pretty sure you can hear his Roland sparkling in the back), rather the deeper craters of sultry pop that Ford fuses together, sprinkling diamond dust on stoccato guitar lines so low in the mix they almost aren't audible, until the 3-minute mark when plink-plunk riffs kick in and orgasm-on-ecstasy vox help you "synthesize yourself into a new American alien."

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