Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new: Frat Dad 7"

"Just a Freak of Nature"

What happens when two kids bash out music in their parents basements while eating Cool Ranch Dorito's and ripping on all the douchey tool bags in their classes? Frat Dad. As Underwater People's Chinese Diplomat Sawyer Carter Jacobs notes, "Frat Dad is like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, then landing in a Middle School Cafeteria... on Mexican Pizza Day." I couldn't agree more. It's all the pent up, retarded angst slow cooked and marinated for years in suburban middle schools and high schools across America. Add a kilo of sugar and a dash of nicotine and you get the latest revival in pissed off, sloppy, distorto teen, fuck you punk. It's not the stoney, drift away chiller vibes Underwater People's are known for releasing, rather a welcomed kick in the ass for all you punters hung up on chillwave blah blah.

Pre-order the "Greg the Nerd" b/w "Freak in Nature" 7-inch here.

Frat Dad- Freak in Nature

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