Tuesday, September 1, 2009

video: Holiday Shores "Bradley Bear" "Dens"

"Before This Night"

It goes without saying that Holiday Shores is a bit, um, "beachy," but on an overcast August afternoon in Greenpoint, the spray of ocean mist isn't as apt a comparison as say an empty, sun scorched industrial avenue near the Newtown Creek. The water is a stones throw away, but it couldn't be further mentally. The sun is nice, but the dirty streets, well, not so much. Nevertheless, the effervescent four piece used the afternoon to their advantage, mellowing out tunes from Columbus'd the Whim with a touch of sweet tea and a new pair of Blu-blockers. At least, that's what it looks like. Appropriately, that's what it felt like too. A bunch of good for nothing, twenty somethings sitting around a living room, while a bunch of other good for nothing youngsters strummed some guitars. The premise is quite simple, but the vibe, and trust me things were "vibing," could not be more complex, as if Holiday Shores cut out all the pretense, leaving the audience with just the good stuff. Enjoy the good stuff for breakfast.

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Will said...

Bradley Bear has been stuck in my head since Cameo...