Sunday, August 22, 2010

radio: Sunday Brunch Ep???

Save the Creek

No idea what episode number this is, but that doesn't matter much. Rick Ross tweeted that there were purple clouds over NYC today as I was headed to Newtown Radio. Seemed appropriate for the heavy mix of deep psych and lush explorations I had planned for Sunday Brunch. The storm hit sometime in the middle of our broadcast, which probably shifted the direction of the show. (Subconsciously, of course, as Newtown's nuclear bunker has no direct access to the outside world.)

Newtown Radio is also in the midst of preparing a very special live concert series and they need your help. The station, which has played host to wonderful radio programs from Arthur Radio to the Visitation Rites & Underwater Peoples shows, as well as the post-punk hour from Negative Pleasure and a host of other prime shows making Newtown one of the premier little radio outlets in New York. They will be hosting a new live concert series at Los Hermanos Tortilleria, which you may remember was an excellent location for the Pure Ecstasy/Twin Sister show earlier this year. Better yet, a portion of the proceeds will also help fund the Newtown Creek Alliance, whose job it is to make sure Greenpoint's waterways are cleaner for future generations. The shows will also benefit Newtown Radio, nurturing the up-and-coming station into young adulthood. Check it all out at Kickstarter, and be sure to contribute whatever you can. It's a good cause.

Sunday Brunch Radio Ep??

Jean Claude Vaneer- le garde volent au secours du roi
Hot Seduction Scene in Bitter Moon (YouTube)
Cocteau Twins- Cherry Coloured Funk
SURVIVE- Glass Knives (33rpm)
Stellar OM Source- Red Green Blue
Kendra Smith- Stars Are In Your Eyes
Woodsman- Smells Like Purple
Species trailer (YouTube)
Russell Morris- Part 3 into Paper Walls
Magic Lantern- Moon Lagoon Platoon
Slowdive- AB (w/ Brian Eno) (Souvlaki Demo)
Family Portrait- Dark Roast
Mohammad Nouri- Biya Bar-e Safar Bandim
Omar Khorshid- Solenzara
Velvet Davenport- Tangerine
Tracey Trance- Side B of Mummy Fingers (excerpt)
The Sandwitches- Baby Mine
Beat Happening- Noise
The Close Lobsters- Pimps
Silent Diane- Riverside
How I Quit Crack- Gone Away
Sleep Over- La Rose
St. Christopher- Even the Sky Seems Blue
Cocteau Twins- Aikea- Guinea (live)

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