Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ep: Woodsman Humdrum

"Supernal Radionics"

Since news that Mexican Summer would be releasing a Woodsman 12" later in the year, the Denver based astral explorers have received some pretty choice attention. Granted, "Sunglass," the first cut to emerge from the upcoming 12", is a lucid jam in all the right places. Digging on "Sunglass" I decided to delve into Woodsman's catalog, and have been raging the Humdrum EP, released last year on Fire Talk as CD-R. Containing five songs and coming in at over 44 minutes, Humdrum is the interstellar, exploratory psych that guides comets into orbit and subsequently to their death. It's, like, the vibration of life, duude. A point of reference is surely Woods, sans lyrical song structure, like when Woods let it all out, giving the mist life and setting embers ablaze. If your looking for some far-out vibes to help usher in the new moon, Woodsman have got you covered.

Buy Woodsman's Humdrum EP here.

Woodsman- Makokata Cave (from Humdrum EP)
Woodsman- Sunglass (from the forthcoming Collages) (via MBV)

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