Monday, September 21, 2009

new: Girls "Life in San Francisco"

"La La La La La"
(photo by sandy kim)
Girls Album just arrived on my door step, along with the new "Lust for Life" b/w "Life in San Francisco" 7-inch and, of course, a Girls poster. This is how records are supposed to be packaged. (Big ups True Panther.) At first spin, the record sounds absolutely gorgeous. Really dense and warm, which is no surprise considering Album was "committed to an analogue recording tape via a mess of cables run into a single channel r.n.p. preamplifier into a distresser generally set up at 6:1 ratio with 6db of gain reduction followed by a soundworkshops spring reverb." A note inside the record goes on to read "We have no chairs in the studio and usually the tracking and mixing process is done sitting cross legged on the floor or lying on our stomachs. On most occassions the progressive metal band which practices at un-godly volumes next door also makes it's way into the following recordings. Sleeps is generally a luxury..."

After spinning the B-side of the "Lust for Life," "Life in San Francisco," a non-album track that finds the band indulging in a playful ode to their hometown, I was baffled to find the tune on LaLa. Peep it below, then have fun trying to get it out of your head for the next two weeks.

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Alex said...

Ohhhh Champs Elysees....