Tuesday, September 29, 2009

video: Ganglians "Never Mind"

"Call Me, Call Me, Call Me"

Hours before the now infamously retarded Wavves vs. Black Lips brawl, vibes were real strong. Beach Fossils opened the night at Market with another stellar set, one that included a first time played song they'd just practiced that afternoon. (Again, no vocal tremolo. Maybe it's gone forever?) Then Ganglians arrived. Prior to their set I talked furry trolls, DMT and "The Void" with lead Ganglian Ryan Grubbs. Soon after that the band launched into a set wrought with the fruits of cave living. As many have noted, the band did not dabble in Monster Head Room territory (much to the dismay of some), however, what they lacked in ethereal jangle, they made up for with tweak ragers, bombastic chants and a epic guitar onslaught. As you can see above, Ganglians have one of the best guitar players around, a dude not afraid to shred. Nice to see in "indie rock."

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Anonymous said...

cool video. that guitar player is extraordinarily unimpressive though.