Friday, September 18, 2009

wknd: Spanish Prisoners, Zeroes, Big Troubles

"Sick Dayz"
(Big Troubles at Market Hotel)
Lots of stuff going on this wknd, including the opening of Lombardy St, a new Todd P venue in Greenpoint (f yeah!), which launches with a show by True Panther synthetic tweakers Lemonade. In other North Brooklyn DIY news, Spanish Prisoners will play their 7" release show tonight at Shea Stadium, with My Teenage Stride, I'm Turning Into, and Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk. Spanish Prisoners, who have played shows with Daniel Johnston, but sound more like a celestial pop band, have been nice enough to send along a copy of Los Angeles Guitar Dream, their new 7" , to give away. Send name and address to {mcgregor [at]} with the title "Spanish Prisoners" to enter. If ya don't win, you can pick up the limited edition vinyl at InSound. Spanish Prisoners also play Saturday night at Don Hill's in Manhattan.

Also on Saturday night, Rachel from PopJew is hosting a Rosh Hashanah rager at the Silent Barn with Bobka favorites Big Troubles, Dream Diary, and the Kezners. Big Troubles have been crushing it, so I highly recommend heading out to the Barn. Apples & honey, like whoa.

Sunday is the closing party of Abbey Braden's PunkPhoto 5th Anniversary Show at Littlefield. Aside from viewing Abbey's photos, which, apparently, she'll be giving away, Montreal band Zeroes will make their US debut. Zeroes, which contains members of Land of Talk, Kill the Lights, Silver Starling and Young Galaxy, produce a heady, four on the floor based blend of dark, electro-rock, for lack of a better term. Think a more ethereal Rapture rolling deep in a K-hole, which should go nice in dark confines of Littlefield. Peep "Mudslinger" below, and click here to pick up the new EP.

Zeroes- Mudslinger
Spanish Prisoner- Los Angeles Guitar Dream
Big Troubles- Sick Days

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