Wednesday, September 9, 2009

vinyl: Juliana Barwick Florine


No secret that we at Chocolate Bobka love the ethereal movements of Julianna Barwick's voice. The fluttering, angelic wisps and whirls of her looped and dubbed voice have had us floating on cloud 10 since we first came across her atmospheric siren songs a while back. Her recently released Florine, an EP that finds Barwick channeling the spirit of Sanguine while taking her craft to new heights, is an astonishing, albeit short, record full of warmth and love and wonderlust and all the other wide-eyed feelings one experiences while starring at the clouds. Released digitally and on CD, I've been dreaming of the day when Barwick's sound would hit wax and I could hold it in my arms and give it a big bear hug. Without a label, Julianna has taken matters into her own hands, starting a KickStarter fundraising campaign to fund a white vinyl issue of Florine.
hello, everybody. i'm julianna barwick and i make music in brooklyn. i would love to put the florine EP out on vinyl and it would certainly help out if i could get some friends in on it, since i self-release all of my music.
the plan is to do a very limited run of 200 exclusive, numbered, (and hand-signed, if you want!) EPs on white vinyl. white vinyl! i'm pretty psyched about that part.
anyway, it would be fun to do this together. i'm very excited to team up with the awesome guys at kickstarter to try and make this happen.
thanks a lot for reading!
So far only 20 people have donated, and there is more than $2,000 that needs to be raised in order for the world to see this project come to fruition. Think about it this way, a $20 donation by a hundred people would basically fund the super limited, white vinyl. There is only a little more than a month left to donate, so please get on it, if only so you can see my face fill with fat kid smile upon receiving my copy.

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You should check out
to try and fund your project.

They're awesome.
And to press it.