Friday, September 4, 2009

video: Beach Fossils "Vacation" from Bobka Show

"Nothing to Worry for"

The Chocolate Bobka show last Saturday night was easily one of the best nights of the Summer. Stacked with a cohesive lineup of up-and-comers, Cameo Gallery felt like, well, the place to be. Beach Fossils closed out the night with their meandering surf psych bashing through the room. Marred by technical difficulties, and the fact they don't really have that many songs, after finishing an extremely short set that included "Daydream," "Lazy Day," "Vacation" and a few others, the band launched right back into the same set. That's right, two sets from Beach Fossils in the same night. While they were practically identical, the second hash through the band's catalog was, for whatever reason, a lot more fun. Possibly because the crowd wouldn't let them stop. Dustin repeated said "We don't have any more songs" to which the crowd responded "We don't care, keep playing." And so, they did. My guess this is the second version of "Vacation," which had the room in a pogo-sway you'd think only Gigit or Dick Dale could inspire. More videos from the Cameo Gallery show by Ray Concepcion in the coming days.


Mark Schoneveld said...

Great track - and man I'm loving Ray's work lately. Sweet.

jj said...

this video is so heady.