Monday, September 28, 2009

comp: Brasil Could Be Your Life

Wild Animal Kingdom, Indeed

Wild Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite upstart labels and they've been churning out a lot of choice material over the past few months. Recent releases include Pill Wonder's Jungle/Surf, which would definitely prove an apt score for this vid of dudes surfing the Amazon, and the first installment of the must purchase WAKR Monthly Mix-Tape Club. The latest WAKR issue finds the Olympia-based dudes mining the fruits of South America. Brasil Could Be Your Life was curated by Lilian De Munno, a friend of the WAK who resides in Brasil, so yeah, her take on the music of Sao Paolo and Rio is probably more authentic than yours. The new mix is simply described by the following: "Q: How endearing is it to hear Portuguese speakers sing about t-shirts and love in English? A: Very." Truth. An early standout has to be "e o sol brilhou sobre o verde" by Supercordas, a psych act from Sao Paulo whose upfront use of theremin and tape loops recalls Elephant 6 and Smile-outtakes, as well as tropicalia. Bearhug's "A Storm, A Night Out (edit)" is another doozy, fusing lo-fi pitterpat drum beats with skill saw melodies. It's defiantly lo-fi and charming. Highly recommended, especially if you aren't sick of fuzzy vocals.

Supercordas- e o sol brilhou sobre o verde

Bearhug- A Storm, A Night Out (edit)

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