Monday, September 14, 2009

polaroid: All Tomorrow's Parties New York 2009

"what costume shall the poor girl wear"
Panda Bear.

Caribou Vibration Ensemble playing ping-pong.

Ed Rodriguez of Deerhoof outside P4K room.

The Low Lows.

Deerhunter setting up.

Leopard Darth Vader dude.

The Sammy Davis Jr. Wing at the Raleigh.


Post- Animal Collective hotel lobby dance party.

Kutsher's check-in.

Saturday sunset.

WFMU guys playing tonal piano.


Kathy said...

wow, really nice. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gorilla v. Bear is pissed!

Anonymous said...

Wow Very Very superb blog with damn cool cool pics. It is very entertaining musical documentary movie. I love to watch All Tomorrow's Parties movie again and again.