Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mp3: Sultan

"Summer Sigh"

Light pollution is a major problem in New York City, especially for alley dwellers. Much like vampires, alley dwellers fear exposure to the sun, not because they will perish. Alley dwellers reside in the shadows to protect unknowing citizens from the evils of repitilian beasts, the sort of leeches who prey on society, causing a rupture in the pipeline of humanity. The music of Sultan is inline with the mission of the alley dwellers, to preserve and enlighten humanity, while diminishing evil. Of course, in order to accomplish this, one must live in the darkness. In this shady realm, Sultan's guitar acts more like a lightsaber and less like an axe. It cuts through hellish spirits, helping to resurrect the underworld and free unsuspecting beings from the trappings of an alien world they most likely do not know exists.

Sultan has released a couple (I think) self-released tapes, and also has a new collection, Summer Sigh (highly recommended), on her bandcamp, which you can download here. Check out the slumber filled "There Goes My Girl," featured on Blackburn Recordings Various Deficiencies Vol.1 comp below. Expect a 7-inch sometime in the future on Blackburn.

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