Monday, September 14, 2009

video: Real Estate "Fake Blues"

"I Don't Want to Live at Home"

While I was fortunate enough to head to Kutsher's this past weekend for ATPNY, more on that later, there was certainly no lack of choice shows in the city. Between the Grouper/Julianna Barwick/Tim Hecker Wordless Music Series at the Miller Theatre Friday, Big Troubles/Zola Jesus/Desolation Wilderness/Real Estate gig Saturday at Silent Barn and the secret D'Angelo show last night, it's safe to say that even if you didn't get to ATP, you could have easily taken in a weekend of extremely beautiful music. That said, I wasn't too surprised to received a text from c.axel post-Animal Collective Saturday night that read, "This is the best 'Fake Blues' ever." Skeptical, at best, though optimisitic as Axel has seen his fair share of Real Estate gigs, this video finds Real Estate capturing the essence of seasonal change; the different manifestations, the morphing and evolving, the light and dark. It's all here. While much is often noted about Real Estate and the beach, and yeah it's certainly a touch point, I can't help thinking about the long winter afternoon's I spent with tunes like "Suburban Beverage" and "Fake Blues," both of which are as dreamy, mellow and perfect for autumn, as they were summer, as they were spring and winter before. It's not summer music people, it's life music.

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Will said...

this is my fav vid yet... keep up the good work.. maybe do some videos about Bears.