Friday, July 23, 2010

mp3: Tjutjuna "Bottle Kids"

Fire Talk
For all the talk of glistening magic, introspection and swirling dreaminess, sometimes you'd forget the dark side of psychedelia. Tjutjuna have not. Their forthcoming 12" on Fire Talk, the label run by Woodsman's Trever Peterson, is an explosive mix of progressive rock, not in a fusion or King Crimson way, but rather progressive in that it is constantly pushing forward, destroying anything in its path. It's the snowball effect, as the synth arpegiation that introduces "Mosquito Hawk" rolls ahead, gaining steam as smoldering drums as steady and resolute as a any Industrial-era machine bolster the fire. Before you know it, you can barely hear the arpegiating synthesizer, as swells of demon-crushing/anxiexty riddled guitars barnstorm the opposition, leaving little to nothing in their wake. It's forthright, and the execution is spot on. Same can be said of "Bottle Kids," which uses effected feedback and Keltner-crushing drums as the template for what is another trip through the dark side of the mind. Highly recommend pre-ordering this psychedelic beast from Fire Talk.

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