Tuesday, September 8, 2009

interview: Ghostface Killah

"The Legendary Ghostdini Might be Dead? Never"
When Ghostface speaks, the world listens. And so is the case everytime shuffle sends up this classic interview with Tony Starks conducted somewhere around 2004. To be honest, I can't really remember the context or origin of the interview, though I believe it was with a Dutch or Swedish music publication. (If anyone knows its origins, let me know.) Ghost, whose new album is about to drop, really opens up in this interview and drops some serious gems. And while it may be the first thing he says in this 20+ minute audio interview, I'm pretty sure my favorite bit of Ghost wit is : "The sky don't even look the same no more. It used to be bluer. The grass was greener. You felt the warmth back in the days, now everything's cold and its cloudy, it don't feel right. But people are so caught up in the world that we don't know."

This interview is worth a download and listen if only to hear Tony Starks recount the time he was with the legendary Stylistics and they got in a shoot out. Seriously. Ghostface's new "for mature audiences only" video below.

Ghostface Killah Interview

WARNING: NSFW (but really awesome, in a "This is Hardcore" kinda way)

Ghostface "Stapleton Sex" video trailer from Miss Info on Vimeo.

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millions said...

This is really good, thanks for posting it. I sat down and listened to the whole thing. The cryptic slang he uses is cool-sounding. The best part is the interviewer, though, his wacky accent and the way he pronounces rap terms--and that story about the shootout on the expressway with the delfonics! did you catch that? he's a nut! or how he developed the whole stream-of-consciousness/non-sequitur/ verbal thing after a trip to Africa.But he really does open up in the interview, talking about writing lyrics crying on the beach.